Acts of Courage and Kindness Dream Symbols and Interpretations


Dreaming of acts of courage can have many meanings. See the individual descriptions to help you interpret your dream.


Dreaming of acts of bravery is a warning you need to deal with some problems in your waking life. If you ignore them for too long, it will cause you endless problems you keep needing to solve. Is there something that needs your urgent attention?

Having courage in a dream reflects your ability to confront the fears inside of you. This is a time where you may change your whole perspective on many things. This type of dream is reminding that you have the tools to find the solutions you need.


Being rescued in a dream is a sign you need time out. You may even need help and support in your real life. Rescuing others symbolizes the trust others have in you. Do you stay calm in a crisis?

Dreaming of being in danger shows the areas of your life that need work. You may need to ask for help. Seeing yourself receive help in a dream is positive as it shows you have much support. All you need to do is ask and help is there when you need it. When you do not get the help you need, this can mean you are strong enough to do this alone. It can be a message you need to rely on yourself more.

If you need rescuing this can signify you ignore some part of your life. For example, dreaming of being rescued after an accident at work symbolizes you need help with issues at work. This is a time where you need to address the parts of your life that are in conflict.

Being rescued can also indicate you expect others to help you. Do you do this? Do you have the right to expect others to stop what they are doing to help you when you call? Do you expect too much of others? Be careful you do not just call people when you need help. Make sure you show gratitude for all that others do for you.

When you rescue others in a dream this is a sign you achieve success. It is a time to take control of your life and consider what new goals you want to set. Rescuing someone can mean you need to speak up to achieve success. You need to create your own opportunities.

Acts of Kindness

Acts of kindness are selfless moments in time that represent your true heart and soul. These dreams can reflect you or they can warn you need to show more kindness to the world. Consider random acts of kindness.


Dreaming of compassion can reflect your ability to tune into those in need. You may offer support selflessly, when someone close needs support. Being compassionate brings love and luck into your life.

Negatively, it can represent that others feel pity for you. Do others’ actions make you feel humiliated? Are you disappointed in yourself? It is a time to seriously consider your future.


Dreaming of feeling gratitude is to be thankful for all the good things in your life and for the lessons you learn from the challenges that cross your path. Showing gratitude eliminates stress and blesses you with great strength of character and prosperity.

Giving or receiving money with gratitude is a sign that prosperity and abundance crosses your path. Being thankful creates positive energy, which can bring surprises and untold happiness and joy. Seeing someone in authority giving thanks to the universe for all they have in life signifies your belief in living life with integrity.


Dreaming of being kind to someone less fortunate than you can mean that you will have a loss of some kind. You may lose your job, social status, become poor. You may need the help of family and friends. Remember always treat others the way you want others to treat you.

Positive Signs

There are many positive signs around you in your waking world as well as your dreams. You need to interpret the different things in a dream to get a deeper understanding of the message the dream has for you.

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