Abscess Dream Meanings and Interpretations


Abscess Dream Symbol – An abscess indicates that there is something harmful in your life which is growing more dangerous as it remains hidden and unaddressed. It may be an emotional issue or a relationship that has become toxic, or else it may actually be a physical illness which you do not consciously know about yet. For your own well-being, it is important to identify the influence which is causing the dreams about abscesses, because it is already beginning to fester.

Abscesses in dreams are particularly dangerous because they spread their toxic influence to other aspects of your life before you realize what is happening. Fortunately, this dream also gives you a clue about the solution to your problem identify it, lance the boil, and get it out into the open.

Additional Abscess Dream Symbols

A dream that features an abscess brings news there are positive things coming into your life. It can also warn that you need to give up those bad habits that hold you back. An abscess can warn that you need to look closer at what crosses your path for you may be missing some opportunities right under your nose. You need to look closer. The appearance of the abscess is pushing you to recognize this. There are changes about to come your way. This can be a message there is something wrong in your world. This is something you can fix, but you need to work at it.

Seeing someone else with an abscess is a sign there will soon be a disappointment at work or with your business. This will be minor. Easy to overcome. But, this dream is a warning you should keep things to yourself to avoid being embarrassed in the future.

An abscess can bring negative news. It can mean that something you think or want to do is toxic or will not work the way you expect. You may need to reconsider what you were about to do. It can also mean there is someone close who is poisoning your life. Is this a toxic relationship or do you feel threatened by in some way? Whatever it is you need to work it out to protect yourself from the negativity.

Dreaming of an untreatable abscess is a direct link to your job and career. It warns that you need to put more effort into what you do to do better in life. Maybe you need to go back to school for training.

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  1. Esther Jacobs on

    I Had a dream my Son has 4 abscesses on his body, one on the chest, one on his hand, one on his back and the last on his private part

  2. I had a boil in the inner cheek. When I looked closely the boil had a worm at the opening of it. I squeezed it out, until the worm fell off and some white substances was oozing out. My cheek shrink to its normal size and my teacher then said I should relax I won’t die… But everyone in the dream looked disgusted with the worm.

  3. I dreamt that I had an abscess in my mouth… By the second it got bigger and bigger to the point that it was affecting my speech.. I wasn’t going to let it defeat me, so I squeezed it until it started to drain.. As I kept spiting the toxic fluid out pieces of my cheek were also coming out of my mouth.. It wouldn’t stop draining.. It was gross…

  4. Great thank you for the understanding of the dream, for I do have a lot of cluttered thoughts and have just made advances toward this when I had this dream. My dream was of a boil on someone else’s knee that was draining fluid. I who in my dream was emotionally linked with this person drained it and sucked the puss out so this person could be of support and not self pity. I was left picking my teeth to rid of the abscess as people watched in awe

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