4 Amazing Facts about Dreams You Never Knew!


4 facts about dreamsYou Can Control the Contents of Your Dream

Most people have heard of the term lucid dreamer, but don’t’ really know what it fully means. Lucid dreaming is real and with practice dreamers can actually control specifics about their dream. They have even invented apps for your phone that will detect when you are in REM sleep and repeat certain words or phrases to help shape your dreams. There are a number of tools that dreamers can use to help control the content of their dreams.


Puzzle dreamsDreaming can help You Solve Real Life Problems

You have probably heard that if you sleep on it you might discover the answer to your waking life problem. Research has shown that the performance on specific problem solving tasks often improves after a period of REM sleep, compared to being awake. You are probably wondering if there is a catch to sleeping on something. Well, researchers found that sleeping on difficult problems actually help with problem solving abilities, however, sleeping on easy problems made no difference than being awake. So sleep is much more effective at solving difficult problems than easy problems.


Dream inventionsDreams can Help you Discover New Inventions

The next time you are about to go to sleep think about a problem that has yet to be solved.  Dream psychologist Deirdre Barrett who is the author of the book The Committer of Sleep, discovered in a study that 50% of dreamers who thought of a problem before bed actually dreamt about that problem. A total of 25% of the dreamers actually dreamed of specific solutions to the problem they were dreaming about. If you can conjure up the image of a specific problem before going to bed, there is a chance that you will discover the solution to this problem in a dream.


dream about caloriesMore time Spent Dreaming Can Help You Burn Calories

Most people don’t consider dreaming and diet to be correlated. However, studies have shown that people who had less REM sleep had a slower metabolism and actually consumed more carbohydrates and chocolate compared to those with more REM sleep.  Due to the fact that REM cycles get longer and longer after the 6 hour mark, you are more likely to burn calories the longer you dream. Dreaming is calorie demanding, which is why you should do more of it.

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