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Addict Dream Symbol –  An addict can appear in a number of different forms in our dreams. They will commonly appear as common addicts that you see in everyday life like drug, alcohol, food and sex addict, but they can also show up as more subtle types of addicts like sports, game, television or work addict.

addict dreamsThere are literally thousands of different things that people can be addicted to. Doing anything in excess without having control, can lead to an addiction.

If you have an addict appear in your dream it may indicate that you need to confront an addiction that you have in your life. You may have a certain vice that is causing you to have problems with the people around you.

A vice can be anything that you do in extreme. Even positive things like exercises can turn into a vice if you are obsessing over it and lose your mind when you cannot do it.

These dreams often tell dreamers that they need to find a balance in their life and try to restore peace. Seeing an addict in your dream can represent your struggle with power and the lack of self-control that you have over things that you like.

Another meaning of the addict dream is that you are reliant on something or someone for your happiness. This dream can indicate that you need to make yourself self-dependent and not reliant on anything else for your happiness.

Questions to Ask?

  • Is the addict in your dream a reflection of some aspect of you?
  • Do you have any addictions to things that you have no control over?
  • Do you feel powerless in the dream or are you able to take control of the situation and resolve the conflict?

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