Acorn Dream Meanings and Interpretations


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Acorn Dream Symbol – An acorn in a dream is a symbol of potential and latent promise. If you dream about an acorn falling to the ground, then some event has just occurred or will occur soon that you expect will have long-term beneficial effects. This is especially significant if the acorn falls on visibly fertile ground.

If the acorn is crushed, destroyed or eaten, however, then it represents the failure or destruction of some hope or promise. If you dream that you are shaking acorns from a tree or sowing acorns, then it symbolizes your power to effect change in the world through persuasion or influence.

Additional Acorn Dream Meanings

Acorns in a dream indicate your life will improve. You may have to reprioritize things in your life to achieve this. It may be a time to reassess your goals to ensure you can achieve them with success. You do not want to fail at your dreams. It can also mean you need to help someone that matters to you. You will help them in any way you can. It is a time of spiritual growth.

Seeing acorns in autumn is a message to remind you to follow through on what is important. This can be new ideas and projects that take you steps forward. Seeing an acorn grow into an oak tree is a message that you too can grow into a mighty force if you follow your passions. Do you have new ideas for your creativity? This is a great time to set yourself up for the future using the creativity that runs through your veins.

Dreaming of seeing acorns can mean there are new opportunities on the way. You may have spent time contemplating the future to decide what to do. These may manifest into just the right type of possibilities on which to build a future. Negatively, seeing an acorn can be a sign of betrayal and bad news. Be prepared to deal with what is coming. Acorns are also lucky, especially in relation to love, health, and wellbeing. They are a sign of a long, happy life.

Acorns also represent perseverance, strength, and courage. From a tiny acorn grows the majestic oak tree. Do not undervalue the power of small things. This can also be a time where you begin a new phase of your life. This can be a prophetic dream about prosperity and abundance, and a long, happy life.

Seeing acorns fall from the tree represents your ability to influence others. Collecting old, rotten acorns is a sign of disappointment. Are you feeling rejected? Who has disappointed you? Eating acorns is a sign of a long happy life filled with abundance. You will enjoy the rewards of years of hard work. Seeing a pile of acorns represents making good choices. You have a bright future.

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  1. I deamt that I held a silver ornament, the base of which carried an oval entry point to the inside of the ornament. In the centre of this oval was a very small hole. I held in my hand a silver pin, pointed at both ends. When I inserted this in the hole it retracted and with slight wriggle pulled out a beautifully cast or carved silver acorn, two more were in the cavity and pulled those out as well. And helt the three silver acorns in my hand. What on earth is the symbolism behind a dream like this

  2. I dreamt that my son was in this cupboard that had this hatch or…maybe like a dumbwaiter chute that had water running down it. He went in once and got wet. He thought it was fun so he climb into it so that all I saw were his legs and his pajamas. The next time he got in, it was as if he were being sucked in and drowning. His pajama pants got tight as if sucked in by a vacuum. I grabbed his legs and pulled him out. I pressed his chest and he made a noise like he was trying to breathe but he couldn’t. I stood him up and started pounding in his back. When I did this acorns started coming out of his mouth. Lots of acorns. He was okay and breathing, but it was as if he was vomiting whole acorns. I’ve seen where acorns are a good thing so I’m wondering if this means he will be okay in the long run.

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