Accident Dreams


“I had a dream about an accident!” The standard interpretations of dreams involving accidents are forewarnings of bad things to come. The dream should focus on trying to be on guard against possible danger in their waking life. The standard interpretation from a psychological standpoint is that the dream can represent anxieties that the dreamer has with regards to their well being and also an unwillingness to take responsibility. Coming from a spiritual perspective, dreams involving an accident can foretell the need of an intervention in one’s life.

Using the Freudian theory of dream interpretations, he believed that dreams involving accidents are brought about from our unconscious mind to help us deal with the subconscious urges that we have. Conversely, Carl Jung believed that dreams involving accidents are often a reaction to a dramatic experience we have had in the past or something that we deeply fear deep down inside. Someone who has had a serious car accident is more likely to have a nightmare about a car accident because their subconscious mind is dealing with the emotional association with the event.

dreams about a plane crashA very common definition given by dream psychologists for dreams involving accidents is that your subconscious has noticed certain things that you might not have picked up in your waking life. If you dream that all of a sudden your car spins off the road while you are talking on the phone, it probably means that you haven’t realized the danger in your waking state.  You might have even read a statistic about the dangers of driving with cell phones in the car and your subconscious mind picked up on this fear.

If you dream that you cause an accident, then you fear losing control of your actions or the consequences of your actions. You fear that pursuing the goals that you need to pursue will harm other people. There is often a feeling of guilt. Sometimes this guilt is associated with a particular action, and sometimes it is associated with simply being yourself and having your own needs.

Accident Situations

Accident to the Dreamer

Did you dream that an accident happened to you? Did you cut your hand while you were making a meal or fall off a bike while you were riding down the hell? When you dream about an accident that happens to you it is important for you to look at specific details of the dream. This is especially true if it happened doing a task that you usually have no problem with. If you cut your finger off while preparing your dinner it can mean that your subconscious is forewarning you of the danger of that particular activity.

If you dream that you are the victim of an accident, then you fear a circumstance in your life that might harm you. Your subconscious has not identified any particular malice behind this circumstance, but nevertheless you do fear that something out-of-control will hurt you in some way.

If you have an accident while mowing the lawn or driving a car the engine stops working you should check and make sure that everything is working properly before you use it. The basic interpretation of accident dreams is a forewarning of a danger that could arise if you are not careful.

Sometimes accident dreams involving the accident can be straightforward fears that you have about the specific activity. If you hate flying because you always see plane crashes on the TV and dream about your plane crashing, this is probably a reflection of an actual fear that you have. Accidents happening to the dream can often be an attempt of your subconscious to show you that you can overcome adversity if the outcome of the dream is good at the end.

Accident in the Home

People who dream about accidents occurring in a family home may have a lot of built up tension that they have not noticed. Sometimes that dream can show you actual dangers that you might not have noticed, like a slippery stair or the oven being left on too long. Sometimes dreams about accidents in homes can mean that you need to change something that you are very comfortable in. You might be comfortable in your current situation by the dream is telling you to go out and rebuild something that you already have.

Accidents to Loved Ones

Often accidents happening to love ones can represent the deep connection that you have with that person. You might dream that your love one is killed in a plane crash before you are going to see them. This is your unconscious fear of losing something and someone that you value so closely to your heart. Sometimes dreaming of a loved one dying can represent an aspect of yourself that needs to be changed in order for you to move on. You could also be too attached to someone and the dream can be letting you know that that person needs his or her space.

Accident at Sea

Dreaming of an accident will have a different meaning depending on the dreamers perception. If you are afraid of the deep blue sea and fear drowning then the accident at sea could be your subconscious trying to face this hidden fear that you have. It can also represent your disappointment you have with people or someone you loved in the past. If you are completely overwhelmed by the water then it can show you that you have too much going on in your life. You might need to take a step back and look for ways to cut out some excess things you don’t need. If you dream that you are trying to save people as they are drowning in the ocean it can represent specific aspects or traits of yourself that you want to hold onto even though you know you should let it go.

Accident to Someone Else

If you dream that someone else has an accident in your dream it can mean a number of things. The first and most obvious interpretation of this is that you might have specific hidden feelings of aggression towards this person. The person in your dream can also represent a specific aspect of yourself that you are afraid of losing.

Car Accident (Crash)

If you have had a close encounter while driving or been in a car accident in the past, dreaming about a car crash can reflect these hidden fears and anxieties you have about driving. This is also true if you have recently watched the news and they have shown a number of car accidents. Dream about a car crash can also mean that you have had obstacles and hurdles that you need to overcome to achieve your life goals. There might be certain setbacks that you have experienced and you need to get back on the road, even though you feel like quitting.

A dream involving a car that is losing control and injuries innocent bystanders can represent your current path in life. You might be in danger of losing control of your life or you might be hurting people around you without even realizing it. Sometimes dreams about losing control in a car can be literal warnings from your subconscious and you should consider having your breaks checked.

Plane Crash

If you dream about a plane crash then it shows the anxiety and fear you have of not being in control. When we fly in a play we have absolutely no power in the outcome of the flight. Dreaming about a plane crashing can indicate that you need realize that some parts and aspects of your life are out of your hands. You might have a family member that is constantly worrying you with his or her actions even though you have no control over them. Sometimes dreams about plane crashes can be a fear of a project you have been working on collapsing or your inability to meet certain obligations.

Train Crash

Similar to the plan crash, being in a train represent a lack of control you have over certain situations. Because a train accidents usually involve a problem with a track it can indicate that parts of your life need to be evaluated to ensure that everything is on the right track. Train accidents can also warn the dreamer of problems with financial areas of their life.

Minor Accidents

Accident from above

To dream of something falling down from the ceiling can imply danger that you might be in. Your subconscious mind could have detected something that you don’t see and is telling your conscious mind to “look up” to ensure you don’t get hit. If something from above misses you when it falls down then it can indicate that you might have narrowly escaped some type of misfortune in your life.

Breaking Things

Dreaming of something breaking can mean that you have certain changes that are going to occur in your life and you should be ready to face them. These dreams can also be a warning to slow down and take a step back before you lose something in your life that is important to you. If you are breaking of smashing something in your dream then it can be a sign of you letting go of your inhibitions and getting rid of something that you don’t need in your life. This can be anything from a work project to a relationship that might not be good for you. These dreams can also be a message from your subconscious to let go an take things less seriously in your life.


If you get burned in your dream it can mean that you are playing with fire and need to be careful. These dreams can be a warning of bad things to come if you don’t change the current course of action that you are in. If you dream that you are setting an object on fire then it can show your intense emotion or sexual feeling that you have towards something. If your home is burning down then it can indicate the fear of losing something that you have worked hard to get. This could also be a forewarning for you to put a smoke detector in your home.


Dreaming about having a cut on your body can show that there is a wound that you need to tend to. Maybe someone in your life has recently hurt you emotionally. You need to take time to make sure the cut heals and there is not scar. If you are the person cutting yourself then it can indicate unhappiness and turmoil that is in your waking life. There is problem something going on that is causing you a lot of stress that you don’t have control over.

Farting/Burping in Public

If you are farting by accident in a dream then it represent a fear of being noticed by others.  These dreams can also represent people who are being passive aggressive in their waking life. If you are farting or burping on purpose then it shows that your subconscious wants you to be less concerned with what others think of you.

Slipping/Tripping/Stumbling in a dream

Dreams about an accidentTo have a slip of the tongue in your dream can mean that you are doing things in your life that you don’t really want to do. If you are tripped intentionally in a dream then it can mean that you have people in your life that are trying to stop you from accomplishing you goals. If you stumble in your dream but don’t fall then it can show that you are able to overcome obstacles that have been put in your way. Dreams about slipping, tripping and stumbling often represent hurdles in your life that are out of your control. You might not be transitioning to a new job or relationship as smoothly as you wished.

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  1. I’m having a nightmares about my younger daughter, she’s playing with her brother the other side of the road. Cheassing around with her brother until she run out to the road & get hit by a lorry very badly, not only that, the dog eta her body… I’m crying out loud until I woke up from my dream….

  2. Pranav Shrivastava on

    I had a dream that my son came under a bus.
    His head was just about to smashed by it. I pleaded the bus driver to stop and pull out my son, was crying frantically at my loss for some moments. Then he came back to senses.
    Please explain what could this symbolise. I am very worried as it was a school bus(mini bus) and my two year old has recently starting going to daycare.

  3. My dream was ….. that my wife was in a school bus and I tried to stop it and it slowed down and struck me and then slowly was crushing me ….. what does it mean?????? please help???????????

  4. I had a horrible dream that included three of my friends. We were all at this housing complex or something. Was so much snow on the ground. Two close young male friends that are like family to us were at this pickup truck on a slight hill, just a little one. One was standing by the passenger back side of the truck the other was doing something under the truck but for some reason noone noticing , the truck rolls off the hill over my one male family friend . I scream Eddie so loud , he’s my other male family friend that’s standing by the truck on the passenger back side, he screams crying and all , the truck rolling across the road running over my third male friend, which he lives down the street from me. Weird thing is : the two young males are in their late twenties that are best friends and mean alot to my kids n i. They’re like my son’s. The other male friend that lives down the street from me, he doesn’t even know my other two friends. Can anyone please tell me what this means , it felt so real I woke up screaming my friend Eddie’s name , I remember it so clear all of it and for some reason that dream has stayed with me, I can’t let go of my dream for some reason.

  5. I just had a dream where me and My mum were walking around an area I haven’t seen in real life that was familiar to me in the dream. It was a river and there was a rock between two sides. There were old war planes in the sky as if it was an air show, but suddenly a plane is smoking. It starts to make weird sounds with the propellers, and the engines start backfiring as it falls. My mum was standing around lookIng at a map. The plane was coming at her and I was screaming at her to get out of the way, but she didn’t do anything and it crashed into her. Worst dream ever

  6. My girlfriend and I just recently broke up after 3 years being together in an unhealthy relationship. I don’t have children so I’ve grown to think of her children as my own.

    I had a dream last night that I was driving my ex’s car and her daughter and son were with me. I was trying to dodge pot holes and the car ended up flipping over from overcorrecting. I immediately got out of the car to check on my kids and my daughter was perfectly fine and already out of the car to check on my son. My son was unconscious for a couple of seconds but as soon as he woke up and pulled himself together he seemed to feel perfectly fine besides being concerned about teeth he had lost due to the accident…
    Please help me interpret this dream!!!

  7. Yesenia Hernandez on

    The only thing I remember in my dream it was a strange man I didn’t know him and he was there standing and all of a sudden a 18 wheeler lost control of his truck and it fell side ways and it landed on the man’s feet and they got cut off in half and the man was screaming of pain and then I got up all skared I don’t remember the rest. I never remember everything when I have a Terrible dream

  8. theresa kaw on

    i have a dream about a little boy running in the streets and accidentally involve in a car accident and his body was cut into half.literally top and buttom part.
    he is still moving and nobody dares to touch untill such time that people started to call an ambulance and everything and people in the street are shouting that to move the body of the kid. since its causing traffic.
    then his friends move him to the sidewalks.
    then suddenly some other kids are already asking us for money to help the kid.
    but the weird part. the ambulance never came.

  9. Tristan Clasper-lund on

    Hey I had this weird dream I was picking cigarette butts then some how it jumped to me helping some questionable people then I started doing there dirt so as to speak, then at some point in the dream I help these kids out then after that It somehow cuts to this amuse mentioned park and there is candy for grass and where concrete noreally is it is replaced by burning hot wicker blocks at the end of the dream a freak accident kills the bosses kid and I am running towards the bosses kid screaming can anyone tell me what the interpretation of this dream might mean I’ve never worked for someone like that before nor have ever been that close to any of my bosses relatives it’s confusing

  10. Hi i had a dream of an girl head was cut and she was still alive where her hands were shaking , i was telling people that her hands shaking and if some one will help her to hospital she may survive . But i do know its impossible the way accident was .

  11. I just woke up screaming that my youngest son was almost dead in a morgue from a lawn mower accident. He had a bar across his head and he wanted me to let him die, I begged and cried and told him no that I would take care of him. But at the morgue he had to take this physical exams to pass if they would considered they would keep him alive. He did pass and went through therapy and was okay. My elsedest son had delivered the news that my youngest son was passing. I’m hoping this dreams just interprets I have the fear of him leaving home, he just graduated college and is looking for a job. But another odd thing about the dream is today is the 12th anniversary of my moms death. My just a coincidence.

  12. I had a dream about my best friend (shes currently pregnant and was pregnant in my dream) …i dreamt she died in a car crash i didnt see the crash in my dream …i was phoned and told .. in my dream i went to her mum’s house and saw her older sister broke down hysterically and woke up crying.. any ideas??

  13. I dreamt that I saw my stumbled a I think he got hurt. He didn’t know that I saw it and he fell asleep. Then the dream skipped and I was taking a jog and when I went home I saw my partner on my backyard door, then he took a shower and fell asleep on my room. We’re in a LDR situation and my dream looks like real

  14. I dreamt that I was still a student in school. Somehow, a fire started; I helped evacuate people on the bottom floor. When I got to the top floor, I saw that the fire was catching in a hallway and people were still going to it. Together with friends, we grabbed the students and shouted that there was a fire that way. They began to exit and I checked to make sure that we all made it out. When everyone was outside, school busses brought us to a safe location.

  15. I dreamed that i wa spending time with my mom, and we went to buy somethings and everyjing was fine, like a normal day of us going out and then we were in the car i guess on our way home and we were talking normal when out of nowhere a curve in the highway came out and my mom couuldnt turn on time so we ens up falling off the high way amd we were screaming and then i woke up. The last thing i saw in the dream it was me screming with her falling in the car. I want to know what can this mean please, since then i have a little sensation in my heart, like sadness and fear

  16. I had a dream that my boyfriend was in a car accident and went into a coma… I felt really bad, but I wasn’t that sad. I woke up crying to my boyfriend afraid that it actually happened.

  17. I have been dreaming that my mom had accident, the first one she got bite by a snake, and the second she was in the kitchen and she told me that she had a terrible pain in her lower back, so I told her to relax a little bit, but what happened was the when she was about to sit she couldn’t do it because she fall on the floor, and when I tried to help her she couldn’t get up because her leg was kind of amputated but I was able to see her legs , and the third dream : I saw her in the parking lot but when I saw her she was kind of bleeding in some part of her body ( her forehead and abdominal) but it wasn’t a lot a bleeding it was like she had a car accident . But I’m not sure if she had a car accident or what

  18. kieran ellis on

    I had a dream and it just freaked me out as it was an eyeball that was spinning very slowly and then it started to peel open and in inside of it was a lump of coal and then that start spinning and then started to peel open and inside of that was lava that start poring down that is when I woke up.

    What does it ?

  19. I had a dream where my boyfriend is hut by a bus while he was busy on the phone on the muddle of the road,thts when i screamed his name soo many times many ppl gathered him to take him to hospital while i happen to get out of the situation and was in another bus crying about him, i couldn’t help it so i stoped the bus i was in an went on to the place where he was hit, i was still greiving right after that those ppl took him and they were all gone .. I was cryinng soo badd and seeing hus texts right at tht moment his text starts to come on my phn saying “i’m fine” “don’t cry” “they are taking me to hospital i’m fine don’t cry” i cried even harder after that and then i woke up! I don’t even know he was dead or still alive in tht dream i had thought the whole tym in my dream tht he is dead and was grieving sooo hard but after the text i was grieving even harder i was stillll feeling the pain
    Wht does this mean , can anyone help me here?

  20. I had a dream where my boyfriend is hut by a bus while he was busy on the phone on the muddle of the road,thts when i screamed his name soo many times many ppl gathered him to take him to hospital while i happen to get out of the situation and was in another bus crying about him, i couldn’t help it so i stoped the bus i was in an went on to the place where he was hit, i was still greiving right after that those ppl took him and they were all gone .. I was cryinng soo badd and seeing hus texts right at tht moment his text starts to come on my phn saying “i’m fine” “don’t cry” “they are taking me to hospital i’m fine don’t cry” i cried even harder after that and then i woke up! I don’t even know he was dead or still alive in tht dream i had thought the whole tym in my dream tht he is dead and was grieving sooo hard but after the text i was grieving even harder i was stillll feeling the pain
    Wht does this mean , can anyone help me here?

  21. The last two nights, i’ve had dreams about my Ex, (that i might still have feelings for).

    The first of he two nights I was in my middle school art classroom, -and this is weird because I met him when he was in High school-. I remember cowering down/feeling unworthy when he looked at me. And i eventually walked out of the classroom to go to the bathroom, when i was “using the bathroom” these (probably about 3-5) girls came in and taunted me. And beat me up multiple times in a row when i tried to run away. .. I ended up walking back to my Art class, and told my middle school teacher what happened. -he looked disappointed in me-, and I specifically remember trying my very hardest not to cry in front of my Ex. (i felt really stupid, and also useless, like a lost cause)

    My second dream was that I was running down school hallways with my friends having so much fun.. and then someone told me that my Ex is bringing a date to the school dance. ,
    ..All I remember after that, is how fast my pure happiness transformed into complete nothingness. i don’t know how to describe the feeling.
    i guess it’s like.., In that split second everything i was, everything i tried so hard to feel again,was gone.. and i then on had no desire to do anything (it was like all of what makes me human disappeared).

    i know this is long. but I am worried about what this means. and I have no way to figure it out for myself.

    I would really like to know what this means.
    Thank you

  22. I had a dream that my co worker was driving my car, and I was on the passenger side of the vehicle. We had mad a turn and as soon as we made a turn she took her eyes off the road, then she tried to steer straight but we ended up flipping over into a lake. I got away and survived, but she submerged in the lake with my car and died. This is kind of freaking me out. What does this dream interpret? or What meaning does it have?

  23. I had a dream that we were in a bus driving back to school but our driver decided to branch off to service the car first. shortly after we had parked the bus; a other car carrying high school kids fro. a well established school I know came at a high speed n crashed into a building. most of them died n a few Survived.
    all I kept saying in the dream was thank God we branched off. I cried for the lost innocent souls and woke up with a slight headache.
    what does this mean? am scared

  24. I had a dream I was in a car accident but I didn’t remember being in one in my dream my grandfathering was in an car accident that’s all he told me. In the dream I also hurt my left leg. I also tried going outside down the steps to the snow there was a bar on the steps and I held and went down

    What does this mean..?

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