5 Common Dreams and What They Mean


When it comes to dreams, DreamStop.com readers aren’t afraid to share their latest dreams in the comment section. Here are the 5 Most Common dreams based on DreamStop.com reader comments.

#5 – Flying Dreams

flying dreams

A Flying Dream is very common dream that varies from dreamer to dreamer. The typical flying dream will have the dreamer floating or hovering a few hundred feet above the ground.

According to Sigmund Freud, flying dreams represent sexual freedom for the dreamer. Freud believed that the ability to fly meant you weren’t restrained my society’s morals and you were able to be free and explore your own sexual desires.

Other common interpretations of flying dreams associate flying with a sense of personal power for the dreamer. Being able to control your own flight and your destiny can represent the idea of personal power. If you see yourself flying with no difficulty then it can indicate that you are letting go of certain mental restrictions that have been holding you back in your waking life.

Conversely, if you have having difficulty maintaining your flight or being in control of your flight it can mean that you are having difficulty controlling certain areas of your life. It can represent a complete lack of control that you might have and the need to try and pull yourself down to earth.

If your path is being blocked or hindered by objects just as trees, birds or even telephone poles, these objects can represent people in your life that may be preventing you from accomplishing your goals and your dreams.

Flying in a dream can also represent romantic ideas that you might have. It can also indicate the need to pull yourself down to earth and look at a situation more realistically. Someone who is feeling fear and being afraid while they fly can indicate a fear of real life challenges and of success that may come into their life.

#4 – A Dream within a Dream

Dreaming within a dream

The dream within a dream can often take on aspects of a false awakening dream. They are usually very vivid dreams that the dreamer is convinced they have woken up from a dream, however, they are still dreaming. These dreams can often occur when the dreamer is excited about an upcoming event or if there is a big day ahead.

Many self awakening (dreams within a dream) dreams happen with the dreamer not being fully aware that they are still dreaming. Unless you are a lucid dreamer, you will often get lost within the dream, only to realize when you REALLY wake up that it was all a dream. False awakening dreams can emulate reality so much that the dream will give no signs to the dreamer that it is a dream, until the final moments before waking up.

#3 – Chase Dreams

Being Chased in a Dream

The dream of being chased is one of the most common dreams that occur to dreamers. These dreams can be a way of responding to anxieties and pressures that we face in real life. A chase dream will often contain a pursuer or something that is trying to harm you and possibly kill you. Usually the dreamer will be trying to hide, run away, or even outsmart their pursuer in the dream.

These dreams can represent specific ways of coping with fears and stresses that you are facing in real life. You should try and ask yourself is there a better way of handling a current situation that you are dealing with in your life.

An important piece of information that you should be looking for is who is chasing you in the dream? Are you familiar with your pursuer or is it someone that you don’t know? This information can be useful in helping you determine what your dream is trying to tell you.

Another interpretation of the chase dream is your purser represent a certain aspect of yourself that you are running away from. It can represent emotions such as hate, fear, jealousy, or even love, that can be projected into a chaser in your dream.

Sometimes chase dreams can be a physical representation of a fear of being attacked by a stranger or someone you know. If you are watching a news story about women being abducted in a local park, you might internalize these fears and they can be manifested into a chase dream.

#2 – Dreams about an Ex

Dreams with an ex

Dreams about an ex are one of the most common dreams that people comment on. Are you still in love or still have feelings for an old ex? Given the nature of relationships and the amount of passion and energy that goes into each relationship, it is not surprising that old lovers will manifest themselves in a dream. The meaning of an ex showing up in your dream will depend on your current feelings you have towards them.

Just because you dream about an ex, doesn’t mean you are still madly in love with them. Usually these dreams will represent a time and a place in your life when things were simpler and you might have had less problems. An ex can also represent a train that you are currently missing in your love life today, that you are looking to find.

If you dream your ex is still in love with you, it can often represent feelings you have towards your ex that are projected onto them in the dream. This is a common dreams symbol that readers dream about.

If you are currently loveless or single you are more likely to dream about an ex. Someone who is single will be looking at their past relationships as the inspiration for a future love. No matter how much you try to avoid these dreams, you should expect them, and try and determine what your ex is trying to teach you about yourself.

Are you currently missing romance in your life? or do you simply miss the feeling of being treated like a queen? An ex showing up in a dream can teach us truths about ourselves that we might not realize.

#1 – Cheating Dreams

Caught Cheating in dream

The cheating dreams are the most common dreams that many dreamers comment about. Giving the nature of cheating, these dreams have the most impact on our minds when we awaken from the dream.

It is quite common for people to dream about a partner cheating on them with one of their current friends or ex lovers. Given the complexity of the human mind, it is not surprising that feelings of love and emotion will get tangled up in your mind and enter your dreams.

Dreams about cheating are one of the most common dreams that occur between people in a relationship. If you dream that your partner is being unfaithful, sometimes it can represent insecurities and hidden jealousy that you have deep inside. If a dreamer is insecure in their relationship, these insecurities will often be manifested in a dream with their partner cheating on them.

Sometimes cheating dreams can represent a partner actually cheating in real life. The dreamers sub conscious mind is picking up clues and signs that their partner is cheating, even if their waking state refuses to acknowledge the fact.

Have you had a similar dream recently? Share your latest dream in the comments below or tell us what dream you think should be on the list.

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