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Abandonment Dream Symbol – Dreaming of being abandoned can mean you do not trust yourself with someone or in a certain situation. Do you feel excluded from something or a group of people? When you dream of abandonment when you have lost someone you cared for, it may be a time of grieving. You need to give yourself time to heal.

Dealing with being abandoned by someone can remind that you need to appreciate that person and other people more. Do you take people for granted in your waking life? Maybe your partner has abandoned you and you have been forced to let go of something. It is a time to rejoice and have a good time. You a free and independent.

Losing someone to death will bring feelings of abandonment as you learn to cope with their loss. This is a time where you need to heal. Do not repress your feelings. Being abandoned in a dream can also be a reminder there is something you need to let go of in your waking life. It is also a sign you have lost something. Have you lost your job or had a partner abandon you? There is nothing you can do about this, so you just have to learn to cope and move on.

Worrying about being abandoned can be negative, and may stem from your childhood. Were you abandoned in some way as a child? Were you raised in a single parent home? Dreaming of being abandoned as a child can mean you need to understand yourself better. It may also be a time of healing spiritually or physically.

This type of a dream has a strong spiritual connection and reminds to look inside yourself. You may need to listen to your intuition. It is a time where you may need to reassess everything in your life based on the current happenings in your real life. You may soon have a new perspective.

Being abandoned as a child and now dreaming of that abandonment means you are feeling abandoned in your waking life. Do you worry others will reject you? Does the first sign of trouble have you planning to run away? When you do the abandoning in this type of dream this symbolizes the strength you have to make it through the tough times. Abandoning a child is a sign you will make a poor decision that will cost you financially.

Abandoning your family in a dream warns there is unhappiness about to enter your life soon. This can have a negative impact on many areas of your life. It is important you try to maintain a positive outlook on life to help you find the solution. Being abandoned by a partner in a dream is a sign you long to be free. Is there something in your life you feel is trying to control you? Abandoning your partner in a dream can mean you will lose material possessions.

A dream of abandoning a chore can mean you have the ability to change your life through the power of positive thinking. You already know you can choose to see things in a positive or negative light. This is a reminder of this. You just need to remember to make the right choice when things threaten to get you down. A dream of abandoning your home can mean you will be rewarded financially in some way. Abandoning a business is a sign you will have a serious fight with someone close to you. You may both walk away.

Abandoning someone while you are out together is a joyful message that friends will soon visit. Dreaming of abandoning ship is a positive message that lets you know you have just escaped from some sort business mistake that could result in failure nd embarrassment. A feeling of wishing to be abandoned signifies you long to be free of something or someone in your waking life. You may have to work harder to find the right solution to sort this out.

A man dreaming of divorcing more than twice in your life signifies you will face a choice of traveling two paths as you grow older and wiser. Consider which path will bring you the happiness and abundance you seek.

A woman dreaming of abandoning your lover can warn that someone is trying to break up you and the one that you love. Someone may be trying to deliberately cause your relationship serious trouble. A single person having this sort of dream can mean you keep making poor choices in the romance department. When will you ever learn?

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  1. Who can help me here? I’m perplexed…My husband passed away in 2000, and I’d say 1-2 years after, started having an ongoing dream. A devastating dream. In the dream, my husband leaves me, without telling me. Like the husband that goes out for a pack of cigarettes and never comes home. I call and ask his friends or I just find out that he has found another woman to love. I try confronting him, but in his face you can see that there is nothing there. He’s a little annoyed that I am bothering him. That is when I wake up! I am devastated, and that whole next day I am so sad! Now, the truth is, that my husband adored me for 23 years, and we were still in love when he passed at the young age of 54. He would never have treated me that badly! He had this sparkle in his eyes and always made people feel better about themselves. This is like the opposite of the husband in my dreams.

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