Accordion Dream Symbol


Accordion – The symbolism of the accordion varies depending on the role the accordion plays in your own popular culture. It can represent a folk instrument and the vibrant enthusiasm that goes along with folk music such as polka. Much also depends on the tune being played on the accordion. The mood of the tune reflects the emotional reality behind the symbol.

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  1. I had a weird dream last night that i was in church listening to a, actual very famous pastor in America. Years years ago i used to go there every Sunday, but it’s been awhile since I’ve gone back. Anyways, as I’m listening to the pastor, the crowd notices a young black lady in the audience right in the middle of the congregation. Whom, seems to be frightened, her eyes were wide open and body was shaking and couldn’t even talk. W e came to the conclusion she was having a panic attack, and the audiences attention towards her wasn’t helping one bit. As she ran out i turned back around bcuz the pastor just started preaching again as if nothing happened. On he’s left side i noticed he was carrying a accordion! Verrrrry weird to me. (i don’t fancy accordions, listen, or ever much hear or pay any attention to such a instrument. But i do however TRY to play the piano. Self learner) anyways, so i thought it was weird. The next thing you kknow, we start seeing a series of clips above he’s head on the big screen of such events. Where, one person has a accordion in he’s hand and speaking very nonchalant. And as he does aims it towards a individual and releases a silent tone upon them. As if to control or paralyze or something at that person… Once the clips stopped, everyone including myself stood up and started walking oout, thinking. Wow, how could he do that to her and all this bad, eerie kinda stuff. As we headed toward the parking lot, i stopped. With a vision and feeling of doom. Noticing, the clouds and sky becoming intensively dark and gloomy. I saw a vision of, idk if it was black birds, sworm of small insects in large numbers, or what. But they were as a thick black cloud heading our way. And all i can remember after that was yelling and begging my brother and sister to run quickly to the car before they swarmed the area……. So… I feel like something was trying to tell me something, but i can’t put my finger on it. I have a theory, but it’s not a good one. And according to majority of these dream interpretation sites, i can’t find a answer or connection. Any thought?

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