Acupuncture Dream Symbol


Acupuncture – Acupuncture is a holistic form of medicine that focuses on achieving and preserving health more than on treating disease. To dream of acupuncture means that you are in need of balance, harmony and health in your life. It also signifies a somewhat invasive procedure, and may indicate a perceived need or desire for a moderate amount of pain or discomfort to resolve the current issue. If you are dreaming about acupuncture, then you probably have an energy blockage that needs to be released.

Notice the spot that received treatment in your body. It may not accurately reflect the points that need treatment on your waking physical body, but it will give some insight into the issue you are facing. Even if you do not consciously study or understand acupuncture points, your subconscious is aware of the energy flow through your body and can communicate in this way.

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  1. I dreamt that I went to a strangers house where this dark skin lady in about her mid 50s happened to be getting rid of old unnecessary stuff in her room and me collecting it since she offered. As she’s doing that I see she has an acupuncture kit so I talk to her about it and she says oh that, I know how to do that I was a nurse once, so she offers to do it on me and I accept. The needles were placed in what I believe to be about 4 in my back, sides and I can’t remember how many but many spread throughout my legs and feet. Once done I remember we got distracted talking we became friendly as if I had known her my whole life. Then we continued going through her stuff suddenly her two teenage daughters appeared. I remember leaning against the walls, moving back and forth trying on the lady’s dresses. Suddenly one of the girls pointing out at me says why are you swollen and bleeding there? I looked and apparently many of the needles were pushed completely against my skin. I freaked out and asked for help removing them when suddenly the man that I love for many years walks in and looks concerned for me. He carefully helps me to remove them and we achieved removing some and others were stuck and the pain felt real as if it was really happening. The one needle that stood out the most to me in my dream was the one on the top area of my right foot. That was painfully swollen and red with some purple around the needle. I remember I actually removed the needle after the many tries of him and I. As i pulled out the the needle which by the way it was bended and twisted inside this clear transparent jelly consistency came out of my foot. My foot remained swollen and bruiesed. It was a scary feeling and I’m curious to know if it has any sort of meaning. Tks in advance for your future response I hope.

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