Abduction Dream Symbol


Abduction – Dreams about abduction indicate a fear or a feeling that circumstances in your life are being controlled or manipulated by someone else. It can also signify that someone in your life is trying to control who you actually are. If you dream that you are abducted, then in some way you do not feel free to be your genuine self. Notice the characters in your dream.

The people or factors that are responsible for abducting you or holding you hostage are the same people who are trying to manipulate your life’s circumstances, or even trying to manipulate you. Keep in mind that these people may be symbolic, and may not be the actual individuals in the dream. The people or factors who help to free you from your abduction are the people or factors that help you to gain control of your life or find your true self.

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  1. I have a reaccuring dream about abduction but it gets crazy and turns into water slides going thru houses and ending in a big pool of water in a garage with no way out. before that part tho it was me yelling and looking for someone by a river or some kind of water with rapid running water and woods and it was dark and running along the bank yelling for someone and crying and then running back to a car and driving somewhere but then out of nowhere it turned into being on a waterslide inside of a house and ending up in the garage filled with water and with people i have never met befoe and have never seen before in my life and not having a way out and then i woke up. strange dream and dont understand what it was about.

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