Abortion Dream Symbol


Abortion – To dream of an abortion means that you are resistant to some change in your life. This dream symbol includes undertones of sterility. There is a fear of the unknown. Subconsciously, fertility often represents positive change, so your dream about abortion may indicate that you fear a change that your subconscious knows would actually be beneficial for you. A birth often represents the embracing of a new identity, so an abortion indicates that you fear a transformation in yourself.

If you have had a real life abortion in the past the dream could represent your own past experience. The dream can represent your bodies natural mechanism for self healing in terms of dealing with a past decision that you might have regretted.

If you are dreaming that someone else in the dream is having an abortion it could represent the relationship between that person being stale or stagnant. If the person in the dream does not represent someone significant to you it could be your general views of abortion and what your beliefs are.

Having a dream that occurs where there is an illegal or unsafe abortion taking place represents your not wanting change in your life. The abortion could represent forced changed that is occurring in your life in some way.

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  1. I had an aboration but im having dreams because i think it was a mistake i felt it in my heart that is was but i knew i couldnt bring another child in this world going through what i was already goingg through that would not have been farthese dreams come all the time at times i wake up crying because i see his or her face and it hurts my heart that i think i made a bad decision

  2. Rejoice obinna on

    I had a dream my friend just friends got me pregnant and ask me to buy one drug that it will help abort it which I did and saw blood on the pad I was putting on so I woke up but I dnt understand.

  3. I’m really having trouble finding an explanation for my dream of being FORCED into having an abortion. It’s recurring lately, and very unsettling. In my dream, I’m exhausted from fighting against whatever powers that be who are forcing me into this, and I’m so sad, and I’m terrified when I have to put on a hospital gown and get up on the cold metal examination table. And I see this bloody, destroyed tiny baby…

  4. Hello
    I dreamt I was pregnant with my bf child n we were going for an abortion but in middle of he procedure he did not wanted me to the abortion . What does this mean?

  5. I’m now 34 and happily 8 weeks pregnant with the baby my husband (of 15 years) and I planned for. But when I was younger I feel pregnant by my ex I didn’t continue with the pregnancy and had a abortion (my ex wasn’t the nicest person and wasn’t a good environment for a child) but I’ve been having a dream of the past, where I’m 8 weeks again and being told by him he doesn’t want the baby. I’ve not dreamed of having the abortion but of the events leading up to it and I wake up crying. I can’t see his face but the dream is the same as the past even down to him seeing another girl behind my back. I’d like to point out that I’m no way in love with him still far from it!! And I have always felt guilty about what I did even though I know I did because it wouldn’t of being fair on the baby.

  6. Joanna Santana on

    I had a dream that I had an abortion and the baby was in an incubator still alive and I started crying when I seen my child it was a lil boy

  7. I had a dream that I had an abortion. Not the actual procedure but in the dream I was wearing a white short sleeve dress covered in blood on the skirt part and all over my hands. I was looking down with horror. When I woke. I knew I had an an abirtion

  8. I had a dream last night that,I,wanted to have an abortion. And when I was having it a bag full of puppies came out,and I didn’t know how to dispose of it. . I am pregnant right now. My boyfriend of 6years and the father of one of my daughters doesn’t want the baby and is being very evil to me. He moved out and is going out with different woman.

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