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Address – To dream about an address indicates a need to orient yourself. If you dream about the address of a place where you used to live, or a place that was important to you in your past, it indicates a need to assimilate your past into your current life. If an address is connected to a particularly meaningful event or phase, then it is possible that that event has special pertinence to something that is happening in your life now.

If the address is an unknown location, or especially if it is the destination of a future trip or home, then it indicates a need to open up to the possibilities of the future and embrace a change that may be frightening you right now.

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  1. Jeanie Mitchell on

    I’d knocked an unknown adversary to the floor, he had a bloody mark on his forehead, where I’d hit him…several times, it seemed.
    I turned to my oldest daughter, who was feeding an infant, on a soafa, across from where I’d been standing over this man. I mouthed the words “I need to get out of here, now…” she then whispered into my ear an address, as if the address had been given to me in a previous discussion. Her actual words were “2300 Jensen, as we’d discussed.”
    I grabbed some completed credit card slips (possibly work related signal) from a counter or table, and left the dwelling hurriedly.

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