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Actor/Actress Dream Symbol – If you are an actor or an actress in your dream, then you are pretending something in your life and hiding your true self. If someone else is an actor or an actress in your dream, this is an indication that you suspect that person of being disingenuous or dishonest with you. It can also indicate a desire for the stage or the entertainment industry, or else a desire for recognition and admiration. This dream can also be a warning – you are in danger of seeking admiration at the expense of your real self, which will not bring you happiness in your life.

Dreaming of seeing an actor on stage can be a warning to take responsibility for things that happen in your life. There is no point always shifting the blame to others. You make your own choices and decisions that led to any negative outcomes. You cannot blame others for the decisions you make. You need to take more responsibility for yourself.

When you dream of a famous actor or actress it can bring important messages about yourself. We often admire famous people, often wishing we were like them or had their lives. Take notice of the characteristics of famous celebrities that visit your dream. This gives greater insight into what it all means. These will be they type of things you may need more of in yourself.

A dream of someone acting can be a dream about your own self in your waking life. This could give you insight into some of the roles you play in your waking reality. For example, we all have our roles in life as a parent, a wife, brother, lover, student, and career person. Your dream actor could be showing you how well you achieve these different roles. It could be showing you how others see you. This could be a message you need to approach things differently to find the solution t current problems.

Being kissed by an actor is a message you need to show your true self to the world. Acting in a play may make you feel entitled in some way when it comes to matters of romance. You do know that acting a role does not make you superior to those around you? Acting on television means you need recognition for your achievements. Do you feel disappointed that your hard work has been ignored or gone unnoticed by others?

Attending acting school is a sign that you will accomplish great things in your life. Finding acting school difficult can mean you get easily bored with the minor details of professional life. This could be to your detriment over the long term.

Dreaming of acting can also mean you should always think things through carefully before taking action. This can be a reminder to reassess your life for you may need to make adjustments.

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