6 Famous Ideas That Came from Dreams


One of the most beneficial aspects of dreaming is the problem solving ability that dreams have. The subconscious mind has a miraculous way of finding solutions to problems and equations that our waking brain can’t seem to discover. Creative people may also dream about new ideas and inventions that come to them in a dream. If you focus on a problem for long enough, eventually your subconscious mind can take over and help you come up with the answer. Here is a list of 6 famous ideas that have come from dreams.

The Sewing Machine

Sewing machine

While Elias Howe was trying to invent the sewing machine, he came across a particular problem that he could not seem to figure out. This problem revolved around the issue of trying to put the needle through the piece of cloth with a thread attached. His first sewing machine prototypes had a pointed needle at both ends of the needle, with the eye in the middle of the needle, but it failed miserably. Then the answer to his problem came to him in a dream.

In the dream Elias Howe was taken prisoner by a group of natives who captured him. While he was waiting to be killed in his dream the natives were dancing around him with spears. One particular thing he noticed about the native’s spears was there was a hole at the tip of the spear. Elias Howe would soon wake up and realize that this dream would solve his sewing machine problem. By locating the hole at one end of the needle it would help him create the sewing machine. Although the solution might sound apparent to people today, it was only in a dream that Elias discovered how to solve this problem that helped him invent the sewing machine.

Paul McCartney’s “Yesterday”

Paul McCartney Yesterday

The Beatles song “Yesterday,” one of the most covered songs ever written, was inspired by one of Paul McCartney’s dreams. Way back in 1965 when the Beatles were in London filming “Help!” Paul McCartney woke up from a dream with a tune in his mind. Immediately after he awoke from the dream he went on to the piano and started putting the tune into actually music. This would be the creation of the Beatle’s hit “Yesterday” that has been listened to by millions around the world.


Frankenstein Dream

The story of Frankenstein was created from a nightmare that Mary Godwin had when she was 19 years old. In 1816, Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin would dream about the man-made creation Frankenstein while visiting the poet Lord Byron in Geneva Switzerland. That night Mary had a dream of a Pale student that was kneeling beside a “hideous phantasm of a man stretched out, and then, on the working of some powerful engine, show signs f life, and stir with uneasy, half-vital motion.” She dreamt of a monster that was created by the hands of a person.

When Mary woke up from her dream she was so scared from the idea this monster being created by humans that she realized this idea would be the perfect idea for the story of Frankenstein. She went about writing a story about a monster that would frighten her readers as much as the dream had frightened her. This would eventually lead to the masterful horror book of Frankenstein; a book that has solidified itself as one of the leading horror books of all time.

Stephen King’s Dreamcatcher

Dream Catcher

One of the most famous horror book authors, Stephen King, claims that many of his ideas came to him in a dream. In 1999, Stephen King was hit while walking down a road in Maine. While he was lying in the hospital recovering from his collapsed lung and broken legs, he started to have very vivid dreams when he slept. He began to start having dreams that would be the source of his famous book, Dreamcatcher; a book that would eventually be turned into a film. He has claimed dreams have “helped to portray events symbolically in his writing,” that has helped create some of his best stories yet.

Carl Jung’s The Red Book

carl jung red book

While this isn’t a particular idea that came about from a single dream,
“The Red Book” is a collection of Carl Jung’s dreams and illustrations he had throughout his life. A famous psychologist and student of Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, wrote “The Red Book,” from a collection of his dreams and fantasies. He took extensive notes and recorded his own dreams so that he could analyze those thoughts and ideas that came to him in his dreams. Jung often feared that if people found his psychedelic drawings and personal dream explorations, they would think he was mad. Only after Jung’s death did the Scholar Dr. Sonu Shamdasani convince Jung’s family to bring the book out of hiding. It would then take them another 13 years to fully translate the book.

Albert Einstein’s Theory of Relativity (E=MC2)

albert einstein

Of the most influential science theories today is the Theory of Relativity. While everyone knows the equation E=MC2, most people don’t realize that a young Albert Einstein would discover this in a dream. Einstein had a dream one night that he was sledding down a mountain and was going faster and faster, eventually approaching the speed of light, it caused the stars to change their appearance. From this he began to develop his principle of relativity which would eventually lead to his general theory of relativity.

What Does This Mean for You?

So the next time you are looking for some inspiration for a new idea or a solution to a problem, consider looking at you dreams for inspiration. Focusing on a specific problem before bed is the best time to bring about a problem solving dream. Remember that many great ideas and inventions have been discovered in dreams. Your next big invention or idea could be one sleep away!


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