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“Z” - “The letter Z may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building…”


Zen - “Dreaming about Zen can be one of the most pleasant dreams that you can ever enjoy. Zen is nirvana of the soul. If you dream of…”


Zero - “The number zero is indicative of absolute ruin and pennilessness. If this was the meaning of your dream, please see Bank or Vagrant…”


ZigZag – The zigzag is a symbol of lightning among other things. For lightning, see Lightning or Thunder.


Zip Code - “Dreaming of a zip code is symbolic of a place that you are meant to visit. If you can remember the number when you wake up…”


Zipper - “If you dream about unzipping a zipper, it could very easily mean that you are getting undressed or that you are helping…”


Zodiac - “The zodiac is a very powerful symbol to dream about. Dreams that deal with the zodiac are very important to remember because…”


Zombie - “For zombie see Undead. Zombies can be very scary in your dreams. In fact, there are many ways that zombies can actually…”


Zoo - “Dream about going to the zoo can be reminiscent of your childhood. It can also have a personal significance. If you dream about…”


Zookeeper – For Zookeeper, see Zoo above.


Zoomorphism - “If you experience the feeling of changing into an animal in your dreams it means that the animal or animals that you turn…”

“Y” - “The letter Y may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even…”


Yacht - “Dreaming about a yacht is symbolic of power and prestige along with great wealth. If the yacht is small and/ or in bad upkeep…”


Yantra - “The yantra can manifest itself in many ways in our dreams. Being a symbol of the divine and the essence of the unity of all things…”


Yard – “Dreaming about a yard is common thing in dreams. For more information, see Lawn.”


Yard Sale – “For yard sale, see Garage Sale.”


Yard Stick – “The yard stick is commonly a symbol of repression and discipline, usually wielded from the hand of a sour old woman.”


Yarmulke - “The Yarmulke is a Jewish symbol that is absolutely respectable and worthy of praise. To see a person wear this piece…”


Yarn - “Yarn is one of the seven gifts that the gods gave to mankind. Along with yarn, the gods gave the forge and its tools, agriculture…”


Yawning - “Dreaming about someone yawning means you are probably not getting very high quality sleep. You may have sleep apnea…”


Yearbook - “Dreaming about a yearbook is similar to dreaming about a video tape. The main difference between them is that the yearbook…”


Yearn - “Dreaming about yearning for something that you desire indicates that you will soon be given a chance to accomplish a goal…”


Yeast - “Yeast is the active ingredient in bread. Yeast allows the gluten to form strands of wonderful plump and gooey bread. Yeast…”


Yelling - “Dreaming about yelling can be fraught with all different kinds of emotions. If you dream about being a fan on the sidelines of…”


Yes - “Dreaming about saying yes to something can be a very positive thing. If you have watched the movie Yes Man, then you know how…”


Yesterday - “Dreaming about the previous day is common and, in fact, is the whole purpose of dreaming at all. Scientists have long…”


Yeti - “Also known as the abominable snowman, Sasquatch and Bigfoot the yeti is a formidable beast whose intent toward humans is as…”


Yield - “Dreaming that you are yielded to means that you are about to make a great goal of yours a reality. Your enemy has looked you in…”


Ying and Yang - “The ying and yang represent the duality that exists in all of us. They represent our ability and capacity for good…”


Yodel - “Yodeling is from Bavaria originally, along with lederhosen. Together, these two artifacts, one of vocal origin and the other of…”


Yoga - “Yoga is representative of meditation and balance between the body, heart and mind. If you dream about doing yoga it means that…”


Yoke - “Dreaming about the yoke can be a Christian symbol of being a slave to Jesus, who they call the Christ figure. For some reason…”


Young - “Dreaming about being young or being younger than you currently are indicates a strong feeling of being young at heart. Even if…”


Yoyo - “The yoyo has a curious effect, like the boomerang, of coming back from where it was thrown. IT has an interesting history…”

“X” - “The letter X may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building…”


X-Ray - “The X-ray is symbolic of being about to see the inside of an issue to get at the heart of what is really going on. If you dream about…”


Xylophone - “As with all musical instruments dreaming about the xylophone is indicative of the feelings that the music that it plays has on…”

“W” – “The letter W may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building…”


Wadding - “Dreaming about wadding does not mean anything broad enough to include in this glossary. However, if wadding holds…”


Wading - “Dreaming about wading in the water is symbolic of childhood and play time fun. Many people have very fond memories of wading…”


Wafers - “Dreaming about wafers is significant to some Christian groups around the world. Some Christians actually believe that a priest…”


Waffle - “Waffles can mean one of two things. Either the dream pertains to something that is completely ridiculous or it has something to do…”


Wager - “Dreaming about making or taking a wager indicates that there is something about which you are uncertain in your life. However…”


Wages - “Dreaming about wages is indicative that you feel as if you are not being paid enough for your work. In general this is true of…”


Wagon - “Dreaming about a wagon is reminiscent of day gone by that were much simpler than the modern era of automobiles and airplanes…”


Waif – “For waif, see poverty or Vagrant.”


Wail - “Dreaming about a wail –especially the wail of a child– indicates that you are filled with anxiety that needs to be released. This anxiety…”


Waiter/Waitress – “The waiter is a server just like the valet. See Valet.”


Waiting - “Dreaming about waiting can be a very long and laborious feeling. In general if you are waiting in your dream you are also waiting…”


Wake - “Dreaming that you are asleep and then wake up is a natural thing that happens all the time and means nothing. However, if you feel…”


Walkie Talkie – “For walkie talkie, see Telephone and Undercover.”


Walking - “If you dream about walking it indicates that you are on a short journey to fulfillment. This is good because it means that you are…”


Wallet – “The wallet represents financial issues in your life. For more information, see Bank.”


Wallpaper - “Dreaming about wallpaper is a sign that you need a quick reinvention of your life in some easy and simple way. This might…”

“V” - “The letter V may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with…”


Vacant - “Dreaming that something is vacant is symbolic of losing something or being lost. If you dream that you drive by a motel and it has the…”


Vacation - “Dreaming about going on vacation is common in our over-worked and stressed out world. This dream almost always indicates that…”


Vaccination - “Vaccinations are designed to be beneficial, however there is some debate in the waking world about whether they are or not. If you…”


Vacuum - “The vacuum is a symbol for cleaning, which in turn is a symbol of becoming free from the guilt that faces you in life…”


Vagina - “The vagina is a basic symbol of fertility and female sexuality. By dreaming of a vagina you are showing you desires to reach sexual…”


Vagrant - “The vagrant is a symbol of freedom and poverty. Sometimes the vagrant is also the symbol of unbreakable habits. Yes, despite…”


Valedictorian - “Dreaming about being the valedictorian…”


Valentine’s Day – “Dreaming about this particular holiday can mean…”


Valet – “The valet is a very lovable character. Of course, anyone…”


Valley – Valleys are symbolic of fertility and beauty. If you dream…”


Vampire – “Vampires have changed in social and cultural symbolisms…”


Vandalism – “Dreaming about vandalism symbolizes that there…”


Varnishing – “If you dream about varnishing something it is symbolic…”


Vase – “The vase is a symbol of the vagina…”


Vasectomy -Vasectomy and impotence, while unconnected in reality…”


Vault – “The vault is the safest place that you can possible dream…”


Vaulting – “Pole Vaulting is the Olympic sport that involves using…”


VCR – “The VCR is a device that allows you to play movies on a TV…”


Vegetable – “Vegetables represent health and dieting in your life. Vegetables…”


Vehicle – “Vehicles are means of transportation and come in all kinds…”


Veil – “The veil is symbolic of good things and bad. In a negative context…”


Veins – “Veins of an animal or veins of a mineral represent very similar things…”


Velvet – “Velvet has always been considered one of the finest…”


Vending Machine – “Vending machines typically represent…”


Venereal Disease – “Venereal diseases bring with them an impression of dirty…”


Venom – “Venom, true to its real life counterpart, represents…”


Ventriloquist - “The ventriloquist is an archetypal character in dreams…”


Venus – “Venous, along with being the planet from which women…”


Venus Flytrap - “The Venus flytrap is a plant that works…”


Veterinarian - “The veterinarian, or vet, is the one person you can actually…”


Vex – “If you dream about being vexed or confused in your dream…”


Vibrate – “Dreaming about vibrations can mean a great many…”


Victim – “If you dream about being a victim it generally means that…”


Victorian Clothing – “If you dream about having Victorian clothing…”


Victory – “Dreaming about having a victory, especially one in the…”


Video Camera – “Video cameras can represent the fact that you are…”


Video Game – “Video games are representative of social endeavors…”


Videotape – “Video tapes are the representations of memories from your past…”


Vinegar – “Vinegar is a wonderful cleaning agent in your dreams…”


Vines - “Vines are the symbol of fruitfulness, especially when they are…”


Vineyard – “Vineyards are reminiscent of wine and luxury. It is rare that a vineyard…”


Vinyl – “Dreaming about vinyl records is a sign of good musical taste…”


Violence – “Dreaming about violence signifies a deep seated anger…”


Violets – “Dreaming of flowers of any type is generally very…”


Violin – “The violin is an instrument not only of elegance…”


Virgin – “The virgin is a powerful symbol of purity and perfection…”


Virgin Mary – “The Virgin Mary is a dream symbol that has different…”


Virgo – “Virgo is an astrological sign. The name “Virgo” means…”


Virus – “A virus is a threatening and negative dream symbol, indicating disease…”


Visions – “Visions in your dreams are connected to intuitions and mystical experiences…”


Visit – “Dreaming of a visit from someone is often an indication…”


Vitamins – “Vitamins are a dream symbol of health and taking in the things…”


Voice Mail – “A voice mail is a dream symbol of communication, especially…”


Voiceless – “Speaking and other aspects of communication are very important…”


Voices – “Speaking and other aspects of communication are very important…”


Volcano – “A volcano is a powerful and negative dream symbol of destruction…”


Volume – “Volume is a very important dream symbol concerning your…”


Volunteer – “A volunteer is a dream symbol which is laden with meanings…”


Vomiting – “Vomiting is as unpleasant in a dream as it is in waking life…”


Voodoo – “Voodoo is a dark dream symbol of danger, manipulation, and control…”


Vote – “A vote is a dream symbol of an individual’s power to make a change…”


Vow – “Dreaming of taking a vow is a symbol of your power to promise…”


Voyage – “A voyage, as a symbol of transportation, is a symbol of your ability to reach…”


Voyeurism – “Dreaming about voyeurism is a dream sign of sexual frustration…”



“U” - “The letter U may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that…”


U-Turn - “Taking a U-turn in a dream is the same thing as taking a uturn in real life. The only difference is that when it is in a dream you are asleep…”


UFO - “Dreaming about a UFO means that you have either contacted another intelligent species or you have watched too many reruns of bad…”


Ugly - “If you dream that you are ugly it probably means that you have a wonderful personality. Seriously. Dreaming about being ugly or…”


Ulcer - “Ulcers are a sign of stress and too many emotions. The truth is that if you are dreaming about ulcers in your sleep, you are way too…”


Ultrasound - “Dreaming of an ultrasound is a symbol of seeing into the inner workings of an issue. It can indicate that you have an intuition that…”


Umbilical Cord - “The umbilical cord is the crucial organ through which an unborn baby receives all its nutrition during pregnancy. It is the…”


Umbrella - “The umbrella is used to keep rain and other liquid off of you. If you are going to the movies, go and see Rocky Horror Picture Show…”


Umpire - “If you dream about an umpire it means that you are about to be punished for something that you have not done. While most umpires…”


Uncle - “The uncle is inherently a shady and unsavory character. In real life, uncles can be found in every flavor, but in dreams they connote…”


Unconscious - “If you dream that you are unconscious it is probably because you are actually unconscious. However, in the rare case that you…”


Undead - “See Zombie. Dreaming about the undead while you are asleep is never a good thing. This dream is brought upon many times…”


Undercover - “Dreaming about being undercover indicates that you feel suspicious of someone in your life. This is usually a person that you are…”


Underground - “Dreaming about being underground can carry with it feelings of dread and claustrophobia. If you are in a cave it could mean…”


Underwater - “Dreaming about being underwater can mean many things. See Scuba Diving. If you dream that you are drowning it means…”


Underwear - “For panties, See Panties. Male underwear is typically one of two extreme symbols. The first is the case of the sexy underwear….”


Undress - “Undressing in your dreams is a symbol for the removal of inhibitions. It represents a safe and secure place to bear it all, your…”


Unemployed - “Being unemployed can be a scary proposition for many people. These people seek comfort in financial security and the knowledge…”


Unfortunate - “Dreaming can be a very interesting experience at times. Not only is it possible to dream about objects and people, but it…”


Unicorn - “Unicorns are mystical creatures that can live for hundreds of years. They are also said to be symbols of purity. Only virgins are said…”


Uniform - “Uniforms are a symbol of status and overt power. Many times we take for granted the jobs that we have that require a uniform…”


Union - “The union between two people is a very powerful connection that supersedes race, gender, personality, religion and every other…”


United Nations - “The United Nations generally doesn’t mean much in a dream. However, in some cases the UN can indicate a proclivity…”


Unknown - “If it is unknown what you were dreaming about, it generally means that the dream wasn’t important enough to remember. If…”


Unwrap - “To unwrap something in your dreams is symbolic of seeing what is really underneath something or someone in real life. If you…”


Up - “The direction up can be a very powerful symbol in a dream. In general the direction up is representative of rising powers, status, elevation…”


Upholstery - “The upholstery on various pieces of furniture is, in general, unimportant. However, if the upholstery especially caught your…”


Uranus - “Ouranos (pronounce: oo rah noes) or Uranus is the Greek god who fathered Zeus, among other gods. When Zeus castrated Uranus, his…”


Urination - “Urination is a symbol of release and freedom. If the dream of urination is accompanied by a sort of sexual gratification, this…”


Urn - “The Urn is used to carry the ashes of the dead. In ancient tradition urns were used for many things, most recently urns were used to…”


Uterus - “The uterus is rarely actually dreamed of. However, if you dream about the uterus it is the ultimate symbol of fertility and procreation…”

“T” - “The letter T may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that…”


Table - “The table represents an area that can be used for organization, collation and leisure. If you dream about a table being use for eating,…”


Tacks - “Tacks are not only the symbol of pranks or pinning something to the wall in order to display it. They are also a symbolic representation…”


Tail - “Tails represent various things depending on what creature they are connected to and other attributes about them. In general tails…”


Talent Show – “Dreaming about the talent show is a common dream, especially for those of us who are very self-conscious. Standing up in front…”


Tall - “Being tall in your dream or dreaming about a tall person is indicative of self-consciousness about being short. It is common for short…”


Tapestry - “Tapestries can have within them a lifetime of information that you will never be able to sort through in a single dream. However…”


Tar - “Tar can sometimes be dreamed of in the context of being tarred and feathered. However, this historically accurate punishment for…”


Target - “Targets in the form of rings or rifle sights are common in dreams. Often these targets are attached to a person, sometimes the…”


Tarot Cards - “Tarot cards carry with them a degree of respect and grace that cannot be found in other forms of divination. Tarot, above all other…”


Tattoo - “Tattoos, unsurprisingly, have as many meanings as there are tattoos. In order to understand what a specific tattoo means is to either…”


Teacher - “Teachers are symbols of learning, knowledge and repressed childhood tension. It is surprising how many real life teachers…”


Tears - “Tears are not only a representation of happiness, they are also a symbol of deep and insatiable sadness that you cannot get rid of…”


Telekinesis - “Telekinesis is the ability to draw things to you by using only your mind. It comes from the Greek words ‘tele’ meaning “far off”…”


Telepathy - ”Telepathy is the ability to understand what someone is feeling from a distance. In ancient Greece it was felt that true empathy…”


Telephone - “The telephone is an amazing device that presents itself to our subconscious as something that should not be possible. While…”


Telescope - “The telescope allows you to look at something that is very far away and make out details that would otherwise be impossible to see…”


Termite - “Termites represent the one time that you not only can, but should make a mountain out of a molehill. Termites are the ant-like…”


Terrorist - “Dreaming about terrorists represents the fear that there is something untraceable and unstoppable that is working against you…”


Test - “Tests are a very archetypal symbol. Luckily, they mean exactly that: test. Tests do not ruin your life. They are difficult…:”


Text Message - “Text messages have a similar meaning to Telephone. Be careful, however, to read the text message as you would the…”


Temple - “The temple is a holy place of contemplation and peace. To dream that you are in a temple is either a sign that you are at rest with…”


Testicles - “Testicles are a symbol of virility in a man. If you dream about testicles it represents that you might be sexually frustrated or…”


Theater - “The theater is a place of acting in front of an audience. Life is, as Shakespeare so poignantly asserted simply a stage for each and every…”


Therapist - “The therapist is a figure of wisdom that is supposed to represent someone who not only cares deeply for your health and well-being…”


Thief - “The thief is a powerful archetype that is often seen in a negative light. In fact, many times the thief is yourself. Humans have…”


Thirsty - “Being thirsty in your dreams is akin to being hungry. For more information, see Hungry. It could well be that you are actually…”


Thorns - “Thorns are representative of hardships and trials. While there are many symbols that share this meaning with the thorns, the thorn…”


Throat - “The throat is both a beautiful part of the body and a symbol for sensuality. As with all things beautiful, however, it is also fragile…”


Thumbs - “Thumbs can be a symbol of extraordinary ability. If you dream about a green thumb it is a sign that you or someone that is close…”


Thunder - “Thunder is a tool of the gods to wreak havoc on the population of the earth. It is not only a symbol of divine intervention, but also…”


Tidal Wave - “The tidal wave is a symbol of natural disaster and as such is a symbol of something happening that you cannot control by…”


Tiger - “The tiger is a symbol of ferocity and fearsomeness. It is also a totem. As such this creature could bring you luck and strength if…”


Time Travel - “Time travel is representative that there is something in your past that you regret and wish that you could change.”


Tires - “Tires represent travel. They can also be repurposed into other very neat things. If you dream about tires being repurposed into things…”


Toad - “The toad has been a symbol of evil, hidden secrets and various other things since the beginning of the human race. It is no wonder…”


Toes - “Toes are often feared and hated in dreams for some reason. Toes are absolutely harmless in their own right, even if they tend to be…”


Toilet - “The toilet is a place not only of defecation and urination, but also of thinking and pondering the great questions in life. It is an actual…”


Tomb - “The tomb is a place of rest and contemplation. It is also a place of miracles and shades of the past. Jesus had to be placed…”


Tongue - “The tongue is a very special part of the body. It allows for communication, lovemaking, spitting, eating and many other…”


Toothbrush - “The toothbrush is the most personal artifact of personal hygiene known to mankind. If someone borrows your brush or comb…”


Tornado - “The tornado is a symbol of natural disaster and as such is a symbol of something happening that you cannot control by…”


Torture - “Torture is a symbol of pain and heartache in the face of something or someone you fear. Dreaming about being tortured is a…”


Tow Truck - “The tow truck indicates that you have been stranded or had some sort of trouble the prevented you from continuing your…”


Train - “Dreaming that you are on a train signifies that you are not in control of your life. Just as a train’s route is set by a predetermined…”


Transformation - “If you dream that you are having a transformation in your life it typically means that something is changing to you…”


Transplant - “If you dream that you are getting a transplant it means that you are undergoing some serious changes in your life that…”


Trapped - “Dreaming that you are trapped might be interpreted by some to mean that you are trapped in life. However, even though this…”


Traveling - “To dream of travelling is to dream of life. Life is one long journey that will either lead to absolute chaos and unimaginable…”


Treasure Chest – “Dreaming of a treasure chest is a symbol of something that you want to hold…”


Trees – “Trees are a dream symbol of life and vitality. Drawing life from sunlight, earth…”


Truck – “A truck is a dream symbol of transportation, which almost always…”


Trunk – “Dreaming of a travel trunk is a symbol of something that you want to hold…”


Tunnel – “A tunnel is almost always a dream symbol of some sort of present struggle…”

“S” - “The letter S may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts…”


Sacrificed - “The meaning of this dream symbol will vary depending on your religious views. For many of Abrahamic faiths, sacrifice is deeply…”


Sad - “Sadness is a straightforward dream symbol that simply represents the emotion that it is. It is important to remember that the thing you feel…”


Saddle - “A saddle is a symbol of the tools you need to achieve a goal. The exact meaning of this symbol varies depending on the animal the saddle…”


Safe - “To dream of being safe is a sign of security in your current situation or with your current relationships. This is an auspicious and beneficial…”


Sage (person or herb) – “The sage is an archetypal form full of the symbols of wisdom, age, and good advice. To see the sage in a dream is indicative…”


Sailing - “Sailing is a symbol of a journey in our life, whether it be allegorical or actual. To dream of yourself sailing in a storm is indicative of hard…”


Saint - “Saints are symbols and patrons of people, places, ideas and things. To dream of a saint carries with it the same connotation that that saint has in…”


Sand - “Sand is a symbol of time and of infinite possibility. In its most common form, sand is seen either on a beach or in an hourglass. Sand running…”


Sandbox - “Sandboxes are places of enjoyment for children. They represent the creative forces of childhood and imagination. To dream of a sandbox…”


SatanFor Satan, see Devil


Scale - “A scale is a method of evaluation. The exact meaning of this symbol will depend on the exact item or items being weighed. These items are…”


Scarecrow - “A scarecrow is a totem of death and fear, but it simultaneously holds the opposite symbolism of hope and prosperity. The exact…”


School - “Dreaming about school can bring back memories of the past that can be both vivid and full of nostalgia. They can also be repositories…”


Scissors - “Scissors are a symbol of change and precision. If you dream about scissors cutting something that they should not be able…”


Scorpion - “The scorpion is a symbol of fear and anxiety in your life. If something at work or in your everyday life is scaring you or you are nervous …”


Screaming - “The sound of screaming in your dream can be vivid and alarming even if you do not see its source or know its cause…”


Screw - “The screw is a symbol of pushing forward even amid difficulties and obstacles that stand in the way of accomplishment. If you…”


Scuba Diving - “Dreaming of scuba diving can be symbolic of a couple of different things. First, it can be a memory or thought about…”


Sea – For sea, see Ocean.


Security - “Security is something that all people desire in their lives. Humans are wired to do whatever possible to ensure their security…”


Seesaw - “The seesaw is representative in popular culture as the equivalent of the tipping of the scales back and forth, and no wonder. The concept of the…”


Self-Defense - “Self-defense, whether in the form of martial arts or a more conventional weapon, can be a powerful  by that you feel secure…”


Selling - “Dreaming about selling things represents that those thing which you are selling hold value to you still, but they are not the same that…”


Senior Home - “The senior home can be either very friendly and sweet, like you are visiting your grandparents, or it can be very scary like it…”


Serial Killer - “Dreaming about a serial killer can be a very frightening thing to experience. If you dream that a serial killer is trying to attack…”


Sewage - “Sewage is some really disgusting stuff. The majority of people has never actually come into contact with raw sewage and has no idea the…”


Sewer - “For sewer, see Sewage. The sewer in particular is a dark and dank place that is both scary and interesting. The problem with the sewer…”


Sewing - “Sewing is the symbol of motherly care and nurturing. While gender roles are typically unfair, this does not keep sewing from being…”


Sex - “Sex is at the root of every instinct that humanity has ever known. Sex is a symbol of creation and destruction. If you dream you are…”

“R” - “The letter R may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that letter…”


Race - “The exact meaning of this dream symbol will depend largely on the situation, the surrounding symbols, and the emotions connected to it. A race can…”


Racetrack - “A racetrack is a symbol of competition, and the arena of competition. It is often a dream symbol of the workplace. It also reflects frustration…”


Racism - “The dream symbol of racism depends on your own views of race, your cultural heritage, the way you were brought up to think about other races…”


Rack - “Dreaming of a drying rack is a symbol of finishing work and imposing neatness and order in your life. As with all cleaning symbols, this is a sign that you…”


Radio - “A radio is a symbol of communication, especially general communication with the wider world. It indicates your feelings about your ability to interpret…”


Radioactive - “Dreaming of radiation and radioactive things indicates a fear of some invisible or unseen thing that will poison all of your undertakings…”


Raffle - “A raffle is a symbol of luck and good fortune. If you dream that you win a raffle, it is a sign that an unexpected windfall will come your way. Dreaming…”


Raft - “Dreaming of a raft in a body of water is a sign that you need to see and engage a truth that your subconscious wants to tell you, but that you are not…”


Rags - “If you dream about rags as a cleaning tool, or about scrubbing with rags, this symbolizes the need or desire to “clean up” your mental state…”


Railroad - “A railroad, as a means of transportation, is a symbol of your ability to achieve your dreams. This particular dream symbol, however, focuses…”


Rain - “Rain is a complicated dream symbol. It indicates misfortune to come, and specifically hints at emotional trauma and tears. It is likely that someone close…”


Rainbow - “A rainbow is a combination of the two symbols of light and water. As such, it represents a synthesis of the understanding and the subconscious…”


Raincoat - “Dreaming about a raincoat indicates a desire to shield yourself from misfortune, either perceived or real. This dream may be a warning that some…”


Rake - “Dreaming of a rake is an indication of needing to clean up some part of your life. Falling leaves are an indication of decay and the passing away of…”


Rambling - “If you dream that you are listening to someone rambling without direction in their speech, this is an indication of frustration at your…”


Ramp - “Dreaming of a ramp going upwards is an auspicious sign that your fortunes are about to improve, and that your attempts to better your life are…”


Ransom - “If you dream that you are being held for ransom, this is a symbol of being controlled and used. Perhaps your subconscious is aware that you…”


Rape - “Rape is a deeply disturbing dream image, indicative of a feeling of traumatic violation. It is likely that someone you trust and around whom you feel…”


Rash - “Having a rash in your dream indicates a feeling of dissatisfaction or insecurity with your outward appearance. The skin is the first thing that others notice…”


Ravine - “A ravine or chasm that is in your way or cutting across your path is a dream symbol for an insurmountable obstacle in the way of you achieving…”


Raw - “Dreaming of raw food indicates taking sustenance from something that has not been manipulated or changed by humans. This sustenance can be emotional…”


Razor - “Dreaming about using a razor indicates a worry about the way the outside world perceives you. You are concerned about appearing unkempt…”


Reach - “If you dream that you are reaching to grasp something, this indicates that you see your goals as being out of your reach and unattainable. If you…”


Reading - “Reading is a dream symbol of understanding, communication, entertainment and, in some cases, escape. If you dream that you are reading…”


Reality Show - “Dreaming of watching a reality show is significant of some desire for voyeurism, or watching the intimate details of others’ lives…”


Rear Ended – For Rear Ended, See Car Accident


Rearview Mirror – For Rearview Mirror, See Backseat


Rebel - “If you dream of being a rebel, this signifies dissatisfaction with some aspect of your life. You may dream of rebelling against the…”


Rebirth – For Rebirth, See Reincarnation


Receipt - “If you dream that you receive a receipt for a purchase, this indicates a sensible inclination to keep track of your expenses, and…”


Recipe - “A recipe is a dream symbol for the way you approach creativity. You do not feel secure yet striking out on your own and making up…”


Recognition - “To dream of receiving recognition indicates either a desire or expectation that others will acknowledge your accomplishments…”


Reconcilement - “Dreaming about a reconcilement may be an indicator of something that is bothering you about one of your relationships…”


Record - “A vinyl record in your dream may signify several different things, depending on your age, cultural awareness, and personal interests…”


Record Player - “A record player is a symbol of embracing your experiences to the fullest extent. It can also be a symbol of futility, as it turns…”


Recycle - “Dreaming of recycling indicates a conscientious approach to your personal responsibilities, especially with regards to your consuming…”


Red Carpet - “Dreaming of being on the red carpet at an important event is connected to the dream symbol of recognition. It indicates a desire to be…”


Redecorating - “Dreaming of redecorating indicates a need to overhaul a major part of your life. Something in your life is not working as it should…”


Reef - “A reef, such as a coral reef, is a symbol of accessing your subconscious. This shallow area of the ocean is a prime spot for observing sea life…”


Referee  - “Dreaming of a referee in a sports game reflects the other symbols present regarding sports dreams – specifically teamwork and your…”


Reflection - “The meaning of this symbol depends on where you see your reflection in the dream. If you dream of seeing your reflection in the…”


Refrigerator – “A refrigerator symbolizes preserving essential things – necessities of life as well as memories and thoughts.”


Refugee - “If you dream that you are a refugee, this indicates a sense of insecurity with your life. This may stem from the people in your life…”


Refusal - “Dreaming that you refuse to do something that someone else requests or orders you to do is a signal of your feelings of personal…”


Regret - “Dreaming of regret is a very straightforward dream symbol. It indicates a feeling of regret in your waking life, though the specific thing you…”


Rehabilitation - “If you dream of going to rehabilitation for an addiction problem, this indicates a situation in your life that you feel has spiraled…”


Rehearsal – Dreaming of a rehearsal indicates anxiety about being able to accomplish something that is looming on the horizon.


Reincarnation - “Fear of death is a common and deep-seated fear among all humans. The meaning of your dream about reincarnation will vary…”


Reindeer – “A reindeer dream symbol has multiple meanings, depending on your own culture…”


Rejection – “Rejection is a deep fear for many people, and stems from everything…”


Relationships – “We can learn a lot about our relationships from our dreams…”


Religion – “Religion is an important aspect of life for many people. If you are religious…”


Remember – “Remembering is a powerful part of your dream life, and memories are re-created…”


Renovate – “If you dream of renovating something, this is an indication of taking…”


Rent – “Dreaming about paying rent is a symbol of insecurity and instability…”


Repair – “Repairs are a dream symbol of disintegration of some important aspect in your life…”


Replacement – “A replacement is a dream symbol with several different meanings…”


Report – “Dreaming of a report is a dream symbol of a certain amount of judgment…”


Report Card – “A report card is a dream symbol of academic judgment…”


Reputation – “Our reputation is very important to us, as our ability to make friends…”


Rescue – “A rescue is a dream symbol of a great need in your life. You need to consider…”


Resign – “Resigning from a position in a dream is an indication of giving up…”


Restrained -”Being restrained is a dream symbol for having your personal…”


Resurrection – “Dreaming about a resurrection is a sign of hope and new life…”


Resuscitate – “Resuscitation is a dream symbol of disintegration of some important…”


Revolution – “If you dream about a revolution, this indicates a need or desire to change…”


Rewind – “Rewinding something in a dream is symbolic of a desire to go back in the past…”


Ribbon – “A ribbon is a dream symbol of connection and tying things together…”


Ride - “If you dream of taking a ride, or of riding a horse, this is significant of your attitude…”


Ring – “A ring, in dreams as well as in waking life, symbolizes eternity, especially an eternal…”


Riot – “Dreaming about a riot is a symbol of fear and anger against an authority…”


Rip – “A rip is a dream symbol of destruction. This is a negative dream symbol…”


Rising – “When anything rises up in a dream, this is an indication of ascending…”


Ritual – “Rituals are extremely powerful in human existence and consciousness…”


Rival – “Dreaming about a rival is a symbol of insecurity and fear in your own qualities…”


River – “A river can have several different dream symbols, depending…”


Road – “A road in your dream is a symbol of achieving your goals. The quality…”


Road Signs – “Road signs are a dream symbol of guidance on your way to achieving…”


Road Trip – “Roads and journeys almost always signify your journey…”


Roadblock – “A roadblock represents a barrier or obstacle in the way of reaching…”


Roadkill – “Roadkill is a negative omen, as well as being a personal criticism…”


Roadwork – “Roadwork represents a barrier or obstacle in the way of reaching…”


Roar – “A roar is a symbol of loud, primal, aggressive and even animalistic communication…”


Robbery – “Dreaming about a robbery is a symbol of a threat to your home or personal…”


Robot – “A dream about a robot is a symbol of the powers of technology. This dream may…”


Rock Climbing – “If you dream about rock climbing, this is a powerful and positive…”


Rock Star – “A rock star is someone you respect and look up to. Dreaming about a rock…”


Rocket – “A rocket is one of many transportation dream symbols that represent…”


Rocking Chair – “Dreaming about a rocking chair is a symbol of comfort and safety. Many people…”


Rocks – “The dream symbol of rocks has different meanings depending on your own experience…”


Roller Coaster – “Dreaming of a roller coaster is a sign of a tumultuous time…”


Romance – “It is very common to dream of romance, especially if you have been thinking…”


Roof - “A roof is a dream symbol of safety and protection from the elements…”


Room – “The meaning of a dream symbol of a room varies depending on the room you are…”


Roommate – “Dreaming about a roommate is a symbol of your home life. Even if…”


Roots – “Roots are the places from which we came. The dream symbol of roots, whether…”


Ropes – “Dreaming about ropes is a symbol of control. Ropes are most often used…”


Roses – “Roses symbolize love. Dreaming of being given roses is a symbol…”


Rotten – “Dreaming of something being rotten is a relatively unusual dream symbol…”


Rouge – “Rouge is a dream symbol of adornment, physical attractiveness, and sexuality…”


Rowboat – “A rowboat is a dream symbol of journeying to achieve your goals…”


Rowing – “Dreaming of rowing is a dream symbol of journeying to achieve your goals…”


Rub – “To rub is a dream symbol that has several different possible meanings…”


Rubber – “The dream symbol of rubber indicates resilience and the ability to bounce…”


Rubble – “Rubble is a negative and dangerous dream symbol indicating the aftermath…”


Rug – “There are several possible meanings for the dream symbol of a rug…”


Rules – “Dreaming of rules is a relatively vague dream symbol with multiple…”


Rumor – “Rumors are very important to our reputation, as our ability to make friends…”


Runaway – “A runaway is a dream symbol of avoiding responsibility and problems…”


Running – “Running is a dream symbol of avoiding responsibility and problems…”


Rush – “Dreaming of rushing is a stress-related symbol also involving the concepts…”

“Q” - “Q is a character in the Star Trek series. He represents a mischievous and self-serving god who is all-powerful and all-knowing. The letter Q may be…”


Quack Doctor - “If you dream of going to a quack doctor who cheats you and does not give you a real cure for your ailment, this signifies that you cannot…”


Quadrille - “If you dream of dancing a quadrille, this signifies an interest in historical activities and art forms, and a desire for old-fashioned manners…”


Quaker - “Dreaming of a member of the Quaker religion is a symbol that varies depending on your own view of religion. In general, Quakers are known…”


Quarantine - “A quarantine is a frightening and threatening dream symbol which forebodes ill. It signifies the threat of disease, and also the fear that a…”


Quarrel - “A quarrel is a straightforward dream symbol that symbolizes a conflict with another person. It indicates that you have been feeling frustration…”


Quarry - “Dreaming of a quarry symbolizes reaching deep into your subconscious to retrieve some important information or memory. The type of stone…”


Quartet - “Dreaming of playing in a quartet symbolizes accomplishing goals in a group, and the ability to work with others to create beauty. If you…”


Quartz - “Quartz is a beautiful crystal rock, symbolic of light and powerful energy. Dreaming that you are holding a quartz rock indicates that you have…”


Quay - “If you dream of a quay, this is a sign that you will soon have an opportunity to embark on a voyage, either through a change of plans or through…”


Queen - “A queen is a symbol of authority and feminine grace. If you dream that you are the queen, this symbolizes a desire for recognition and respect…”


Queen of Hearts - “The Queen of Hearts, in a card deck, represents affection and interpersonal connection. If you see the Queen of Hearts card in relation…”


Quest - “A quest, or journey, symbolizes the journey of life. This has widespread implications, such as the quest to accomplish a particular personal goal, the quest…”


Question - “Asking a question in your dream is symbolic of a particular need. This may be the need for information in order to accomplish a goal…”


Quicksand - “Quicksand is an ill omen of a trap in your way. This may be a trap that someone else set for you, or it could simply be a circumstance…”


Quiet - “Dreaming of quiet is symbolic of peace and relaxation. You feel that your life is under control and well-ordered. However, if you dream of quiet in…”


Quill - “A quill, or a writing pen that is made from the feather of a bird, is a symbol of communication. It is also antiquated and old-fashioned, indicating manners…”


Quilts - “If you dream of lying on a bed under a quilt, this indicates security and warmth in your life and in your relationships…”


Quiver - “A quiver is a dream symbol of your ability to overcome obstacles and threats that stand in your way. It is your literal arsenal of solutions to your…”


Quintuplets - “Quintuplets are a sign of rich blessings, but also of massive amounts of unexpected responsibility. You may be feeling completely overwhelmed…”


Quota - “Dreaming that you must make a quota is a symbol of external pressures to perform, and feelings of inadequacy within yourself. The authority figure…”

“P” – “The letter P may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that…”


Pacify – “Dreaming about pacification symbolizes that there is turmoil in your life that needs to be mediated. It typically includes two other people in your…”


Package – For package see, Mail. For gift, see Gift.


Packing – “Dreaming about packing is a sign that you are about to go on a journey in life. This journey may not be physical. It might be emotional or spiritual…”


Pagan - “The meaning of this dream symbol depends on your own religious views, and whether or not you believe that people who are not in your religion are…”


Page – “The page is a symbol of a key piece of information in your life. It means that you are missing that information in your waking life or are about to…”


Pageant – “Pageants and parades are symbols of frivolity. Often the frivolity is enjoyable, but it can also represent a waste of time or a distraction from…”


Pager - “Dreaming about a pager is outmoded and rarely seen anymore. If you do dream about a pager it means that you are on call or always need to be alert for…”


Pail - “The pail carries the water of the spirit. It is a symbol of the body and the human journey. If you dream about a pail, take care to memorize its characteristics…”


Pain - “Pain is a significant indicator of something being wrong. It is unusual for you to dream that you are in pain. However, it is more common to dream that someone…”


Paint - “Paint symbolizes a fresh outlook on life and the renewal of something old. If you dream about paint it means that something new is going to happen to you…”


Paintball - “Paintball symbolizes a nonlethal physical combat that is approaching in your life. Paintball is not only an enjoyable sport in real life, but it also…”


Pairs - “Dreaming about pairs of things, shoes, twins, etc. is meant to symbolize the duality of nature. Everything has a yin and a yang side and you have been…”


Palace - “The palace is a symbol of riches and power. If you dream about being on the outside of a palace it represents that you are not in the circle of power that…”


Pall - “The pall represents death and finality. If you dream that someone you know has a pall it means that something about their life is coming to a close. If you…”


Palm (Hand) - “The palm carries in it a unlimited knowledge of our past, present and future. If you dream about the palm of your hand it symbolizes that you are…”


Palm Tree - “The palm tree has always been a symbol of relaxation and comfort. If you dream about a palm it means that you are in need of or are currently getting…”


Palm Reading – “The palm reading is an accurate way to determine your past, present and future in a generalist way. It does not typically give you any specific…”


Pan - “The pan is a symbol of the hearth. In its connection with food it represents plenty. However the pan is also a symbol of specialized cooking and gourmet…”


Panic - “If you or someone else in your dream is in a panic it symbolizes overreaction to irrational fears. For nervousness, see Nervous. For anxiety…”


Panties - “Panties are a symbol of femininity and seduction. They are heavy with sexuality and lust. If you dream about panties that have blood in them it can…”


Pants - “Pants are a symbol of occupation. If you dream about denim pants it can represent school children. It can also represent a casual and leisurely…”


Pantyhose - “Pantyhose can be a symbol of sexiness. If you dream about putting on pantyhose it means that you are looking forward to a night out in the…”


Paper - “Blank paper represents the clean slate of your life and your ability to determine what is written in this chapter of your life. If you dream about…”


Paper Bag - “Paper bags are symbols of lunch and food. If you dream about a paper bag you are likely hungry in your sleep. For gifts, see gift…”


Paper Plates - “Paper plates do not have a meaning in dream interpretations. If you dream about trash or recycling, please refer to those terms…”


Paparazzi - “The paparazzi are symbols of chaos and gumption. If you dream that you are among the paparazzi it means that you have the shrewdness…”


Parachute - “The parachute is a symbol of a safety and security. Golden Parachutes are symbols of financial security. Dreaming about the parachute indicates…”


Parade – For parade, see pageant.


Paralyzed - “Dreaming that you are paralyzed is a normal thing. It generally does not bear with it the weight of something deep or spiritual…”


Paramedics - “Paramedics are a symbol of safety in a time of trauma or pain. If you dream about paramedics and you are going through a difficult…”


Paranoia - “Paranoia in a dream is a sign of imminent danger or perhaps that you are completely overwhelmed with life. This dream is a call to take a long…”


Parents - “This dream symbol is very complicated and nuanced, because every person’s relationship with their parents is different. Parents are the…”


(Outdoor) Park - “If you dream about going to the park, this indicates that you will have an encounter with nature that will refresh you. You may be…”


(Vehicle) Park - “Dreaming of parking a car indicates a feeling of having arrived at your destination. This may be because you accomplished a goal…”


Parking Lot - “A parking lot full of cars symbolizes infinite possibility and the ability to accomplish your goals. You have an infinite number of ways that…”


Parking Ticket - “Dreaming that you receive a parking ticket indicates a feeling of insecurity that you are doing the right thing in your life or going about…”


Parliament - “Parliament is a symbol of power and authority, and also of personal importance. If you dream that you are a Member of Parliament…”


Party - “Dreaming that you are at a party is a sign of your feelings about and attitudes toward social life. If you dream that you are enjoying yourself at…”


Passageway - “A passageway is a powerful dream symbol for transition between circumstances, life goals, or ways of thinking. Oftentimes this transition…”


Passenger - “If you dream that you are a passenger in a mode of transportation (car, train, boat, airplane), this indicates a feeling of ineffectiveness…”


Passport - “The passport is a dream symbol of freedom and the ability to go anywhere you want. However, it also connotes that the status quo in your…”


Password - “Dreaming of putting a password on your computer, or on anything else that contains information or valuable things, signifies a lack of trust…”


Past - “Dreaming of your past has many meanings, depending on your actual experiences in the past, your feelings about your current situations…”


Path - “A path is a symbol of your journey to accomplish your dreams, as well as your feelings about your ability to get to the place you want to be in life…”


Pavement - “Dreaming about pavement is a symbol of the road to your goals being smoothed and made easy for you. On the other hand, if you dream about…”


Pawnshop - “A pawn shop is a dream symbol of loss and misfortune. If you dream that you have to pawn a valuable object, this signifies that you will have to…”


Paycheck - “A paycheck is a symbol of receiving a fair reward or recognition for your accomplishments and contributions to the world. If you dream…”


Payphone - “A payphone is an anachronistic symbol in this modern world of cell phones. It indicates inconvenience and frustration in communication…”


Peace - “If you dream of peace, this is a sign that you feel security in your life and are not afraid of things or people being taken away from you. If in…”


Peak – “The peak of a mountain is a dream symbol of having reached your destination. On a journey…”


Peanuts – “Dreaming about peanuts is a sign of trying to uncover hidden truth. In order to eat…”


Pearl – “A pearl represents hidden treasure. Pearls grow inside of oysters, and it is impossible…”


Pebble – “A pebble represents a small obstacle or inconvenience on your way to achieving…”


Pedestal – “The meaning of the dream symbol of a pedestal depends on the placement…”


Pedicure – “Dreaming about getting a pedicure represents a luxury, and taking care…”


Pedophile – “A pedophile is a disturbing dream symbol, but fortunately dreaming about a pedophile…”


Peel – “Dreaming about peeling a fruit indicates removing outward appearances…”


Peephole – “A peephole is a dream symbol for a small glimpse into reality. Often, what you…”


Peeping – “Dreaming about peeping is a dream symbol for a small glimpse into reality…”


Pen – “A pen in a dream represents communication and creativity. If you are looking…”


Pencil – “A pencil in a dream represents communication and creativity. If you are looking…”


Penis – “Dreaming about a penis is a symbol of masculine sexuality and sexual energy. Masculine energy…”


Penny – “A penny is the smallest unit of money in dollar-based currencies, and its dream symbol…”


Personal Trainer – “A personal trainer is a dream symbol of the embodiment of discipline…”


Pets – “Pets represent the helpless and dependent in your life. The way you treat pets in…”


Pharaoh – “The meaning of your dream symbol about Pharaoh depends on your own religious…”


Pheasant - “Dreaming about pheasant is a symbol of instinct and dreams themselves. The pheasant…”


Phone Number – “During sleep, the parts of the brain that control language and numbers shuts…”


Photo – “Dreaming about a photo is a symbol of memory. Whether you are dreaming about…”


Piano – “A piano is a dream symbol of emotion and artistic creativity. If you dream that you are playing…”


Picture – “Dreaming about a picture is a symbol of memory. Whether you are dreaming about…”


Pie – “Pie is a dream symbol of the fruits of your labor. Dreaming of a fruit pie is an indication…”


Pig – “Dreaming about a pig is a symbol of excess and physical appetite. Pigs are generally associated…”


Pill – “A pill is a dream symbol of quick and easy solutions to your problems. If you dream…”


Pilot – “The dream symbol of a pilot varies in meaning depending on the person or people involved…”


Purse – “Your purse is a highly personal item, and one that many people rely on heavily…”


Pursuit – “If you dream of being pursued, this is an indication of stress and pressure. It is common…”


Pus - “Pus is a negative dream symbol which indicates some sort of rottenness or corruption…”


Push – “If you dream about pushing someone or something, this is a symbol of using your own personal…”


Putty – “Putty is a dream symbol that represents changeability and your capacity to mold events…”


Puzzle – “If you dream of doing a puzzle, this is an indication of problem-solving…”


Pyjamas – “Pyjamas, or pajamas, are a dream symbol of the relaxed state surrounding…”


Pyramid – “A pyramid is a dream symbol of striving for high goals and nobility…”



“O” – “The letter O may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that letter…”


Oak Tree – “The oak tree is a symbol of strength and longevity. It is considered to be the both the noblest and the plainest of trees. If you dream about the oak tree it…”


Oars -  “Oars symbolize a long and arduous journey of the mind. Dreaming about oars is symbolic of an intellectual journey that you are taking or will soon take. If you…”


Oasis - “The oasis is a symbol of rest and fertility despite being in the middle of a desert. In your dreams the oasis and the desert around it both symbolize specific things…”


Oath – “Oaths are not only important to us in a personal way like making a promise to yourself, but they also represent a public knowledge of the promise that…”


Oatmeal – “Oatmeal is a symbol of plenty. Dreaming about oatmeal is symbolic of fruitful times that you are about to enjoy in your life. If you dream about eating …”


Obedience - “Dreaming about obedience is a sign that following the rules will offer you more rewards on your current course of action then breaking them will…”


Obese - “Obesity has long been a symbol of health and living well. In modern culture it means living well into excess. If you dream that you or someone you know is obese…”


Obituary - “Obituaries are symbols of death and transition in life. Dreaming about an obituary does not mean that you or someone that you know is soon going to…”


Obligation - “Dreaming about obligations is a sign of a mind which is fully weighed down by responsibilities and the burdens of everyday life. Obligations are found…”


Obscene – “Dreaming about something obscene is actually a sign that your humor is intact and functioning well. The most humorous things in life are generally…”


Observatory - “The observatory is a place of contemplation and viewing for pleasure and information. Dreaming about the observatory indicates that you are in…”


Obsession – “Dreaming that you have an obsession or actually dreaming about an obsession that you have is indicative that you have grown too close to that particular…”


Obstacle – “Obstacles are exactly what they seem. Depending on the obstacle that you dream about you may be going through or about to go through a time that will…”


Obstacle Courses“Dreaming about an obstacle course is a sign that you are about to have to navigate through a series of real-life obstacles in your waking life. Obstacle…”


Ocean – “The ocean is a symbol of the subconscious mind. It is the pool of thoughts, dreams and hopes. Dreaming about the ocean, especially if you are in the…”


Octopus – “The octopus is a symbol of murky grasping tentacles that desire nothing more than to drag you under the water and drown you and devour your hopes…”


Odd Numbers – “Numerology is very difficult to determine in dreams and it is rare to have a dream of numbers at all, much less something so vague as odd…”


Odor – “Dreaming about odors is generally unimportant unless the odor is especially potent. It is thought to be impossible to actually smell while unconscious. However…”


Offense – “Dreaming about offending someone in a verbal or physical way is a symbol that you are immature or emotionally unmannered. If you dream that someone…”


Offering – “Offerings are gifts that are general spiritual in nature. For gifts, see Gifts. If you dream about receiving an offering, it is a sign that you are going…”


Office – “Elected offices are symbols of power and opinion. Work offices are symbols of drudgery and wasted time. This last is true even if you enjoy your job…”


Officer – “Police or military officers are symbols of respect and honor. They are also representatives of the law. If you dream that you are running or avoiding…”


Oil – “Oil is a symbol of light and fire. It is also a symbol of industry and technological advancement.”


Ointment – “Ointments are symbols of curative properties. Dreaming that you are applying an ointment to yourself or another generally refers to a cleansing…”


Old – “Dreaming about something that is old generally means that you are starting to stagnate or diminish in your life. This will have a negative outcome for…”


Olives – “The olive is a symbol of peace and immortality. Whether you dream about an olive tree, and olive leaf or branch or the actual fruit itself, the same…”


Olympics - “Dreaming about the Olympics is symbolic of great victory to come in your life. It typically represents that the next four years will be successful and…”


Omelet – “The omelet represents a mixture of many things that we love. Just as there are countless ways to make an omelet, there are also thousands of meanings…”


One-Eyed – “Dreaming about a one-eyed man or actually being one eyed yourself in a dream is highly symbolic of being handicapped in such a way as to be…”


Onions – “Onions, along with garlic, are considered the strongest vegetable. While onions are healthy, they are deemed to have very interruptive attributes…”


Onyx – “Onyx is a semiprecious stone that is striated or banded. It is commonly black and white striped, but can be many colors. In your dreams it will probably…”


Opal – “Opal is found in only a few places on the earth and is the mineral symbol for fire and the sun. Just as flames can take on numerous colors and hues so…”


Opening – “The act of opening can be associated with many things, usually it refers to something unexpected or long awaited. For opening a door, see Door…”


Opera – “The opera has ever been a symbol of turbid emotions and relationships. Operas are typically wither comedies or tragedies. If you dream about going…”


Operation – “Operations that are found in dreams are synonymous with interior problems in your life that need to be fixed before they compromise the things…”


Operator – “Dreaming about an operator on the phone means that you will soon meet a guide in your everyday life that will open you mind to the possibilities…”


Opium – “Opium is the controlled substance that is exuded from the immature fruit of the opium poppy. It has the effect of numbing pain and causing…”


Opponent – “Dreaming about an opponent that is blatantly against you is a symbol of a known enemy that wants you to fail. It might be anthropomorphization…”


Optician – “Opticians seen or met with in dreams are considered healers of faulty viewpoints and opinions. If you dream about an optician it means that you are not…”


Oracle – “The oracle is perhaps the most latently fearsome contact that you can meet with in a dream. The oracle is almost always a woman and will always have…”


Oral Sex (WARNING: EXPLICIT!!!) – “Dreaming about giving oral sex to a man is representative of submission and pleasure. If you find yourself having…”


Oranges – “Oranges are the fruit of summer and warmth. They are healing and restorative and can be used to cleanse and purify your body. The smell of oranges is…”


Orchestra – “The orchestra is the expression of emotions in all their complexity. If you dream about an orchestra in your dream and they are not playing or they…”


Orchids – “The orchid is the flower that represents exotic beauty and pleasantries. Dreaming about an orchid is meant to transport you, for a short time, to a…”


Ore – “Ore is typically in the form of rocks that are to be crushed and smelted in an extremely hot furnace to cause them to exude metals of all sorts. If you…”


Organ (Body Part) – “Dreaming about organs is a sign that something is internally wrong with you or someone that is close to you. If the organ is outside of the body then…”


Organ (Instrument) – “The organ is a relative of the piano and represents grand events or processions. Dreaming about the organ connotes that an important solemn…”


Organist – “The organist is a symbol of solemn duty and demeanor. To dream about the organist is a sign that very serious proceedings are about to fill your life…”


Organization – “Dreaming about organizing your home or office is symbolic of order or a lack thereof. In life all of your human facets can become jumbled and tangled…”


Orgasm – “A dream about an orgasm is a powerful symbol of personal, instinctive power…”


Orgy – “Dreaming about having an orgy is a symbol that has several different meanings…”


Origami – “Origami is a dream symbol of your creative spirit. This powerful dream…”


Ornament – “Dreaming about an ornament is a symbol of the importance of family…”


Orphan – “An orphan is a dream symbol of abandonment and fear. The first and most…”


Orphanage – “Dreaming about an orphanage is a negative omen with dangerous…”


Orthodontist – “An orthodontist is a dream symbol of fear and personal violation, and also of painful…”


Ouija Board – “Dreaming about an Ouija board is a symbol of magic and messages from the Beyond…”


Outbreak - “An outbreak of disease is a dream symbol of dangers far bigger than you can…”


Outcast – “Dreams that have to do with relationships are very powerful and fairly self-evident…”


Outer Space - “Outer space is a dream symbol of the ultimate adventure. In our dreams, space really…”


Outlaw – “Dreaming about an outlaw is a sign of stepping outside the normative rules of society…”


Outlet – “If you see a power outlet in your dream, this indicates energy and resources for accomplishing…”


Outside – “The out of doors is a symbol of healing, revitalization, and regaining strength…”


Oval – “Dreaming about an oval is a symbol of feminine sexuality and feminine energy…”


Ovaries – “Dreaming about the ovaries is a very specific, obvious dream symbol. The ovaries represent…”


Oven – “An oven is a dream symbol for preparation and transformative change. We talk about things…”


Overcoat – “Dreaming about an overcoat is an indication of protecting yourself from…”


Overall – “Overalls are garments, usually made out of denim or some other similarly…”


Overdose – “An overdose is a dream symbol of the dangers of excess and the abuse of something…”


Oxygen – “Dreaming about oxygen is a symbol of the element we most need to sustain life. If you dream…”


Oxygen Mask – “An oxygen mask is a dream symbol of life-saving interventions, which are generally…”


Oysters – “Oysters are a dream symbol of hidden treasure. If you dream of finding oysters…”

“N” - “The letter N may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even…”


Nag - “Dreaming about an old, broken-down horse, or nag, indicates a feeling of futility about accomplishing your goals. While…”


Nail File - “A nail file is a symbol of polishing and removing imperfections, often through unpleasant means. If you dream of…”


Nail Polish - “Nail polish is a symbol of idleness, beauty and attention to detail. Nail polish indicates something beautiful…”


Nails  - “Carpenter’s nails symbolize creativity via building new things. This is a very stable and strong symbol of creation…”

Fingernails: see “Fingernails”


Naked - “Dreaming of being naked is a sign of great vulnerability and insecurity. You fear others seeing you for exactly what you are…”


Name - “The meaning of the dream symbol of a name depends on the dreamer. Only the dreamer can know the identity…”


Name Badge - “A name badge is an identification marker. It symbolizes the way you want the world to perceive you. This…”


Nap - “A nap symbolizes a period of rest and escape from the responsibilities and requirements of the day. There may be some…”


Napkin - “A napkin is a symbol of good manners and politeness at meals, and consequently of polite society. If you dream…”


Narcissus - “In mythology, Narcissus was a character who fell in love with his own reflection in a pool of water, fell in…”


Narrow - “The meaning of this dream depends largely on the item which is narrow in the dream. Some common dream…”


National Anthem - “The meaning of this symbol depends on the dreamer, and the country whose National Anthem is featured in…”


Native American - “The meaning of this symbol depends on your ethnic and racial heritage and opinions, and your…”


Nativity - “The meaning of the dream symbol of the Nativity depends in large part on the dreamer’s religious views. The Nativity…”


Nature - “Dreaming about nature can have meanings as varied as the elements of nature that are dreamed about themselves…”


Nausea - “Nausea is an indication of something wrong with your instincts, or your gut response. Perhaps you have been ignoring…”


Navel - “Your navel is the center of your existence, the point from which you received nourishment in your mother’s womb. Feelings…”


Navy - “The Navy, as the military branch associated with naval warfare, symbolizes honor and duty, as well as worldwide…”


Navy Blue - “Navy blue is connected symbolically to the military branch of the Navy; see Navy. The psychological effect of navy…”


Nazi - “A Nazi is a dream symbol of totalitarian governmental control and human cruelty. There may be a sense that you…”


Nearsighted - “Failures in vision always represent difficulty in understanding or comprehension. If you are nearsighted…”


Neat - “The meaning of this dream symbol depends on what the item or situation is that is neat. In general, neatness and order…”


Neck - “The neck is an important part of the body in dream symbols, connected to decision-making. It symbolizes the meeting…”


Necklace - “A necklace is an adornment on the neck, which means that it draws attention to the conflict between head and heart…”


Necktie - “A necktie is the masculine form of the necklace (See: Necklace). It symbolizes the masculine side of resolving…”


Nectar - “Nectar is a symbol of the bounty of nature. This dream symbol indicates that a situation that has been worrying you will…”


Need - “The meaning of this dream symbol depends on the specific thing that you dream of needing. The item that you need in…”


Needles - “Needles are often a frightening symbol, involving deep-seated fears of pain and having medical procedures performed…”


Negatives - “Photographic negatives can be eerie, with the colors backwards and everything looking wrong. They represent…”


Negligee - “The negligee represents seduction in all of its lustfulness. This symbol often comes up in the dreams of those who…”


Neighbor - “Dreaming about neighbors is symbolic of a sense of community and world peace. Whether the dream is about actual…”


Neighborhood - For neighborhood, see Neighbor.


Neon Light - “Neon lights are symbols of night life, bars and good times. Many times neon lights are not a symbol in and…”


Neptune - “Neptune, or Poseidon in the Greek pantheon, is the god of the ocean. Neptune is a personification of the…”


Nerd - “The nerd is a symbol of insecurity. Everyone has a deep-seated fear of being a social outcast and in many ways everyone…”


Nervous - “Being nervous in a dream is common for people who are preparing for a large conference or a program where they…”


Nervous Breakdown - “Having a nervous breakdown is different from simply being nervous in a dream. Nervous breakdowns…”


Nest - “Nests are an archetypal symbol of security and comfort. Nests may enter our dreams under many guises. You may dream…”


Net - “The net is a symbol of many meanings. One of the meanings of the net is that it is a symbol of plenty, like catching a lot of…”


New - “Dreaming about something that is new generally means that you are making a change in your life that will have a positive…”


New Year - “Dreaming about the New Year is symbolic of new year’s resolutions and breaking a bad habit or making a major…”


New York - “Dreaming about New York can be a symbol of needing to travel to a new place and meet new people. New York is…”


News - “Dreaming about receiving news is symbolic that an important event is about to take place in your life. The general method…”


Newspaper - “Dreaming about a newspaper in generally the same thing as dreaming about a book except the newspaper is filled..”


Nickel - “If you dream about the nickel coin, this indicates the importance of paying attention to small financial sums as the…”


Nickname - “Nicknames are symbolic in their ability to accurately represent a specific moment, or perhaps several moments…”


Night  – “Night is the symbol of death, darkness and fear. It can also be representative of personal stagnation and a cessation…”


Nightlight - “Nightlights are symbols of protection against the evils and fears of the night. Dreaming about night lights…”


Nightclub – “To dream about a nightclub is a symbol of excitement and good luck that is coming…”


Nightmare – “A nightmare is a very frightening and disturbing dream, revealing some…”


Nike – “Nike (pronounced “Nee-kay”) is the Greek goddess of victory. She is usually portrayed…”


Ninja – “To dream of a ninja is a symbol of stealth and prowess in fighting. If you dream…”


Nipples – “Dreaming about nipples is a sign of sexual desire, especially maternal desire…”


No – “Saying “no” in your dream is a strong and flat negative, and the dream significance of this statement…”


Noise - “Dreaming of hearing a lot of noise is a sign of distraction, and oftentimes of frustration…”


Nomad – “If you dream about a nomad, this is a symbol of someone who has an important…”


Noose – “Dreaming about a noose is similar to dreaming about a trap. Both dream symbols indicate…”


North – “The dream symbol of the North depends in a large part on where you are in…”


North Pole – “Dreaming of the North Pole is has different meanings depending…”


North Star – “The North Star is a dream symbol of guidance and direction. Most people…”


Northern Lights – “The Northern Lights are the beautiful display of lights visible…”


Nose – “The nose is one of the five senses, which are each connected to one of the five…”


Notes – “Dreaming about writing notes is an interesting dream symbol that signifies…”


Notebook – “A notebook is a dream symbol of storing and preserving, especially…”


Nuclear Bomb – “A nuclear bomb is a disturbing dream symbol, indicating massive…”


Numbers – “Most people cannot count things or work with numbers in their dreams…”


Numbness – “Numbness is a physical sensation which is not often felt in dreams…”


Nun – “A nun is a symbol of spirituality. It is also a symbol of repressed sexuality…”


Nurse – “Dreaming about a nurse means that you are in need of some care for…”


Nursery – “Dreaming of a nursery is similar to a dream about children. This is a dream…”


Nutcracker - “The symbolism of the nutcracker has several different meanings, depending…”


Nuts – “Dreaming about nuts is a symbol of basic sustenance. As food items that are…”

“M” - “The letter M may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even…”


Macaroni - “Macaroni is not symbolic of anything in particular, despite what others try to tell you. At best macaroni has…”


Mace (Weapon) - “The mace is a symbolic weapon. It was mostly used to crush an opponent’s skull in battle. Dreaming about…”


Mace (Pepper Spray) - “Dreaming about pepper spray is a sign that you feel attacked or a warning that someone feels…”


Machete - “The machete is a symbol of cutting through the underbrush of life. Underbrush consists of things that have to…”


Mad Dog - “Dreaming about a mad dog or a dog with rabies can be very frightening and might even constitute a nightmare…”


Madness - “Dreaming about madness is a sign that you are overburdened with responsibility and should take a look at which…”


Madonna - “Dreaming about the singer probably means that you have recently seen or thought about her of something that you…”


Mafia - “The mafia represents being swindled, hustled or bullied into submission. If you dream about the mafia you are probably…”


Maggots - “Maggots are a twofold symbol. First, they represent pestilence, disease and filth. However, maggots are also great…”


(Black) Magic - “Black magic is always bent on evil. Dreaming about black magic is indicative that our soul is in dire peril of…”


Magic Carpet - “Dreaming about a magic carpet is a fanciful and wish provoking dream. However, it is not a symbol of anything…”


Magician - “The magician is the archetype of wisdom and understanding. If you dream about the magician it is a sign that these…”


Magnet - “The magnet is the symbol of attraction. Dreaming about this symbol means that you are attractive to someone or are…”


Magnifying Glass - “The magnifying glass is the symbol of searching and understanding. To see this in your dream means that you…”


Magnolia - “Magnolias are symbols of eternal life and beauty. Dreaming about a magnolia is symbolic of eternity…”


Maid - “Describing the meaning of the maid in a dream without falling into a cliché is nearly impossible. However, it is convenient…”


Mail - For Mail, see Mailbox.


Mailbox - “The mailbox is a symbol of messages. If you dream about a mailbox it means that there is something that you need to…”


Mailman - “The mailman is a representation of Hermes or Mercury, the messenger of the gods. Seeing the mailman in your dreams…”


Make Up - “Makeup represents superficial and fake beauty. You can put makeup on a man and make his as beautiful as any woman…”


Mall Park - “Dreaming about a mall is symbolic of simple pleasure and reminiscent of picnics and short outings. This means that you…”


Mall (Shopping) - “The shopping mall is a symbol of gifts and new things. Dreaming of a shopping mall means that you will soon…”


Mango - “The mango, being a fruit, is a symbol of plenty and a tiding of good things to come. Its waxy exterior is symbolic of being…”


Manicure - “The manicure is a symbol of beauty and luxury. Just like nail polish, a manicure is represents attention to detail….”


Mansion - “The mansion is the symbol of wealth and nobility. Dreaming about a mansion is not the same as dreaming about…”


Manta Ray - “The Manta Ray is a totem, just as are all animals. It represents a smooth journey. If you dream about a manta ray…”


Map - “The map has always been the symbol of a guide to a destination, whether that destination is treasure, home, or something…”


Marathon - “The marathon is a symbol of long hard work to achieve a goal. Since ancient times, the marathon has been considered…”


Marijuana - “Marijuana is a symbol of liberation and insight, as it is a drug that is known for producing states of enlightenment…”


Market - “A market is an archetypal symbol of the interchange of personal abilities and affects. This image is deeply significant…”


Marriage - “Marriage is a symbol of acceptance and union in society, and specifically by one other person. If you dream of being…”


Mars - “There are many possible significances of Mars. As a planet, it is the subject of large amounts of scientific interest…”


Mask - “A mask indicates a desire to hide yourself from others. Perhaps there is an aspect of your life that you are ashamed of, or that…”


Massacre - “A massacre is a very dark and sinister dream symbol, indicating a great deal of fear. You may feel deeply insecure about…”


Masturbation - “Masturbation is the act of sexually pleasing yourself. Normally, sexual dreams do not take the form of masturbation…”


Matches - “Matches, being connected to fire, are an archetypal image of human survival, but because they are factory-made …”


Mattress - “A mattress symbolizes safety and stability, and a place where you can be vulnerable without fear of being harmed. If you…”


Maze - “Dreaming of a maze is a symbol of frustration and a lack of direction in one’s life. You may feel as if someone else…”


Measuring Tape - “A measuring tape is a symbol of evaluation – “measuring up.” If you dream that you are holding the measuring…”


Medicine - “Medicine is a symbol of healing. It is an indication that your subconscious knows you need outside assistance to resolve…”


Melting - “Dreaming about wax melting is a sign that you feel insecure or hopeless about current events in your life. This symbol…”


Menorah - “A menorah is a symbol of the Jewish winter holiday. The significance of this dream symbol depends largely on your…”


Menstruation - “Menstruation is a symbol of feminine fertility, which has always been considered to be sacred, mysterious…”


Mentally Challenged - “To dream of being mentally challenged is a sign that you do not have a complete understanding of…”


Mermaid - “A mermaid is a symbol of misfortune, and traditionally seeing a mermaid on a sea voyage meant that the ship would…”


Message - “The meaning of the dream symbol of a message depends entirely on the dreamer and his or her current situations…”


Metal Detector - “A metal detector is a symbol of being examined and scrutinized, often to the extent of invading your…”


Mice - “Dreaming about mice is a symbol of small annoyances, especially between people. These annoyances are often so small…”


Microscope - “A microscope is a symbol of deep examination, curiosity and discovery. If you dream of looking through…”


Microwave – “Dreaming of a microwave indicates a desire to radically change things as they are in your…”


Midget – “If you dream of a midget, this indicates the stunted desires of your life dreams…”


Military – “The military is a dream symbol of raw force and coercion. Most things that the military…”


Milk – “Milk is a dream symbol of babyhood or childhood nourishment. To dream of drinking…”


Milking – “To dream of milking a goat or a cow is a powerful dream symbol for receiving sustenance…”


Milkshake – “If you see the dream symbol of a milkshake in your dream, this is indicative…”


Mill – “Dreaming about a mill is a symbol of the combination of industrial work and nature…”


Millipede – “A millipede is a dream symbol of a hidden danger in your life. Millipedes are scavengers…”



“L” - “The letter L may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building…”


Label - “Labels are supposed to be telling features about people or objects. In your dreams you may come across an object that is…”


Labor - “Dreaming about labor is usually a simple representation that whatever projects you pursue will be difficult and require a lot…”


Labor (Birth) - “If you dream about giving birth it means that despite the long and painful process that gets you there, the end result…”


Laboratory - “Dreaming about a laboratory means that you need to do a little experimenting in your life. Perhaps you are uncertain…”


Labyrinth - “The labyrinth is representative of the great maze of life. In most of its manifestations, the labyrinth is not solved…”


Lace - “Lace is a sensual artifact in popular culture that is often associated with undergarments and bust lines. As such, it is linked…”


Lacrosse - “To dream of playing lacrosse symbolizes teamwork. This is an important quality to have, and the feelings you have…”


Ladder - “The ladder is a symbol of climbing to the top of an abstract representation of life or the world. Perhaps you are trying…”


Ladle - “Dreaming about the ladle is symbolic of being given nourishment. Depending on the aspect of the ladle and what is in it, it could…”


Ladybug - “The ladybug is considered the luckiest of all insects. To see it in your dreams means that you are protected from the…”


Lagoon - “The lagoon is a place of great beauty and peace. It is sheltered from the weather and constant pounding of the waves. Because of…”


Lake - “The lake is similar to the lagoon in that it represents a worry free environment in which to enjoy yourself. Dreaming about a lake…”


Lamb - “The lamb is a symbol of peace and helplessness. To dream of the lamb could mean that you are vulnerable to attack, but…”


Lament - “Dreaming about a lament is a pure symbol that means exactly what it seems to. This could mean that you will soon…”


Lamp - “The lamp is a symbol of light in the dark. It is a type of protection against evil forces and also a guide for our footsteps…”


Lamppost - “A lamppost is an island of protection in the midst of dark and terrible evil. Dreaming about the safety of light that…”


Lampshade - “Just as a lampshade filters the light of a bulb from being too harsh to our eyes, it also focuses it into a useable…”


Lance - For more about the lance, see Jousting.


Land - “Dreaming about land can mean many different things, depending on the dreamers themselves. For most land represents…”


Land Mine - “Land mines represent potential problems that are on your path and need to be avoided. It is sometimes difficult…”


Landing - “Dreaming about landing in a plane or a boat is symbolic of safely arriving back to the protection of that which…”


Landlord - “Dreaming about your landlord is indicative that you are behind on rent, either literally or in a more allegorical…”


Landscape - “Dreaming about a landscape can have meanings that are as varied as the landscapes themselves. In general…”


Landslide - “A landslide is a catastrophic thing to have happen in your dream. It symbolizes that everything that you thought…”


Lane - “Dreaming about a lane is symbolic of the path that you are taking or must take. If you dream about walking down a lane…”


Language - “Dreaming about a foreign language that you do not know is a symbol that you are…”


Lantern - For Lantern, see Lamp.


Lap - “Running a lap around a track represents doing the work required to make a difference…”


Lap Dance - “The lap dance is a symbol of heightened sexual tension and social fun, which is out of reach…”


Lapis - “Lapis is a semiprecious gemstone that is symbolic for protection from evil…”


Laptop - Computers are a symbol of community and social relationships in modern society. Laptops are an easily mobile form of computers.


Laryngitis - “Laryngitis is usually only dreamt of in connection with the loss of the ability to speak. It is common…”


Laser - “Lasers are a symbol of a straight path. This path can be a path of destruction, healing or discovery…”


Lasso - “The lasso is a symbol of the American cowboy. Dreaming about this particular object…”


Late - “If you dream about being late it is a symbol that you are worried about being able to continue…”


Laughing - “Dreaming about laughing is a sign that good times are on their way. If you dream…”


Launch - “Dreaming about a launch usually refers to a spaceship or rocket being launched…”


Laundry - “Laundry is a symbol for regret, sin and uncleanliness. If you dream about a pile of…”


Lawn - “A person’s lawn is often a direct indicator of the seriousness with which they take…”


Lawn Mower - “The lawn mower is symbolic of destructive power toward nature. If you dream…”


Lawsuits - “Lawsuits are symbols of loss of wrongs that have been committed against you or someone…”


Lawyer - “Dreaming about a lawyer represents protection from the forces that are against you…”


Laxative - “Dreaming about a laxative is never a pleasant experience, especially if you have…”


Leader - “Dreaming about being a leader means that you are ready to take on more…”


Leak - Dreaming about a leak can mean three things. First, it might mean that a secret…”


Leaning - “Dreaming about leaning is the ultimate symbol of teamwork. If you dream…”


Leaping - “Leaping is the ultimate symbol of taking a big risk and letting fortune fall where it…”


Leash - “Leashes are symbols of confinement. They can also represent latent sexual desire for…”


Leave - “Dreaming about leaving some part of your life is exactly what it sounds like. It means…”


Loveseat – “Dreaming about a loveseat is a symbol of a relationship. If the loveseat is empty, this…”


Luck - “Luck by itself is a vague dream symbol, but sometimes lucky events happen to us in our dreams…”


Luggage – “There are many layers of symbolism in the dream sign of luggage. It symbolizes the necessities…”


Lullaby – “A lullaby is a soothing, loving dream symbol that reminds you of the care and support…”


Lumber – “Dreaming about lumber is a symbol of natural resources and the ability of the earth…”


Lumberjack – “A lumberjack is a dream symbol that has many different meanings, depending…”


Lunatic – “Most of us do not feel quite sane in our dreams, or feel that the people around us must…”


Lunch – “Lunch, the meal at the middle of the day, is a time when we connect with friends…”


Lungs - “Our sensation of breathing in our dreams often follows our outward physical experiences…”


Lust – “Lust is a dream symbol deeply tied with our sexuality and instinctive self. To dream that you are…”


Luxury – “Many of us dream of physical goods and luxuries that we do not have, and that we wish…”


Lecture – “A lecture is a dream symbol of gaining information and wisdom…”


Ledge – “If you dream about a ledge, this indicates a risk and a dangerous situation. You may feel…”


Legislature – “A legislature is a complicated dream symbol which is often somewhat…”


Lego – “Lego is a symbol of childhood play, innocence, and creativity. Dreaming of building with…”


Legs – “Legs are an important mode of transportation in our dreams, and one of the main…”


Lending – “Dreaming of lending something to another person is an indication of your perception…”


Lens – “A lens is a way through which we see the world. In a dream, a lens is a symbol…”


Leprechaun – “A leprechaun is a symbol of good luck. Dreaming of a leprechaun…”


Lesbian – “Dreaming about being a lesbian is an indication of a need for sexual…”


Letters – “Letters are a dream symbol of communication, especially between loved…”


Levitation – “Levitation is a dream symbol of enlightenment, often associated with meditation…”


Library – “A library is a dream symbol of amassed knowledge. If you dream of being…”


Lice – “Dreaming about lice is a symbol of pernicious irritations that are hampering you…”


Lick – “Taste is an important way in which we gather information about the world…”


Lie – “Truth and lies are very important in dream symbolism, and should always…”


Lie Detector – “If you dream of going through a lie detector, this indicates a feeling…”


Life Jacket – “Dreaming of wearing a life jacket is a symbol of holding onto safety…”


Lifeguard – “A lifeguard is a dream symbol of safety in a risky situation. Dreaming of a lifeguard…


Light – “Light is a dream symbol of understanding and knowledge. Turning on the light…”


Light Bulb – “A light bulb is a dream symbol of understanding and knowledge. Turning on…”


Lightning – “Lightning is a symbol of raw energy and power, which can be both generative…”


Limousine – “A limousine is a dream symbol of wealth and luxury. If you dream of riding…”


Limping – “Legs are an important mode of transportation in our dreams, and one of the main…”


Line – “Dreaming of a line is an indication of limits in your life and boundaries which you…”


Lingerie – “Lingerie is a symbol of sensuality and sexuality. Dreaming of wearing sexy lingerie…”


Lip Balm – “Dreaming about lip balm is a symbol of the importance to you of your outward…”


Lip Synching – “Lip synching is a dream symbol of frustrated creativity and communication…”


Liposuction – “Liposuction is a dream symbol which is extremely connected to your own self-image…”


Lips – “Your lips are a symbol of several different things. First, lips are a dream…”


Listen – “Listening is an important dream symbol of communication. Many times, our communication…”


Litter – “Dreaming of litter and trash outdoors, on a trail, or on the side of the road…”


Liver – “Your liver is the great cleansing organ of your body. Dreaming about your liver…”


Living Room – “The living room is a symbol of shared space and communal time…”


Lobotomy – “Dreaming of a lobotomy is a dream symbol of insanity, or a feeling of insanity…”


Lock – “A lock is a dream symbol of the forbidden or the untouchable. This dream may…”


Locker - “A locker is a dream symbol of a safe place where you can protect things…”


Locket – “Dreaming of a locket is a symbol of something that you want to hold close…”


Locksmith – “A locksmith is a dream symbol of breaking down barriers and gaining…”


Lollipop – “A lollipop is a dream symbol of immediate, appetitive desires. The desires represented…”


Lose (Losing) – “If you dream of losing something, this indicates an insecurity…”


Lost – “If you dream of that something has been lost, this indicates an insecurity…”


Lottery – “Dreaming about winning the lottery is a hopeful and beneficial dream symbol…”


Loud – “If you dream of something that is very loud, this indicates something…”


Love – “Love is a broad and overarching dream symbol. The obvious meaning of this dream…”


Love Note – “A love note is a dream symbol of communication between you…”


Lover – “Your lover in your dream is a powerful dream symbol, and the exact meaning…”

“K” - “The letter K may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that…”


Kaleidoscope - “The kaleidoscope is a symbol constant change and beauty. Kaleidoscopes have inspired many children and artists to look…”


Kangaroo - “Kangaroos, like koalas, are cute animals that seem very fun. However, despite this popular view, kangaroos are actually more…”


Karaoke - “Karaoke is a symbol confidence. Dreaming about yourself singing karaoke-style songs, even if you are a horrible singer is…”


Karate - “Karate is a form of meditative physical exertion that is able to be used as an offensive or defensive fighting technique. Karate…”


Karma - “Karma is the idea that all actions have actions have an equal and opposite reactions that follow our soul through lifetimes and…”


Katydids - “Katydids are a symbol of evil. It is thought that the katydid resembles the plague of locusts that the Prophet John wrote about…”


Kayak - “The kayak represents a solitary journey on a river or other body of water. Solitary journeys represent self-enlightenment and…”


Keepsake - “Keepsakes come in the form of myriad objects. TO see one of your keepsakes in a dream is indicative of the time…”


Keg - “A keg may be filled with many things: fish, beer, food, gunpowder or even salt. To dream about a keg is a symbol of…”


Kennel - “Kennels, other than simply being a place to keep dogs, are also symbols of prison and confinement. No creature is meant…”


Ketchup - “Ketchup is a symbol of fake injury that is used in everyday popular culture for practical jokes and fun. Dreaming about…”


Kettle - “The kettle is a symbol of making tea and other hot drinks. These drinks that the kettle helps to heat water for are commonly…”


Key - “The key is one of the most archetypal symbols that you can dream about. Not only is it the central and most important element…”


Key Chain - “The key chain is a symbol of great power. It has been said that the power of any man can be measured by the number of…”


Key Maker - “The key maker is an archetypal demigod. To him, no door is impenetrable and no lock is safe. If you dream about the…”


Keyboard (Piano) - “Keyboards are an electronic instrument used in recording music. Dreaming about them as separate from…”


Keyboard (Computer or Typewriter) - “Dreaming about a keyboard is symbolic of a trapped message that you need to…”


Keyhole - “Keyholes are not only places to put keys, but also tiny windows into other worlds. Dreaming about a keyhole…”


Kick - “Dreaming about kicking can mean a countless number of things. If you dream that you are kicking a ball it usually means…”


Kickball - “Dreaming about kickball is normally simple and carefree.  It is difficult to determine what exactly kickball might…”


Kidnapper - “Dreaming about a kidnapper, whether they kidnap you or a loved one, represents danger and an immediate threat…”


Killing - “Dreaming about killing someone or someone being killed is very reminiscent of the kidnapping dream discussed above…”


Killer - “Dreaming about a killer is a symbol of a project or obstacle that stands in your current waking life or in the near future…”


Killer Whale - “The killer whale is a totem, just as are all animals. It represents peace and serenity that are also a little…”


Kimono - “The Kimono is a traditional garb of the Japanese people. It represents tradition, honor and duty. If you see yourself …”


Kindergarten - “Dreaming about kindergarten can mean many things. Kindergarten was for many of us the first experience…”


King - “Dreaming about a king is symbolic of power and grace. If you are in the presence of a king in you dream it means that…”


Kissing - “Dreaming about kissing can be a very intimate thing. If you dream about kissing a complete stranger it means that you will…”


Kitchen - “Dreaming about a kitchen may simply mean that you are hungry in your sleep. However, if this is not the case…”


Kite - “Kites are symbols of winds and childhood. As such kites often represent growing pains and obstacles that allow us to…”


Kitten - “Kittens are fierce, yet cute creatures. Dreaming about them is a symbol of comfort at best. For the most part, however, kittens…”


Kiwi - “The kiwi, being a fruit, is a symbol of plenty and a tiding of good things to come. Its hairy exterior is symbolic of…”


Kleenex - “Kleenex can represent illness, such as a cold or extreme sadness and depression. Alternatively, tissues can…”


Knapsack - “Knapsacks are a symbol of a short outing or hike. Dreaming about a knapsack is akin to dreaming about a lunchbox…”


Knee - “The knee is a symbol of fealty. If you dream about kneeling or being on your knees, see Kneeling below. If you dream…”


Kneeling - “Kneeling is a symbol of respect and fealty. Dreaming about kneeling in front of someone is a sign that you not…”


Knife - “To see that you are holding a knife in your dream would suggest a symbol of aggression or anger. There could be something…”


Knight - “Knights represent honor, courage and chivalry in all their glory. Knights, in your dreams are symbols of protection. If you…”


Knitting - “Knitting is a symbol of handcraft, and tactile interaction with reality. Dreaming about knitting a garment is a contrast…”


Knob - “The knob represents the beginning of a new path in your life. Because you must turn the knob and open the door in order…”


Knock - “Dreaming about knocking on a door is a symbol of new things entering into your life. It is important understand that nothing…”


Knots - “The art of knotting is an ancient form of communication. Sailors, soldiers and statesmen all used knots to communicate…”


Koala - “Dreaming about koalas can mean several non-specific things that are best interpreted by the dreamer herself. Koalas are…”

“J” - “The letter J may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that…”


Jab - “To dream that you are jabbed in your dream is an indication of anxiety about a relationship, and specifically anxiety that aggression is or will be used on you…”


Jack in the box - “A jack in the box is a symbol of resiliency and buoyant high spirits. It is connected to playful, childlike innocence. If you dream of a jack in the…”


Jack O’ Lantern - “The Jack O’Lantern is a traditional Halloween symbol, and is connected to the ancient holiday of Samhain, the late-fall festival of the “lifting of the…”


Jackal - “A jackal is a small, wild scavenger dog, related to the American coyote. A jackal in your dream often symbolizes an unsavory character or an unpleasant…”


Jackdaw - “A jackdaw is a small black bird, known for being loud and for scavenging food. It is generally an ill omen in a dream, signifying trouble and…”


Jacket - “A jacket or coat signifies a protection from outside inconveniences, hardships or discomforts. To dream that you are wearing a jacket is a sign that you will…”


Jackhammer - “A jackhammer is a symbol of breaking back into an old project, relationship or goal in order to re-think a deep design flaw or misunderstanding…”


Jackpot - “Winning a jackpot is a sign of unexpected good fortune. It may be a literal indication that you will win a jackpot, but it is more likely that it indicates…”


Jacuzzi - “Dreaming of a Jacuzzi is a symbol of relaxation and self-indulgence. This is a very healthy symbol, indicating that you need and deserve to spend some…”


Jade - “Jade is a beautiful green gemstone that symbolizes luck, growth, harmony and purity. If you dream that you are handling or carving jade, then you are or…”


Jail - “Dreaming that you are in jail is a sign of feeling trapped and impotent to take the actions you need to in order to accomplish your goals. See Imprisonment.”


Jailer - “A jailer in your dream indicates someone who has the power to prevent you from making changes in your life. They are also likely responsible for exerting…”


Jam - “Dreaming of a traffic jam is an indication of obstacles that stand in the way of your ability to accomplish your goals. Dreaming of fruit jam (jelly, preserves)…”


Janitor - “A janitor is a dream symbol of cleaning up the messes in your past and moving on in your life. You may not realize the continued effects of past…”


Jar - “A jar is a symbol of confinement, specifically with regards to emotions. If you have been bottling up your emotions for the sake of politeness or harmony…”


Jasmine - “Jasmine is an exotic scent, symbolic of purity and virginity. It also connotes feminine allure and seduction, and is suggestive of the wedding night…”


Jaundice - “Jaundice is a disease that generally strikes the feet first, impairing mobility. As such, in a dream it represents internal burdens and obstacles…”


Javelin - “A javelin is a symbol connected with ancient sports and heroism, especially the Olympics of ancient Greece. It represents the farsighted recognition…”


Jaw - “The jaw is one of the strongest parts of the body, and in a dream it represents determination and toughness. It is reminiscent of the phrase…”


Jawbreaker - “Jawbreakers are a candy. Candy generally represents pleasant memories and experiences. Jawbreakers specifically represent memories…”


Jaybird - “The jay bird has many significant meanings. Among those meanings are nudity, as in “Naked as a jaybird,” freedom, carefree attitudes, and good luck…”


Jealousy - “Jealousy in a dream is nearly always a direct reflection of our true feeling. The feelings of jealousy that arise inside of us, whether they are based on…”


Jeans - “Jeans can represent fashion or work. Generally, they indicate outside or casual work. Dreaming about wearing jeans indicates that you are taking a project…”


Jekyll and Hyde - “Jekyll and Hyde is representative of a duality between your work and home life. You have a great potential that you are able to tap into….”


Jedi – For Jedi, see Knight.


Jeep - “Jeep is an acronym for Just Enough Essential Parts. Originally a military vehicle, the armed forces needed transportation that was simplified as much as…”


Jelly - For Jelly, see Jam


Jellyfish - “Jellyfish are beautiful and deadly at the same time. They are graceful and seductive. Dreaming about jellies is akin to dreaming about a…”


Jester - “The jester is a symbol of cunning and power behind the throne lightly masked by wittiness and humor. The jester was oftentimes the most…”


Jesus – “Dreaming about Jesus can mean any of several things. If you are in a religion that recognizes Jesus as a prophet or more, then he usually represents…”


Jet - “Jets are a symbol of power. If you dream about a private jet, whether you are on it or not, it represents authority in your life. If you are on the…”


Jet Ski - “Jet Skis are a source of extreme fun and excitement. As such, they are a symbol of a dangerous, yet worthwhile, journey. If you dream about…”


Jewelry - “Jewelry has always been a sign of amulet-like power. Normally this power is protective in nature, but sometimes it can be…”


Jewelry Box - “A jewelry box is the symbol of a treasury or financial and other power. In ancient times, monarchies would purchase many…”


Jewels - “Jewels have long caught the eye of mankind. They are inherently beautiful and carry with them spiritual powers that can be…”


Jigsaw Puzzle - “Jigsaw are symbols of all the separate aspects of our lives that come together to make a coherent picture. Dreaming about jigsaw…”


Job - “Dreaming about your job is almost always a sign of over taxing your brain and body at work. It is important to schedule break times and…”


Jockey - “A jockey is a horseman that rides racehorses. Dreaming about a jockey is symbolic of something small in your life controlling…”


Jockstrap - “Jockstraps are universally one of the most disgusting articles of clothing in the world. While they serve the purpose of holding…”


Jogging - “Dreaming about jogging is often a symbol of physical exertion. However, it can also be a dream about zoning out and creating…”


Joint (Body) - “Dreaming about joints is indicative of injury or age. If you dream about having arthritis, it can mean that you are physically…”


Joint (Marijuana) - “A joint, or herbal cigarette which usually holds marijuana, is representative of mental and spiritual liberation…”


Joke - “Jokes in your dream represent good times and frivolity. They are good omens and are considered to be the forebears of happy…”


Joker - “Dreaming about a joker card from a deck of cards represents a wild card in your life that has already presented itself or soon will. By accepting…”


Journal - “The journal is a symbol of interior thoughts and experiences. To dream about a journal that belongs to someone else represents…”


Journey - “Journeys represent the paths and decisions that you make in life and the places that they take you. The journey is symbolic…”


Jousting - “Jousting is a sport that was most notably enjoyed in the middle ages in Europe, especially Western Europe. The sport consisted…”


Joy - “Joy is exactly what it is. Dreaming about joy is a great experience, especially if you do not regularly have true joy in your waking life…”


Jubilee - “A jubilee is an ancient custom of forgiving all the debt of a land and returning ancestral lands back to their original owners. In Jewish…”


Judge – “Dreaming of a judge is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is accompanied…”


Judgment – “Dreaming of judgment is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is…”


Jug – “A jug is a dream symbol of your reservoir of creativity and inspiration. Aspects of the jug…”


Juggling – “Dreaming about juggling is a symbol of your busy, task-filled life. The success with which…”


Jukebox – “A jukebox is a dream symbol of your emotions, as music is very closely related to emotions…”


Jumping – “Dreaming of jumping is a sign of your actions and responses to adversity. The energy…”


Jumping Jacks – “Dreaming about jumping jacks is a symbol of your own personal level…”


Jump Rope - “Dreaming about playing jump rope is a symbol of childhood innocence…”


Jungle – “A jungle is a dream symbol of the depths of the human heart. As with our deepest…”


Junk – “Dreaming about junk is a symbol of the negative impact of all the things…”


Junk Mail – “Dreaming about junk mail is a symbol of negative and unnecessary communication…”


Junkyard – “A junkyard is a symbol of the negative impact of all the things you keep…”


Jupiter – “Jupiter is a Roman god, often associated with the Father-god and the sun. Dreaming…”


Jury – “Dreaming of a jury is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is accompanied…”


Justice – “Justice is a dream symbol fraught with implications about your own self-worth…”



“I” - “The letter I may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that…”


Ibis - “The ibis is a sacred symbol of protection and luck. To dream about the ibis represents a period in your life where you will be safe from all harm and disease…”


Ice - “Ice is a symbol of distance between two people. It can also represent surprise or injury. If you dream about ice breaking it means that you will soon come to know…”


Ice Cream - “Ice cream is one of the greatest comfort foods. Dreaming about it is a sign of good cheer in your days to come. Although things may seem depressing…”


Ice Cream Truck - “The ice cream truck is a symbol of childhood wishes and a carefree lifestyle. Dreaming about this particular object in your dreams means that…”


Ice Cube – For Ice Cube, see Ice


Ice Pick - “The ice pick is a symbol of climbers of high and treacherous mountains. To see the ice pick can mean two things. First, if might represent the fact that…”


Ice Sculpture - “Dreaming about an ice sculpture is a symbol for transience. Something in your life that you have always believed to be permanent and solid is…”


Ice Skating - “Ice skating is symbolic of graceful, free motion and the power and importance of inertia and balance. If you dream that you are ice skating proficiently…”


Iceberg - “If you dream of an iceberg, this is a sign that the obstacles facing you are actually much larger than you presently realize. In order to overcome these…”


Icicles - “Icicles represent difficulties hanging over you, which often involve emotional or energetic blockages. These threats formed little by little, which is why you…”


Icing - “Icing on a cake or pastry is a symbol of outward appearances. If you dream of carefully decorating a cake with icing, this is a symbol of the care and energy…”


Identification - “If you dream about being asked for your identification, this indicates that you are being challenged in a way that you find somewhat threatening…”


Idiot - “If you dream that someone else is an idiot, this signifies that you have an expectation, either for that person or for something in your life that they symbolize…”


Idle - “If you dream of being idle, you may be experiencing a sense of uselessness or helplessness. Alternatively, you may have been working too hard recently…”


Idols - “To dream about idols signifies a spiritual opening and awakening to new and previously unexplored possibilities. If you feel uncomfortable about the idols…”


Igloo - “Dreaming of an igloo signifies lethargy and a retreat from the circumstances around you. Cold often symbolizes a cessation of activity due to a lack of energy…”


Ignition - “Dreaming about the ignition of a vehicle is a symbol which is connected to your motivation and ability to accomplish your goals and your control over…”


Ignorance - “Dreaming about ignorance is a symbol of a feeling of insufficiency. Perhaps you were told in school that you were stupid or couldn’t learn well. If these…”


Iguana - “An iguana is a symbol of hardiness and survival in tough circumstances. IF you dream that you are an iguana, or are connected to an iguana in some…”


Illness - “Dreaming of an illness represents an obstacle or blockage in your life. Notice where in your body the illness is and what the symptoms are, because these are..”


Illumination - “To dream of illumination, or the lights coming on, is an indication of understanding, competence, and inspiration. This is a beneficial symbol that…”


Imitation - “If you dream that you are imitating another person, this is a sign that you do not feel confident in your own identity, and you feel that adopting…”


Immaculate Conception - “An immaculate conception dream is one in which you dream of becoming pregnant without having sexual intercourse. Sometimes…”


Immobile - “If you dream that you are immobile, this is an indication of a feeling of ultimate powerlessness in your life. Perhaps someone in your life is frustrating…”


Immortal - “If you dream of being immortal, this is a sign of feeling fearless, capable of accomplishing anything, and beyond the threat of harm. There is probably…”


Impale - “To dream of being impaled is a sign that you are afraid of letting someone or something in to your situation or your psychological space. This is a dream…”


Impeach - “If you dream about someone else being impeached, this is an indication that you struggle against authority – either that particular person’s authority…”


Imposter - “An imposter in your dream is a sign that someone in your life is not who they appear to be, or that they are untrustworthy in some way. If you dream…”


Impotence - “Dreaming of sexual impotence is a sign of sexual frustration and moral or cultural taboos on your sexual desires. It is important to be honest with…”


Imprisonment - “Imprisonment is a straightforward symbol. In some part of your life, whether it be in a relationship, in a business endeavor, or in a creative pursuit…”


Inauguration - “Dreaming of an inauguration is a sign of assuming for yourself a new role or responsibility in your life. This is a powerful and beneficial dream…”


Incense - “Incense is a powerful symbol of sacredness and purity. It is often to be found in churches and temples, and is commonly used in meditation and…”


Incest - “Dreaming of incest is an indication of a family relationship that needs more attention, or perhaps a very close friendship that you have never considered…”


Incoherent - “Dreaming about being incoherent is clearly an indication of frustration at a communication failure. If you are the one speaking incoherently, this…”


Income - “One’s income is a very personal and sometimes uncomfortable symbol to dream about. It may indicate financial worries or struggles. Even if you do…”


Incompetent - “Dreaming that you are incompetent is a fairly straightforward dream symbol of your insecurity. The matter in which you feel incompetent in your…”


Incubus - “An incubus is a male sex demon in mythology. To dream about an incubus indicates guilt or anxiety about sexuality. An incubus dream is not an indication…”


Independent - “To feel independent in your dream is an indication of your self-image as regards your ability to accomplish your goals. This is a positive symbol in…”


Indian - “The meaning of your dream about an Indian depends on your cultural background and heritage, and your perception of the Indian culture. It also…”


Indigestion - “Dreaming about indigestion represents difficulties with your subconscious and your instinctual abilities. Your stomach often represents instinct…”


Infant - “An infant represents new life, new hope, and new possibilities. As such, it is a positive sign of things to come in your life. It also represents responsibilities…”


Infection - “If you dream about an infection it is an indication that there is some negative influence in your life, probably unidentified as of yet. This negative…”


Inflate - “To dream of inflating something may be a negative or a positive symbol, depending on the other circumstances in the dream and the emotions surrounding…”


Inheritance - “An inheritance in a dream is a symbol of legacy, and an identity that is connected to your history. There is often the promise of unexpected good…”


Initials - “Dreaming of initials often represents a person with those initials. It can also indicate an object, event or place associated with those letters. The exact…”


Initiation - “An initiation is a symbol of acceptance and entrance into a group, possibly accompanied by a change in identity. This may be a hopeful and positive…”


Injection - “An injection in your dream is an invasive symbol of something forcibly being put into you, whether it is into your body or into your psychological…”


Injury - “Dreaming about an injury, or dreaming that you are injured, is a sign of insecurity in your psychological health and wholeness. It may also indicate…”


Ink – “Dreaming about ink is a symbol of communication. It is also a symbol of permanence, as ink cannot be erased…”


In-Law - “Dreaming of your in-laws is a very personal and individual dream symbol. The meaning of this dream…”


Inn – “An inn is a place where you stay on a journey. As such, dreaming about an inn is a crossover dream symbol…”


Inner Tube – “Dreaming about an inner tube is a symbol of water-based recreational activities. As a flotation device…”


Inquisition – “Dreaming about an inquisition indicates a feeling or fear of being judged unjustly or wrongly…”


Insanity – “Dreaming about insanity is a sign that you are not in control of your thoughts or emotions. In waking life…”


Inscription – “Inscriptions are strange dream symbols because they are not able to be read in dreams. Our language center…”


Insects – “Insects are dream symbols of the elements of our lives that we find so foreign to ourselves that we perceive…”


Inside – “To dream of being inside a house or building is a sign of safety. You may have this dream symbol appear…”


Inside Out - “Dreaming about something being inside out is symbolic of that thing being the opposite…”


Insomnia – “Dreaming about not being able to sleep means that you have something especially difficult or stressful in your life…”


Instant Message – “Dreaming about receiving an instant message is indicative of the fact that you have lost your humanity…”


Instructions – “Dreaming about reading instructions is a very important message. In fact, if you can remember the instructions…”


Instruments – “Instruments are some of the most important symbols in our dreams. There are many types…”


Insulation – “Insulation is a protection against the elements, and an essential item that keeps…”


Insult – “Dreaming of being given an insult is a signal of the thoughts you actually have about yourself…”


Insurance – “Insurance is a very modern and utilitarian item, and as such can be a complicated dream symbol…”


Intercom – “If you dream about an intercom, this indicates that an important message is coming…”


Interest – “If you dream about earning interest on an investment or in a savings account…”


Internet – “The internet is an important resource for almost unlimited information and knowledge…”


Interpreter – “Dreaming about an interpreter is a symbol of communication, and often of frustration…”


Interrogation – “An interrogation is a stressful and negative dream symbol which often is accompanied…”


Interrupt – “To interrupt someone is an indication that you think what you have to say is more…”


Intersection – “An intersection is an important dream symbol about your journey to accomplish your goals…”


Interview – “If you dream about an interview, this is an indication of using communication…”


Intoxicated – “There is a common saying, “in vino veritas,” which means…”


Intravenous Drip - “Dreaming about an intravenous drip, or IV, is a symbol of being in desperate…”


Intruder – “To dream about an intruder is a sign of danger and threat to your inner…”


Invalid – “Our personal, physical strength and mobility are important in our psyche…”


Invasion – “To dream of an invasion is a symbol of threatening danger on a very large…”


Inventor – “To dream of an inventor is a symbol of creativity, especially creativity…”


Inventory – “If you dream of taking an inventory of your possessions, this indicates…”


Investment – “If you dream about making earnings on an investment, this is a symbol…”


Invincible – “Dreaming that you are invincible is a beneficial and auspicious dream symbol…”


Invisible – “Dreaming that you are invisible is a sign that indicates your feelings about your…”


Invitation – “An invitation is a dream symbol that has several different possible…”


Ipod – “An iPod is a dream symbol of the power of having knowledge and entertainment…”


IQ Test – “Taking an IQ test in your dream is indicative of a perceived need to prove yourself…”


Iris – “If you dream about an iris, this is a dream symbol of hope in the midst of adversity…”


Iron – “An iron is a dream symbol with several meanings, as there are several different…”


Ironing – “If you dream of ironing your clothes, using steam to remove wrinkles…”


Irrigate – “Dreaming of irrigating a garden or field of crops is a symbol of stewardship…”


Irrigation – “Dreaming of irrigation in garden or field of crops is a symbol of stewardship…”


Island – “An island is a dream symbol of solitude and self-reliance, oftentimes…”


Itch – “Dreaming about an itch may be a symbol of something that has been irritating…”


Ivy – “Dreaming about ivy is a symbol of natural abundance and beauty, and sometimes…”



“H” - “The letter H may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with that…”


Hacking - “Dreaming about hacking in your dreams means that you feel completely in control in your life. Hackers are god-like personas in the world of…”


Hag - “The hag is an archetype of the crone. The Crone is the embodiment of wisdom and death. Dreaming about the hag represents a powerful message that the…”


Hail - “Hail is a natural disaster that represents an obstacle that is about to take place in your life. This obstacle is likely to me a mental problem that takes up a lot…”


Hair - “Hair is a symbol of beauty and grace. Dreaming about hair in general is not indicative of anything in particular. However, there can be times when hair really…”


Haircut - “Getting a haircut in a dream represents the desire to change your personality. You might desire to grow out of your current position in life and start a new…”


Hairpiece - “Hairpieces are associated with keeping a part of yourself hidden from others that they might otherwise judge you for. In waking life people use wigs…”


Half - “The message of ‘half’ may sometimes come up in potent dreams. Whether it is in the form of a half-dollar coin, or a glass that is half full/empty. This is a…”


Hall - “Dreaming about a hall, especially a hall of doors, is a symbol of opportunities that are all around you. The hall is representative of the journey that you are…”


Halloween - “Dreaming about Halloween is indicative of magical and secretive powers all around us. If you are a believer in Samhain, you understand the importance…”


Hallucination - “Dreaming about hallucination symbolizes the vision quest of the Native Americans. Hallucinogenic ingredients were often used as a pathway…”


Hallway – For hallway, see Hall.


Halo - “The halo is a symbol of enlightenment and divinity. Dreaming about having a halo is representative of the culmination of your terrestrial life into a perfect…”


Ham - “Dreaming about ham can have many significant cultural meanings. Pork is considered unclean in many cultures. For a person from one of these cultures…”


Hamburger - “Hamburgers are symbolic not only of fast food, but also of the female gender, dates, and carefree times. If you are dreaming about hamburgers, it…”


Hammer - “The hammer is a symbol of strength and industry. Dreaming about this particular symbol is a clear message of this being a very productive time for you…”


Hammock - “The hammock is a representation of summer weather and relaxation. If you dream about a hammock it means that these forces are present in your life…”


Hamster - “The hamster is a symbol of frivolity and happiness. Dreaming  about this creature is a sign that you need to take a shopping spree and spoil yourself…”


Hand - “Hands are very intense symbols in dreams. They, more than any other symbol, represent the physicality of our bodies. Dreaming about hands can be indicative…”


Handcuffs - “Handcuffs are a symbol of restraint and enclosure. This may mean that you are trapped in a particular project or relationship, or it might indicate that…”


Handicap - “Dreaming about handicaps is representative of feeling inadequate in some fashion. If you dream about someone else having any type of handicap, it…”


Handkerchief - “Handkerchiefs are symbols that are associated with several types of people. If you dream about a western or cowboy handkerchief it means that you…”


Handle - “Dreaming about a handle means that you are hesitating about making a decision that is extremely important. You may have been waiting for a sign to pull…”


Handshake - “Dreaming about handshakes is a very confident indicator that you are about to make a good decision that will positively benefit you and those around…”


Hanging - “Dreaming about hanging up a picture or other piece of art is indicative of bringing new life and energy to your life. This is a dream about creativity and new…”


Hang Ups - “Dreaming about hang ups is a direct and personal sign. This dream means that you are experiencing problems in some aspect of your life that are starting…”


Hard Drive - “Hard Drives represent the important things in our lives that gradually build up and become absolutely essential to our way of live. They symbolize…”


Harmonica - “Harmonicas are the symbol of independence and carefreedom. Just as harmonicas are considered to be a little ‘different’ in terms of traditional…”


Harp - “The harp represents peace and serenity. It can also symbolize divine rain that drops creativity and clarity upon our souls. If you dream about a harp it means…”


Harvesting - “Dreaming about harvesting is symbolic that all of your hard work has finally come to fruition, or soon will. This is the time to celebrate a job well…”


Hat - “Hats are symbols of the different types of people that we meet or the various sides of ourselves. Depending on the type of hat that you see in you dream it might…”


Haunted - “For ghost, see Ghost. Haunted places, such as houses are important symbols of our need to resolve problems that we are carrying from our past. Depending…”


Hazard - “Seeing a hazard sign or the hazard lights flashing on a car is a symbol of problems that are currently causing problems in your life. Often these problem…”


Head - “The head is the part of the body that symbolizes personality and the acuity of the mental faculty. The presence of a disembodied head that is not focused…”


Headline - “Dreaming about a newspaper or article headline that focuses on your or a part of your life indicates that there will be, or already is, something that is…”


Headstone - “Headstones represent the last words or symbolic lessons that important figures of our past wanted to be carried on after their death. Sometimes you…”


Hearing - “Hearing is one of the five physical senses. It represents communication, information, and knowledge. If you feel like you are deaf in your dream, see Deaf. If…”


Hearse - “The hearse represents closure and finality, but also the beginning of a new chapter in your life. If you dream about the hearse, it might be important whom…”


Heart - “The heart represents love and trust. Dreaming about a heart usually indicates that a new relationship is a good fit for you at this stage of your life. Allow yourself…”


Heartbeat - “The heartbeat represents vitality and comfort. Dreaming about a heartbeat is meant to remind you that you are a good human being and that the universe…”


Heaven - “Heaven is the symbol of absolute happiness, enlightenment and eternal life. Dreaming about heaven is a sign that you are blessed by the gods. Dreaming…”


Heavy - “Heaviness in a dream indicates the severity of a situation that you are currently dealing with in your life. Sometimes we don’t understand how a decision…”


Hedge - “Hedges signify boundaries that protect us from others. Many times in colloquial conversations you will hear someone saying that another person has built…”


Heel - “The heel is the lowest part of the body. When people walk, they generally do it on the balls of their feet, not the heel. The heel is primarily used to stand at rest…”


Height - “Height is an important factor in dreams. It distinguishes characters that appear in your dreams. The significance of height is actually appropriately…”


Helicopter - “Helicopters can represent your search for something in your life, especially when you dream about helicopters at night with their searchlights on. If…”


Hell - “Hell is commonly a symbol for divine punishment or retribution for wrongs that you have committed. Dreaming about being in hell is an allusion to your…”


Helm - “The help is a metal helmet that was worn by ancient warriors to protect the head. It symbolizes nobility and discipline. Depending on the material the helm…”


Helmet - “The sport helmet represents victory in a game. The game may be a project or an actual game that you will partake in or watch. The color of the helmet…”


Help – “Many times in life, we find that we are simply unable to accomplish the things we need to without outside…”


Herd – “To dream of being in a herd is a symbol that you feel uncomfortable being alone, or that you need…”


Hermaphrodite – “Dreaming about a hermaphrodite indicates a confusion or blurring of identity lines, especially…”


Hermit – “A hermit is a dream symbol of withdrawing from the distractions and stresses of the world to live…”


Hero - “A hero in a dream is a symbol of interior strength and courage. It is important to remember that, in a dream…”


Hex – “Dreaming about a hex is a sign of distrust, or distrustfulness. Many people in the world use some…”


Hickey – “A hickey is a sign of passion and physical love. It is also a symbol of ownership. If you dream…”


Hide ‘N Seek – “Hide ‘n seek is an interesting dream symbol that combines frustration with joy and trust…”


Hiding - “Hiding is a very common dream symbol. We are likely to dream of hiding when forces in our life…”


High Chair – “Dreaming of a high chair is a sign of youth and dependence. You need not actually be young…”


High Heels – “High heels are a symbol, in both waking life and in dreams, of sexuality and sexual attraction…”


High School – “High school is a dream symbol for promise and potential; it is also a symbol of awkwardness…”


Highlighter – “A highlighter is a dream symbol of drawing attention to certain information. However, you should…”


Hijack – “To dream of hijacking or being hijacked indicates a loss of control over your actions…”


Hiking – “Hiking is a wonderful and beneficial dream symbol about nature and your goals. If you dream…”


Hill – “A hill is a dream symbol of with many layers of meaning. Dreaming of a hill indicates an obstacle…”


Hippie – “Dreaming of a hippie is a symbol of someone who lives in union with nature, including the deepest parts…”


 Hitchhiking - “Dreams that involve travelling often indicate your feelings about your path to achieve your goals…”


Hitler – “Hitler is a dream symbol of oppression, cruelty, and totalitarian control. If you dream of Hitler being a character in…”


Hitman - “If you dream of a hitman, this indicates a threat in your life. Somebody is trying to sabotage you…”


Hives – “Hives, the itchy, obnoxious skin ailment that pops up as an allergic reaction or because of stress, are a dream…”


Hobby – “To dream of having a hobby is a symbol of enjoyment, relaxation, and creativity. You will soon…”


Hold – “If you dream that you are holding on to something, this signifies a fear of losing it. You have an unwillingness…”


Hole – “There are several things that a dream symbol of a hole can signify. It may be a place where you hide…”


Holidays – “Holidays are a time of family and togetherness. Dreaming of holidays often indicates a desire for the stability…”


Hollywood - “Hollywood, the glamorous, glittering place of fame and fortune, looms large in our…”


Holocaust – “The Holocaust is a dangerous and tragic dream symbol. It indicates fear, hatred, and the cruel truth…”


Hologram – “Dreaming of a hologram is a symbol of false appearances. A hologram is an image that seems…”


Holy Grail - “The Holy Grail is an ancient legend of Christianity. It is supposed to be the cup which Jesus…”


Home – “Dreaming of home is a symbol of stability and safety. This is supposed to be a place where you are free…”


Homecoming – “To dream of a homecoming is a sign of peace and prosperity to come in your life. Home is a safe place…”


Homosexuality – “Homosexuality as a dream symbol may indicate what it actually is – being sexually attracted to people…”


Hometown – “Dreaming about your hometown is a very personal dream symbol, and its meaning depends…”


Homework – “Homework is a dream symbol of duty and diligence. School children usually do not enjoy homework…”


Honey – “Dreaming about honey is an auspicious dream of prosperity. It indicates that you are soon…”


Honeycomb – “Honeycomb is a dream symbol of the rewards of hard work. For the analytical…”


Honeymoon – “A honeymoon in your dream is a symbol of a blossoming relationship. You may have just met…”


Hood – “Dreaming of a hood is a symbol of hiding and concealing of one’s identity. If you dream that…”


Hooks – “Hooks are a dream symbol with many possible meanings. As hooks used in fishing…”


Horizon – “The horizon is a powerful symbol in dreams. It indicates the farthest that you can see…”


Horn – “Dreaming of a horn is a symbol of your own voice. This may be your literal voice with which…”


Horoscope – “A horoscope is a tool that people use to try to divine the meaning of their current…”


Horseback Riding – “Horseback riding, being a mode of transportation, is a common dream symbol…”


Horseshoe – “In many cultures, a horseshoe is a symbol of luck. It is hung over a door post to bless…”


Hose – “If you dream of a water hose, this is a symbol of purification, life-giving nourishment, and fertility…”


Hospital – “A hospital is a double-sided symbol with multiple layers of meaning in dream interpretation…”


Hostage – “To dream of a hostage, of being held hostage, or of watching a hostage situation, is a scary dream…”


Hot - “Dreaming that something is hot is a sign of extreme emotional discomfort in a situation. This is an unusual…”


Hot Air Balloon – “Dreaming of a ride in a hot air balloon is a symbol of freedom and excitement. As with all transportation…”


Hot Pepper – “Flavors are relatively unusual dream symbols in that our brain’s flavor centers are turned…”


Hourglass – “An hourglass is a dream symbol of the passage of time. As we get older, it becomes more and more…”


House – “A house is a dream symbol of safety and security. Many people in the modern world do not own…”


Houseboat – “A houseboat is a dream symbol of a nomadic freedom and free-spiritedness. The ability to have…”


Housekeeper  – “Dreaming about a housekeeper may have several different meanings. It may indicate a level of anxiety…”


Housework - “Housework is a basic fact of life for most people in the world, and often appears in our dreams…”


Howling – “To dream of a howling dog or other animal is a sign of approaching danger. You should take this dream…”


Hugging – “Hugs are a powerful gesture for people to share and even a means of physical healing. To dream of hugging…”


Hula Hoop – “A hula hoop is a symbol of childhood joy and exuberance, and also physical grace. This childhood game…”


Humming – “Dreaming about humming is a symbol of covert or even tacit communication. It may be a…”


Hummingbird – “A hummingbird is a lucky omen and an auspicious dream symbol. The hummingbird symbolizes…”


Humpty Dumpty - “Humpty Dumpty is an egg character in a children’s nursery rhyme…”


Hunger – “Hunger is a very common dream occurrence. It can symbolize a lack of basic necessities…”


Hunting – “To dream of hunting is a sign that you are resourceful about acquiring the things you need in life…”


Hurdles – “Dreaming of jumping over hurdles represents overcoming obstacles that stand in the way…”


Hurricane – “Hurricanes and any sort of natural disaster are a dream symbol of an enormous and faceless threat…”


Hurry – “As humans in the modern world, we spend much of our time hurrying and trying to get more…”


Hurt – “To dream of being emotionally hurt is a simple and straightforward symbol indicating an emotion…”


Husband – “To dream of a husband is a straightforward dream symbol indicating the actual person…”


Hut – A hut is one of many “home” dreams, indicating your level of security and comfort in your current life…”


Hydrant – “A hydrant is an amplified dream symbol for water. Water is a purifying and nourishing symbol in your dreams…”


Hyena - “Dreaming of a hyena is a symbol of greed, cruelty, and a generally unsavory character. If you dream of touching…”


Hypnosis – “Hypnosis is a dream symbol of your subconscious, making it a self-reflexive dream symbol…”


Hysterectomy – “A hysterectomy is a medical procedure in which the uterus is removed. Dreaming of having…”



“G” - “The letter G may be symbolic of someone whose name begins with that letter. It might also represent a town, city or even building that starts with…”


Gag - “Gagging represents a blockage or communicative obstacle in your life. If you dream that you are about to gag, it means that you will soon…”


Gala - “Dreaming about a gala is very similar to dreaming about a ball. It is common to confuse the two because they are very similar. The way to…”


Galaxy - “Dreaming about a galaxy symbolizes a journey of enlightenment. The journey will not take place on a physical plane, but rather the astral…”


Gale - “If you dream about a gale, it represents an upcoming problem that cannot be diverted or avoided. Usually, the wind represents…”


Gambling - “Dreaming about gambling is a very unusual thing. It may mean any of several things and it is up to the dreamer to correctly interpret…”


Game Show - “Dreaming about being on a game show represents the presence of great opportunities in your life. It is important, after having a dream…”


Game Playing - “Dreaming about playing games can represent various things in your life. Board games are a good example of this. If you are playing…”


Gang - “Dreaming about gangs is usually indicative of social fears and inhibitions. You are bringing up very potent and emotionally laden issues from…”


Gap - “Dreaming about a gap represents something very personal in your life that you feel separated from. It could be a person, place, time, or possession…”


Garage - “Dreaming about a garage is impossible for a dream interpretation to bring any light to. Only the dreamer can correctly interpret this dream…”


Garage Sale - “Dreaming about a garage sale is representative of clearing out old baggage and experiences that are bogging you down in the present. It is akin to…”


Garbage - “Dreaming about garbage represents that you should allow yourself to let go of things that are beyond repair in your life. It is common to hang on to…”


Garden - “Dreaming about a garden is all about the things in your life that are very important. Each plant represents a relationship, dream, goal, or other important…”


Garden of Eden - “Dreaming about the garden of Eden symbolizes that you are in or will soon be at a very pleasurable point in your life. Sit back and meditate on…”


Garter - “Dreaming about a garter usually represents a very special and intensely emotional social occasion that has sexual undertones. If you dream about the…”


Gasoline - “Dreaming about gasoline means that you are about to receive a boon in your everyday life that will allow you to open a door that was previously closed…”


Gate - “The gate is a symbol of a new chapter in your life. If you dream about a closed gate it means that you are not quite ready to leave the present chapter of your…”


Gay - “Dreaming about being gay symbolizes insecurity in your sexuality. It is important to allow yourself to shed religious or social preconceptions about…”


Gathering - “If you dream about gathering objects, whether food or otherwise, it means that you are about to encounter a minor difficulty in your life. Many times…”


Gear - “The presence of gears in your dreams symbolizes forces at work in your life. These forces bring progress and innovation to your life in such a way as to allow…”


Gel - “Dreaming about hair gel represents vanity and a sense of positive self-image. If you cannot find hair care products in your dream it means that you feel as if you…”


Gem - “Dreaming of gems is an incredibly good omen. Gems act as amulets that protect you from negative energies and forces acting against you in life. If you dream…”


Gender - “Dreaming about gender is usually about dreaming that you are the opposite gender. This dream usually means that you are sexually obsessed and…”


Generator - “Dreaming about a generator symbolizes energy and clarity in your life. You cannot achieve anything in your life without the right type of energy…”


Genie - “Dreaming about a genie is indicative of unfulfilled hopes and wishes. Although it does not mean that you will have a chance to make all your dreams come…”


Genitals - “Dreaming about a penis or vagina is obviously a very sexual symbol. It is important to remember that sexuality is a very important part of our lives…”


Genius - “Dreaming about being a genius or meeting a genius in your dreams means that you will have an unprecedented period of clarity and innovation. Write…”


German Shepherd - “German Shepherds are guardians of integrity and honor. If you dream about a German Shepherd it means that there has recently been a false…”


Germs - “Germs represent sickness and unseen forces of destruction in your life. If you dream about them it is important for you to purify your life of any negative…”


Ghetto - “Dreaming about a ghetto is a call to be more giving and a warning of financial problems that will arise because of your poor emotional and spiritual…”


Ghost - “Dreaming about ghosts means that there is something haunting your mind and emotions from your past. It may represent an actual person that you…”


Ghost Town - “Ghost Towns can be very creepy places. In your dreams it is very disturbing to visit a ghost town. It is important to keep in mind that this particular…”


Giant - “Dreaming of giants symbolizes several things. If you find yourself facing a giant David style, it means that you are facing some huge obstacles that your…”


Gift - “Dreaming about gifts symbolizes very positive things to come in your life. However, it is important to remember that gifts are meant to share.  Dreaming…”


Gift Wrap - “Gift Wrap symbolizes that there will be an obstacle in your way before you can really enjoy something that is going to bless your life. This dream…”


Gig - “To dream about a gig means that you are about to come into the spotlight. You are going to be the star of a new project. If you dream that you perform badly…”


Giraffe - “Giraffes represent a new aspect on life. Giraffes are the messengers of hope and danger alike. Seeing a giraffe in your dreams means that one of two…”


Girdle - “The girdle is a symbol of restraint and vanity. It also indicates that you may be keeping something instinctual inside. Sexuality, fear, creativity and destruction…”


Girl Scout - “Girl Scouts represent helping others and charity. If you dream about being a girl scout it means that you should focus on promoting charity and helping…”


Girls - “Girls are the symbol of virginity, purity, honesty, beauty, latent potential and creative energy. If you dream about dancing girls it symbolizes that you are…”


Giving -”Dreaming about giving to others is a very powerful reminder that we are not alone in this world. The interconnectedness of our society is absolutely reliant…”


Glass - “Glass is the symbol of science and intellectualism. Dreaming about glass means that you will enjoy a period of unusual clarity in your life. If you dream…”


Glitter - “Dreaming about glitter means that something in your life is about to gain a lot of attention whether you like it or not. This is probably going to be against…”


Globe – “Dreaming about the globe or more specifically the entire planet is a way for your subconscious…”


Gloomy – “Dreaming about something gloomy in a dream means pretty much that. If you dream…”


Gloves – “Gloves perform two specific tasks. First, they are worn to keep the hands warm…”


Glow – “There are many kinds of glow in the world. Dreaming about a glow can be mysterious…”


Glue – “Glue is a symbol of connection and strong bonds, especially between people…”


Goal – “Dreaming about your goals is very common. Unfortunately, this does not mean that you are going…”


Goat – “Dreaming about a goat could mean several things, but the most common meaning is that of abundance…”


God – “Dreaming about god doesn’t mean anything other than the fact that you are in connection…”


Goddess – “Dreaming about a goddess is incredibly rare and full of wonderful portents. There are fewer goddesses…”


Godzilla – “Dreaming about Godzilla is just like dreaming about other mythological beasts. Unfortunately, Godzilla…”


Goggles - “Goggles are representative of eyesight and there are many types of goggles and each type…”


Google – “Dreaming about Google almost certainly means that you are deep into conspiracy theories…”


Gold – “Gold is the element of the wealthy and has been since before history was recorded. Because it is easily…”


Golden Retriever – “This breed of dog is one of the most loyal and adaptive of all breeds. The golden retriever…”


Goldfish – “Goldfish come in many varieties, but the most common is used as a feeder fish…”


Golf - “Golf, being a sport, represents competition or enemies that you have to battle. In golf you are primarily…”


Goose – “Geese, like ducks are a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Geese are commonly used in stories and fairy tales…”


Goodbye – “Dreaming about saying or experiencing a goodbye can have a devastating impact…”


Goose – “Geese, like ducks are a symbol of abundance and prosperity. Geese are commonly used…”


Goosebumps – “Goosebumps are either a symbol of fear or coldness. If you dream about having goosebumps…”


Gorilla – “Gorillas are symbols of power and nature. If you dream about gorillas then you will have…”


Gossip – “Dreaming about gossip is something that should never be paid any attention. Gossip rarely has any truth…”


Government – “Government is a symbol of many things. Among these meanings are: law, leadership, corruption…”


Gown – “There are many types of gowns and just as many symbols in each of them. A wedding gown…”


GPS – “GPS represents you journey in life. Every single journey is about your goals in life. Sometimes…”


Graduation Dream Symbol – “Dreaming about graduation is a symbol of great achievement in your life…”


Grandchild – “Dreaming about a grandchild can be a sign that you need to spend time with such a person…”


Grandfather Clock - “Grandfather Clocks, as clocks are symbols of time. However, traditional grandfather…”


Grandparents – “Grandparents are the source of much wisdom and blessings. As elders they are…”


Grandfather – “A grandfather is the source of much wisdom and great stories. If you dream about visiting…”


Grandmother – “The grandmother is a maternal spirit that sends love and blessings in our life, whether…”


Grapefruit – “Grapefruit is a symbol of bitterness and potentially mental problems. Grapefruit is one…”


Grapes – “Dreaming about grapes symbolizes fortune and wealth. Grapes have long been associated…”


Grass – “Without grass, the world would die. Animals feed on the grasses of the world and each…”


Grasshopper – “Grasshoppers have a few significant meanings. As a sign of pestilence…”


Grave – “Graves are a symbol of death and rebirth. If you dream about visiting a cemetery it represents…”


Graveyard – “Graveyards are a symbol of death and rebirth. If you dream about visiting a cemetery…”


Gravity – “The gravity of a dream or a situation in a dream is very important to understanding the severity…”


Greeting Card – “Greeting cards are timeless ways to send happy thoughts and feelings towards those…”


Grenade – “Dreaming about a grenade can be a pretty dramatic ordeal. Grenades are symbols of war…”


Grindstone – “A grindstone is a honing device whether in a dream in in waking life. In a dream, however, a grindstone…”


Groans – “Groans are a dream symbol of frustration or unwillingness to do something. Just as in waking…”


Groceries – “Dreaming of groceries indicates being preoccupied with the basic necessities…”


Groom – “If you dream of a groom at a wedding, this could be an indication of a new relationship…”


Ground – “The ground is a powerful dream symbol. It is the thing in our psyche that supports us…”


Growl – “A growl is a menacing noise that indicates to you that the person or thing facing you in your…”


Guard – “Dreaming of a guard is a symbol of your subconscious protection of yourself. We all have…”


Guest – “If you dream that you are a guest, this is a sign of how you feel you belong in the world. If you are welcomed…”


Guillotine – “A guillotine is a somewhat disturbing dream symbol of violently cutting off parts of your life…”


Guilt - “If you dream of being guilty, this is an obvious dream sign that your conscience is troubling…”


Guitar – “A guitar is a symbol of creativity and releasing your innermost self. The guitar can be a seductive…”


Gum – “Gum is a symbol of futility and empty effort. If you dream of chewing gum, this indicates…”


Gun – “A gun is a symbol of a violent solution to problems. Guns, in your dreams, indicate the final end of an argument…”


Gunpowder - “To dream of gunpowder is a symbol of volatility and unpredictability, with a strong element…”


Gutter – “There are many things that the dream symbol of the gutter can symbolize. The common phrase…”


Gymnasium – “A gymnasium (gym) is a dream symbol of health and fitness. Your subconscious may be telling…”


Gynecologist – “Dreaming of a gynecologist is a symbol of feminine health, and having a doctor take care…”


Gypsy – “A gypsy is a dream symbol of a person who does not belong in “civilized” society. The gypsy is a dream…”

“F” - “Dreaming of the letter F indicates a fear that other people will judge you to be a failure, as with getting an F in school. It may also be an indicator…”


Face - “The face is the part of the body most associated with personal identity. It is where the emotions are shown, and where information is gathered…”


Faceless - “A faceless person or entity in your dream is most likely an archetypal character rather than a real person. It signifies a projection of your…”


Facelift - “To dream of a facelift indicates a desire to transform the way other people see you. This rarely has to do with physical appearance; more likely…”


Failure - “Dreaming of failure indicates a fear that you are not able to accomplish your own goals and aspirations. This is a straightforward dream symbol…”


Fainting - “To dream about fainting is an indication that there is a powerful circumstance or emotion that you do not want to confront. You may be using…”


Fairy - “The exact meaning of your dream symbol of the fairy will change depending on your cultural understanding of fairies. Generally, though, the…”


Fall - “The season of fall or autumn is a symbol of endings, death, and the movement from active energy to latent energy. You may need to take some time…”


Falling - “If you dream that you are falling from a great height, it signifies that you feel you are not in control of your life. It can also indicate a fear that no…”


Family - “This dream symbol is quite complicated, and depends largely on your own relationship with your family. The people in your family often…”


Farm - “Dreaming about a farm reflects a desire for simplicity and self-sufficiency. Perhaps you feel that the circumstances in your life are tenuous…”


Farmer - “To dream about a farmer indicates a desire to get back to nature. For many people who are not in the agricultural industry, the image of the…”


Farsighted - “If you dream that you are able to see clearly into the distance, this is an indication that you are in tune with your spiritual and instinctive…”


Fast Food - “Fast food is associated with ill health and instant gratification. If you dream that you are eating fast food, you are probably sacrificing…”


Fat - “Dreaming about fat may be an indication of a low self-image or body weight issues. This is especially likely if you live in a culture that values…”


Father - “The meaning of your dream about a father depends in large part on your relationship with your own father, father figures in your life, and your…”


Faucet - “Water is a symbol of purification, new beginnings, health and cleanliness. If you dream that you are having problems with a water faucet…”


Fax Machine - “Dreaming about a fax machine, or any other form of communication, is a reflection of the emotions you are having about communicating…”


Fear - “Fear is a powerful emotion, both in dreams and in waking life. If you feel fear in your dreams, you must examine the person or thing that you fear…”


Feather - “Feathers are symbols of lightness, grace and freedom. If you dream that you are holding or carrying a feather, this is an indication of holding…”


Feet - “Feet are a primal dream symbol of stability and self-determination. If you dream that you are walking barefoot, this indicates a fundamental…”


Fence - “A fence is a powerful image of a boundary between you and the other. This can indicate a boundary between you and another person, or the…”


Ferret - “Ferrets are traditionally dream symbols of sneaking, spying and untrustworthiness. If you dream that you own a ferret, then you are connecting…”


Ferris Wheel - “Dreaming that you are on a Ferris wheel can be an indication that your life is going nowhere, possibly because you are pursuing…”


Ferry - “A ferry, as with all forms of transportation, is a symbol of your journey to reach your goals. The ferry is associated with a loss of control, as you…”


Fetus - “Dreaming about a fetus is a sign of positive changes coming in your life. In order to accept these new changes you must be prepared…”


Fever - “If you dream about a fever, this indicates that some part of your life is suffering as from a hidden infection. If you are the one who has the fever….”


Fighting - “Dreams about fighting are indications of how you are dealing with the problems, responsibilities and struggles in your life at this moment. They…”


Film - “Film is a symbol of recording events and memories. If you dream that you are shooting pictures, this is a signal that whatever you are living…”


Finding Something - “If you dream about finding something, this is a sign that you will soon make an important discovery. This may be a missing piece…”


Finger - “The fingers are a powerful symbol in dreams. They are the means by which we accomplish tasks in our lives. The exact significance of this…”


Fingernails - “There is much to be learned from the state of your fingernails in a dream, just as there is in real life. If your fingernails are ragged and dirty…”


Fingerprints - “Fingerprints are quintessentially defining aspects of you. It is a famous fact of life that no two people have the same fingerprints. Dreams…”


Fire - “Fire is a powerful, instinctive symbol. It is a force both for life and destruction, and is deeply engrained in the human psyche from the first…”


Firecracker - “Firecrackers represent celebration and beauty blossoming out of darkness. If you light firecrackers in your dream, this is an indication…”


Fired - “Dreaming of being fired represents a feeling of insecurity and insufficiency. It may be directly related to your job, and anxieties you have…”


Firefighter - “A firefighter is a symbol of aid in time of dire need. This character-symbol is connected to a symbol of destruction, especially…”


Firefly - “Dreaming about fireflies means that you will have an unexpected blessing. This blessing will probably take the form of something quite ordinary…”


Fireman Pole - “A fireman pole represents your preparedness for catastrophe, whether the catastrophe is expected or unexpected. You feel confident…”


Fireplace - “A fireplace is a symbol of archetypal warmth and survival through bitter cold. It symbolizes safety and security from outside dangers. It…”


Fireworks - “Fireworks symbolize flashes of illumination, such as from sudden inspiration. They can also indicate sudden events that seem surprising…”


Fish - “Fish represent hidden rewards for your efforts. They also indicate that great patience is needed to accomplish the goal you are trying to achieve….”


Fisherman - “A fisherman is a symbol of patience and some mystery. He represents the balance between working hard for a livelihood and depending…”


Fishing - “Fishing is a symbol of work whose success is determined largely by luck. If you dream that you are out fishing, then the success of your…”


Fishing Rod - “A fishing rod represents a tool for reaching into your subconscious. This is a fascinating and somewhat surprising symbol, as it is often…”


Fixing Stuff - “To dream that you are fixing or repairing things indicates a desire to rectify aspects of your life that are currently not as they should…”


Flag - “A flag is a symbol of belonging to or identifying with a greater whole. Dreaming of holding a flag signifies that you are personally identified…”


Fleas - “If you dream of fleas, this is an indication of small vices or flaws which are beginning to show their ill effects in your life. These small…”


Flexibility - “There are many sorts of flexibility in dreams. If you dream that you are physically flexible, this is an indication of your confidence in your…”


Flies – “Flies being present in a dream indicate a source of annoyance in your life. Flies are considered…”


Flirting – “Dreaming about flirting with someone indicates that there is a string attraction in your life…”


Floating – “If you dream that you are floating, whether in water or the air, it symbolizes that you are one…”


Flood – “Dreaming about a flood brings with it the fear of drowning. If you felt this fear strongly in your dream…”


Floor – “Floors in your dreams can reveal much in the way of your future, past, or present. If you dream of an earth…”


Flower – “Flowers have always carried with them hidden meanings and symbols. The Amaranth symbolizes immortality…”


Flying – “For traveling by conventional airplane, see airplane or airport. If you have a dream about flying like…”


Fog – “Fog represents a lack of sight. This lack of sight might be physical, emotional, or spiritual. It is up to the…”


Food – “Food is generally not an important sign in dreams. However, it can sometimes be extremely…”


Food Poisoning – “Dreaming about food poisoning is a sign that something in your life is wrong…”


Food Processor – “Dreaming about a food processor is indicative of one of several possibilities. Food processors…”


Football – “Dreaming about American Football indicates that you are about to suffer trials and tribulations…”


Foreign Language – “Dreaming in a foreign language is commonly believe to indicate that you are well…”


Foreigner – “Dreaming of foreigners symbolizes great differences between you and someone else…”


Forest – “The forest is a deeply primal symbol of life and abundance. It is also deep, dark, and mysterious…”


Forgetting – “Dreaming about forgetting symbolizes detachment and peace in life. While we may worry about…”


Forgiving – “Forgiving is believed not to include the forgetting of past acts against you. But if this…”


Fork – “Forks are relatively unimportant to dreams unless they are presented in such a way as to make them important…”


Fork in the Road – “Dreaming about a fork in the road is an obvious sign. It means that you have choices…”


Fortune Telling – “Dreaming about fortune telling is a very strong, very powerful dream. You should pay close…”


Fossils – “Fossils are representations of the ancient past. If you dream about fossils it could mean…”


Fountain – “Fountains are symbols of wealth and plenty. If you dream about a fountain it means that you are…”


Four-leaf Clover – “Four-leaf clovers are a commonly known good omen, especially to westerners. If you dream…”


Free Stuff – “Receiving free stuff in a dream is a sign of good fortune and gifts coming your way…”


Freezer - “Dreaming about a freezer is a symbol of cold and preservation. Depending on what you see in the freezer…”


Friend – “Dreaming about a friend is a very positive omen. If, of course, that friend meets misfortune…”


Frog - “Dreaming about a frog could mean many different things. If you dream about being turned into a frog…”


Fruit – “Dreaming about fruit can mean many different things depending upon what kind of fruit…”


Full – “Full is a very particular word to dream about. You might dream about a full moon, in which…”


Funeral - “Dreaming about a funeral in a dream is representative of something that is about to be lost…”


Furnace – “The furnace represents heat, change, and purification. If you dream about a furnace it is very important…”


Furniture – “Dreaming about furniture, just like so many of these terms is dependent upon…”


Future – “Dreaming about the future is the trickiest type of dream possible. If you ever truly dreamt…”

“E” - “The meaning of the dream symbol for the letter E is a highly personal matter. It may represent a person whose name begins with the letter E, or it…”


Ear - “The ear is a symbol of communication and understanding. If you dream that your ears hurt, this indicates difficulty in communicating with…”


Earthquake - “An earthquake is a disturbing symbol in a dream, denoting life changes that may be catastrophic. It represents very physical things…”


Earwig - “Dreaming of having an earwig in your ear indicates a deep feeling of violation related to communication. Perhaps someone repeated something…”


Easter - “The meaning of your dream about Easter depends largely on your own feelings and experiences with this holiday. In general, Easter represents…”


Eating - “To understand your dream about eating, you must take into account the food you dream about eating. If you dream about eating root vegetables…”


Echo - “To dream of an echo represents a frustration in communication. Perhaps you feel that you have to repeat yourself over and over again to be…”


Eclipse - “An eclipse represents a moment of darkness and doubt. You may foresee a failure in your business or personal life. For the moment, there are no…”


Ecstasy - “Ecstasy in dreams is a powerful emotion, just as it is in waking life. This dream may give insight into questions you have been having, especially…”


Egg - “Eggs are symbols of new life. As dream symbols, they represent latent potential and the promise of new beginnings. If you dream of finding eggs, it…”


Elbow - “Elbows are often associated with pain or awkwardness. Elbows are useful for carving out personal space in a crowd, and seeing your elbow…”


Election - “If you dream that you are elected, then you either feel or desire the approval of others. You probably feel you have the approval of others…”


Electric Guitar - “Dreaming about an electric guitar is a positive symbol of your confidence and ability to make yourself heard and understood. It signifies…”


Electrocution - “Electricity is a dream symbol of energy and power. It can be a very positive symbol, but the dream about electrocution is a danger…”


Elephant - “An elephant is a symbol of patience and memory. It can be an indication that you need to slow down and contemplate a future plan of action…”


Elevator - “An elevator ascending symbolizes a rise in status, power, or financial security. This is an inspiring and exhilarating dream symbol…”


Elope - “Dreaming of elopement signifies taking control of your life, sometimes at the expense of other peoples’ good opinion. Perhaps you have been trying…”


Email - “To dream of email indicates a certain level of anxiety connected with communication. Rather than a warm and personal communication such…”


Embarrassment - “Embarrassment in dreams, as in waking life, is a powerful and uncomfortable emotion. The significance of this symbol depends…”


Emotional - “While dreaming, the subconscious is able to speak freely, as it were, without the filtering voice of the conscious mind. It is therefore…”


Emptiness - “This dream’s meaning depends on what in the dream is empty. An empty vessel that you expected to be full of liquid denotes loss…”


End - “To dream of the end of a road signifies that your current path, or a path you are contemplating, will lead to a dead end. This symbol may also…”


Enemy - “A faceless or anonymous enemy in your dream symbolizes a threat to your goals, your ability to reach your goals, or your identity. The…”


Engine - “An engine of a car symbolizes the energy and power with which you move toward your goals. If your engine is failing in your dream, this…”


Epidemic - “An epidemic denotes a widespread threat to the stability of your life. It can indicate a feeling of insecurity in a relationship, or worries about…”


Erection -An erection is a symbol of creative male energy. It is also a highly sensual sign. Dreaming that you have an erection denotes the instinct to…”


Escalator -Dreaming of an escalator signifies motion between different states of mind, or different states of circumstances. If you are traveling upward…”


Escape - “To dream of escape indicates dissatisfaction or fear associated with your current circumstances. Perhaps you feel trapped by a circumstance…”


Espresso - “The meaning of a dream about espresso varies depending on your own feelings and experiences with the drink. In general, dreaming…”


Evacuation - “If you dream that you are evacuated, this signifies some need to be removed from your comfort zone. It could be an indication of loss, and…”


Eviction - “A dream about eviction represents a powerful rejection. The person who rejects you in this dream is someone you ought to be able to trust…”


Evil - “If you dream about something or someone evil, this indicates something taboo that you fear to address within yourself. Perhaps this is something…”


Ex - “To dream about your ex is an indication that you need to examine your current life in light of events that have happened in your past. Perhaps you have…”


Exercise - “Exercise is a symbol of health and active energy. To dream about exercise may mean that you have the strength and tools you need to…”


Exhibition - “To dream that you are viewing an exhibition can be an indication of discovery and gaining wisdom. It can be an indication that you are…”


Exit - “Dreaming of an exit is an indication of escaping from the current circumstances. If you dream that you are looking for an exit and cannot find…”


Explosion - “An explosion can be a powerfully positive or negative symbol. It always symbolizes destruction, so the value placed on the symbol…”


Eyeglass - “Dreaming of eyeglasses signifies a need for clarity about a subject. It can indicate frustration at not understanding something, or a feeling…”


Eyes - “Eyes are a symbol of understanding and knowledge. If you dream of opening your eyes, this is a symbol of awakening to a new depth of…”

“D” - “The letter D may represent a fear of failure or inadequacy, as when you receive a “D” for a grade in school. It could also represent…”


Daffodil - “Daffodils are a symbol of spring and new life. Yellow daffodils represent the male aspect of spring and the sexual desires of mating…”


Daisy - “The daisy represents not only fecundity, but also felicity. Daisies placed in your hair carry with them the symbol of true love and…”


Dancing - “Dancing invariably symbolizes happiness and freedom from all cares. If you are the one dancing it means that there is true joy…”


Dandelion - “Dandelions are specifically associated with hopes and wishes and also persistence. To dream about dandelions reflects optimism…”


Dandruff - “Dandruff is a symbol of introverted self-deprecation and low self-esteem. If you dream about dandruff, you are probably stressed…”


Danger - “Encountering danger or being placed in dangerous situations in your dreams is a warning that you have recently made a choice…”


Dangerous Person - “Dreaming about a dangerous person indicates that you are insecure in some aspect of your life and that you desire to…”


Darkness - “Darkness, far from representing evil or negative things, really represents fear and secrets that are following you throughout…”


Darts and Dartboards - “Dart are symbols of harsh words or arguments that are haunting your thoughts and making it difficult to move…”


Dating - “Dreaming about dating symbolizes your readiness for starting new relationships and moving past a current or recent lover. Alternatively…”


Daughter - “Dreaming on the theme of daughter may not have anything to do with your own daughter, or your mother and father, if you are…”


Dead Animal - “Dreaming about a dead animal is representative of something that has become ruined in your life: a job, a relationship, an…”


Dead Body - “Seeing a dead body in your dreams indicates poor health or the onset of a serious illness in yourself or someone close to you….”


Dead End - “Dreaming about a dead end means that you have taken a path in your waking life that will stymie your growth and potential…”


Deaf - “Dreaming about being death is allegorical to problems in communication in your relationships to others. It can mean that you are…”


Debit Card - “Dreaming of a debit card can mean several things. It might mean that you are financially insecure. More often, it means that this…”


Debts - “Dreaming about debts is always troubling. This dream is often indicative of any financial burdens that you feel are very pressing in…”



For debit, see Debit Card.


Decadence - “Dreaming about decadent things is a call that you should take some private time or even a furlough to focus just on yourself. This…”


Decapitation - “Decapitation of yourself in a dream symbolizes that you are being kept from doing great things. This is a warning to be wary…”


Deer - “Dreaming of deer represents the presence of true nobility in your life either in the form of noble actions or noble intentions. You should…”


Dementia - “Dreaming about dementia indicates intellectual dissonance in your life or in the life of someone very close to you. For this…”


Demons - “Dreaming of demons is a serious and dangerous sign of nefarious forces at work in your life. You have attracted the attention of very…”


Dentist - “Dreaming about a dentist is associated with a fear of making a major decision in your life. Dentists work on the most vital and…”


Deprivation - “Deprivation symbolizes self-denial of something in your life. You are denying yourself too much and need to allow yourself to…”


Desert - “Dreaming about a desert represents a lack of nourishing ideas and energy in your life. It is time to focus on creativity, even if it is…”


Dessert - “Dessert is one of the most potent symbols of indulgence in our life. Dreaming about it might mean that we are over or…”


Destruction - “Destruction is a primal instinct in our life and is a very positive omen. It is often hard to accept the destructive forces in your…”


Detective - “The detective is a symbol of secrets that are being kept from you by someone close. It is your decision whether or not to probe into…”


Detour - “The detour is a symbol of exactly that. It represents an upcoming detour in your life. Detours are often unpleasant in that they keep…”


Devil - “The Devil is a sign of your own negative moral judgment. It is important to understand that the devil is not an evil sign, but rather your…”


Diamond - “The diamond is a symbol or eternity, purity, and clarity. Seeing this jewel in your dream is a wonderful sign of good fortune. It is…”


Diet - “Dreaming about being on a diet is an indicator of negative self-image. It is important to have a healthy self-image, and to accept…”


Digging - “Dreaming about digging a hole is a symbol of having made a mistake in a relationship, often in the form of keeping a secret…”


Dinner - “Dreaming about having dinner is usually a sign of major energy flows in your relationship with those around you. If you dream…”


Dirt - “Dirt is a powerful messenger of guilt in your life whether it is someone else’s guilt or your own is determined by how the dirt was…”


Disappearing - “The disappearance of anything in a dream means that you will soon lose what that object represents in your life. The loss…”


Disappointment - “Dreaming about disappointment in you by someone else represents your struggle to accomplish great things and the…”


Disaster - “Dreaming about a disaster is almost always a precognition about something that is heading your way in the near future…”


Disease - “Dreaming about disease is a natural response to fears for health in either yourself or loved ones. It can sometimes indicate that you…”


Disguise - “Disguises can represent secrets and hidden agendas, but most often they also represent inhibitions in you and others around…”


Dishes - “Dishes in your dreams can have different connotations depending on what is happening to them. If dishes are being broken, it is a sign…”


Diving - “Dreaming of diving symbolizes control and proficiency in activities that you are currently partaking in. It also is meant to encourage…”


Divorce - “Dreaming of divorce, other than the obvious meaning of being unhappy in a relationship, also can mean that you are in a situation…”


Doctor - “To dream of a doctor indicates that you feel you need advice about some aspect in your life. Perhaps you feel the need for a mentor…”


Doll - “A doll symbolizes falsehood or failure in a relationship, or a fear thereof. It is an indication that you are frustrated at trying to make…”


Dolphin - “The dolphin symbolizes good tidings, freedom and immortality. If you dream that you are swimming among dolphins, this…”


Door - “The door is a powerful archetypal dream symbol. It indicates possibilities and potential paths. To dream that a door is open is…”


Doughnuts – “Doughnuts are just a pastry and represent little to nothing. Pastries as a whole are symbols…”


Dove – “The dove is a Christian symbol of the third member of the trinity, the spirit. Though its actual…”


Dragon – “Dragons are harbingers of every sort of fortune. Not only do dragons bring intangible…”


Drain – “There are many types of drain. If you dream about a literal drain, such as the drain in your sink…”


Drawing – “If you dream about drawing a picture it is a symbol of your creativity. Now is a great…”


Drinking – “The importance of drinking in your dreams comes down to the situation…”


Driving – “Driving in a dream is a symbol of control over your surroundings. You may dream about…”


Dropping – “Dreaming about dropping something symbolizes the need or danger of losing…”


Drought – “Dreaming about a drought is a serious portent. It always indicates a negative thing…”


Drowning – “If you dream that you are drowning it is a symbol that you are too deeply into a relationship…”


Drugs – “Dreaming about drugs is a sign of addiction. Even though you may not partake of any sort of drug…”


Drum – “Drums can be great symbols of war, joy, praise, or worship to the gods. Depending on the other…”


Drunk – “Dreaming about being drunk or seeing a drunk person is symbolic of not seeing or thinking…”


Duck – “Dreaming about a duck is typically a sign of good fortune to come. Ducks are considered one…”


Dynamite – “Dreaming about dynamite can have several meanings. If you dream about having dynamite…”

“C” - “Dreaming about the letter C may represent a feeling of inadequacy or being labeled as simply “average,” as when you receive the letter grade…”


Cab - “Dreaming of hailing a cab signifies that you must ask others for help in order to achieve your goals. The difficulty or ease with which…”


Cage - “Dreaming about a cage indicates that you feel trapped and at the mercy of others. If there is an audience around your cage, then this…”


Camera - “A camera is a dream symbol of preservation. It often accompanies a feeling of nostalgia, especially when the thing you wish to preserve…”


Cancer - “A dream about cancer is hardly ever an indication that you have physical cancer. Usually it reflects an emotional toxin that is eating…”


Car - “A car is a symbol of your ability to act for yourself and accomplish your goals. The car in your dream also symbolizes the amount of control…”


Car Accident - “A car accident represents an unforeseen obstacle or danger. Much of this symbol depends on the details of the crash. If you…”


Cat - “The cat represents femininity, spirituality and instinct. If you dream that a cat is clawing you and demanding your attention, then you need…”


Ceiling - “A ceiling often represents protection and security from outside dangers. If the ceiling is complete and in good repair, it indicates…”


Cemetery - “A cemetery represents the fear of death. This may be a physical death, or it may be an emotional loss for which you need to…”


Chair - “The meaning of this symbol depends on the type of chair in your dream. A hard, high-backed chair signifies confinement and discomfort…”


Cheating - “To dream about cheating indicates a fear of betrayal, either that someone else will betray you or you will betray someone…”


Credit Card - “Dreaming about a credit card symbolizes a feeling of freedom to do or acquire the things you need to achieve your goals. It can…”


Credit - “To dream about monetary credit indicates a desire to borrow on the future and postpone the responsibilities connected to the things…”

“B” - “The letter B can indicate many things in a dream. It might represent a person that you know whose name starts with a B. It may also…”


Baby Carriage - “The baby carriage represents a positive change in the future. It reflects an increase in responsibility. You may have a serious…”


Bachelor - “The bachelor represents freedom in relationships. Dreaming of the Bachelor may indicate that you feel chained to a current…”


Back (Going Back) - “Dreaming about going back, even if it is not clear what you are going back to, can be very powerful. It represents…”


Back Turned - “This is perhaps one of the most unsettling visions that we can receive in a dream. However, depending on who has their…”


Back (Lying On Back) - “Dreaming about lying on your back can always be interpreted as being vulnerable. However, the tone of the rest…”


Backpack (School) - “The School Backpack represents the institution that surrounds you. The institution may be a school, a corporation, a…”


Backpack (Hiking)- “The hiking pack represents a long arduous journey of self-discovery. It indicates an unfulfilled wish to be self-sufficient and to…”


Backseat - “Having a dream of yourself sitting in the backseat of a car represents a loss of direction or control in your life. If you have a dream…”


Backward (Walking backward) - “Dreaming about walking or falling backward is a strong archetype that indicates fear and loss of control…”


Bad Feeling - “Having a bad feeling in a dream is very common and can be clearly interpreted. Bad feelings are usually exactly what they…”


Bad (Doing something bad) - “Having a dream about doing something bad symbolizes your guilt about something in your waking…”


Bag - “Bags of all types are a symbol of carrying something that is normally difficult to carry. In our dreams this may translate into carrying…”


Baggage - “Baggage presents to our dreams a way of representing life-altering changes. Alternatively, baggage may simply indicate an…”


Bait - “Bait, or fishing tackle, in your dream is an omen of positive things in your future. Fishing in general represents a hope in things to…”


Balcony - “The balcony is a place used to view things that are a far way away. Similarly, in your dreams they symbolize a way to see events that…”


Baldness - “Baldness indicates a sense of honor or impotence. If the baldness is seen in a mirror, it represents impotence. If the baldness is…”


Ball (Dancing) - “Going to a ball in your dreams is indicative of a wish or desire being fulfilled in your everyday life. It commonly is associated…”


Ball (Toy) - “The ball represents hardships and trials. Depending on what is happening to the ball will help to determine what its relation to you…”


Balloon - “The balloon represents high spirits and hope. If the balloon is anchored, it means that happiness is present in your life. If the balloon…”


Bananas - “Bananas are a phallic symbol in our dreams and represent playful sexual encounters. These are positive indicators of sex. If you…”


Bank - “Banks represent everything to do with the financial aspect of your life. Depending on the surrounding theme of your dream, the bank…”


Bankrupt - “Dreaming about being bankrupt is not always indicative of monetary issues. Oftentimes, bankruptcy is representative of ethical…”


Basement - “Dreaming of a basement indicates that you feel trapped inside the extenuating circumstances of your present career. Looking for…”


Bathroom - “Bathrooms represent privacy and thoughtfulness. Dreaming about being in a bathroom often means that your mind is asking for…”


Bats (Baseball Bats) - “Baseball bats are a symbol of violence and fear. If you dream about a baseball bat, it indicates that some sort of…”


Bats (Animal) - “Bats are a symbol of shadow and night. They are an emissary of negative portents. They do not represent evil in particular, just…”


Beach (Sand on Beach) - “The beach represents tranquility. Sand on a beach represents the infiniteness of our blessings and memories. If you…”


Bedroom - “The bedroom represents peace, privacy and unbridled sexuality. The comfort and peace that you can only find in your bedroom…”


Bees - “Bees are a strong sexual symbol that represents masculine virility. Dreaming of bees indicates intense sexual tension in your…”


Berries - “Berries indicate happiness and bounty. Dreaming of berries is often a sign of many small blessings to come in the near…”


Birds - “Birds can indicate several different things. If your dream is about brightly colored birds, it represents female fertility or sexuality…”


Bites - “Bites, whether from insects, reptiles, spiders, or other animals such as dogs or cats or squirrels, always indicates fear…”


Blood - “Blood is deeply archetypal symbol of life. Spilling blood is an omen of death in your future. Dreaming of blood inside veins is a sign…”


Border - “Borders represent rules and regulations that we feel are out of our control. If you dream about crossing a border, it is a symbol…”


Box - “Boxes are symbols of restraint or secrets. If you dream of yourself trapped in a box, it indicates that you do not feel like you have…”


Bra - “Bras are a very sexist symbol. They represent the constriction of society on females. If you dream about putting a bra on, it means that…”


Brakes - “Dreaming of the sound of screeching brakes or pushing hard on the brakes in a vehicle is a powerful omen that you need to stop…”


Breaking - “Dreaming of something breaking can be very specific of several things. If you dream of a mirror being broken it is a symbol…”


Breaking Up - “Dreaming about breaking up, when you are the one who initiates it, is almost always a sign that you should end a relationship…”


Breasts - “Breasts are a symbol of fertility and motherhood. They are also a sexual symbol. If you dream of breasts, whether yours or another’s…”


Bridge - “Bridges are symbols of crossing obstacles. Dreaming about crossing a bridge represents that you will overcome a difficult situation…”


Building - “Buildings are symbols of protection and constraint. If you dream about being lost in a building, it is a sign that you feel trapped…”


Buried Alive - “Dreaming about being buried alive is very frightening and is a warning that all of the things in your life that are causing…”


Bus - “Dreaming about a bus represents a long patience-trying journey. You are currently or will soon encounter a situation that requires…”

“A” - “The letter “A” in a dream represents beginnings, and a solid foundation for an endeavor. It also represents something which is excellent….”


Abbey - “An abbey represents spirituality in the dreamer. It also represents a haven or cloister, and a desire to shelter oneself from the dangers….”


Abdomen - “Your abdomen represents your subconscious and deep feelings. The emotions connected to your abdomen in your dream can give…”


Abduction - “Dreams about abduction indicate a fear or a feeling that circumstances in your life are being controlled or manipulated by….”


Abnormal - “Dreams often include abnormal or fantastical elements. It is important to notice exactly what elements in your dream are…”


Aborigine - “An aborigine in a dream represents instincts. It also represents freedom from societal constraints. It could indicate a desire for the…”


Abortion - “To dream of an abortion means that you are resistant to some change in your life. This dream symbol includes undertones of….”


Above - “The physical placement of items in dreams is essential to understanding the symbolism of the dream. If an item is above another…”


Abscess - “An abscess indicates that there is something harmful in your life which is growing more dangerous as it remains hidden and…”


Absent - “It is unusual to notice that something is absent in a dream. The dream-state suspension of disbelief is responsible for making…”


Absorb - “Absorption is a state of receptivity to the influences surrounding one. This can be either positive or negative, depending on…”


Abstinence - “There are a multitude of things that can be abstained from in dreams. To abstain from food could indicate an ascetic tendency…”


Abundance - “To dream about abundance is an auspicious sign. It indicates that you are comfortable and confident in your present situation…”


Abuse - “If you dream that you are being abused, then this dream can give you an insight into a dangerous or toxic relationship which you…”


Abyss - “An abyss represents the unknown, and the subconscious. It could represent a circumstance in your life, or a choice you have to…”


Academy – “To dream of an academy indicates a feeling of inadequacy. The position of being a student indicates that you feel a lack of…”


Accelerator - “Dreaming about an accelerator on a car indicates a feeling of power. You feel that you are capable of travelling where you…”


Accent - “To dream about speaking in an accent indicates that you are not confident that you can make your thoughts understood. If you…”


Acceptance - “We often dream about abstract themes that are especially prominent in our lives. To dream about acceptance means that…”


Accident - “If you dream that you cause an accident, then you fear losing control of your actions or the consequences of your actions. You fear…”


Accomplice - “An accomplice in a dream is someone you can trust completely. You believe in their will to go along with you, and usually…”


Accordion - “The symbolism of the accordion varies depending on the role the accordion plays in your own popular culture. It can represent a…”


Accountant - “Dreaming about an accountant, or about being an accountant, reveals some desire or impulse for order and organization in…”


Accounts - “Accounts in a dream represent the sense of order or control you have over your life. If you dream that you are creating accounts…”


Accuse - “A dream about accusation is often a sign of the dreamer accusing him or herself of a particular fault. The accuser in the dream…”


Acid - “Acid is a corrosive substance, and in a dream it indicates a fear or feeling that something is eating away at you. It could indicate…”


Acorn - “An acorn in a dream is a symbol of potential and latent promise. If you dream about an acorn falling to the ground, then some event…”


Acquit - “To dream of acquitting or being acquitted of a crime is an indication of your acceptance of an event in your life that you once…”


Acrobats - “Acrobats in your dreams are a symbol of the way you feel about your ability to handle the circumstances in your life. You might…”


Address - “To dream about an address indicates a need to orient yourself. If you dream about the address of a place where you used to live…”


Acting - “If you are acting, or playing a part, in your dream, this is an indication that you are not being true to your genuine self in your…”


Actor/Actress - “If you are an actor or an actress in your dream, then you are pretending something in your life and hiding your true…”


Acupuncture - “Acupuncture is a holistic form of medicine that focuses on achieving and preserving health more than on treating disease…”


Adder Snake - “An adder or snake is a dream symbol of a person who is untrustworthy. Likely this is a person who is in a close or influential…”


Addict - “If you dream that you are an addict, it signifies that you have lost control over an aspect or circumstance in your life, and are instead…”


Addiction - “An addiction in a dream is a symbol of something that you feel dependent on to accomplish your basic goals. This dream is an…”


Admiral - “If you dream that you are an admiral, this is an indication that you feel in control of your life, and in authority over other people…”


Admiring - “Admiration is a straightforward dream symbol that usually just means what it looks like. If you admire someone else, this is…”


Adopted - “The significance of this dream depends largely on the emotion connected to the symbol. If the emotion is negative, then an…”


Adultery - “A dream about adultery is an indication of betrayal or insecurity in a relationship. It could also indicate a fear that you are not…”


Advancement - “Physical advancement in a dream, such as traveling on a journey or taking steps forward, indicates working toward a goal…”


Advertisement - “If you dream that you are placing an advertisement, it means that you will need to work outside your comfort limit to…”


Advice - “Advice in a dream is a very powerful element. The speaker may take the form of various sages in your life, or it may even be you…”


Aerosol - “To dream of an aerosol can indicates feelings that are under pressure and volatile. Perhaps you are carrying a lot of stress and have…”


Affection - “A dream about affection indicates that you have a healthy image about yourself, and probably a strong relationship with someone…”


Afraid - “Being afraid in a dream means that something in your life is controlling you or has power over you. The exact meaning of this…”


Affliction - “Dreaming about a physical affliction or illness signifies that something is preventing you from accomplishing the things you…”


African - “The meaning of your dream about an African depends largely on your own identity and worldview. It may reveal thoughts or…”


Agate – “Agate is a symbol of strength and protection especially against bad dreams. If you dream about agate it is a…”


Age – “Dreaming about age can be a very important portent to your life. However that does not mean that dreaming about age…”


Aggression – “Dreaming about aggression is very common. Whether you dream that you are attacking…”


Agony – “Dreaming about agony can be divided into two clear types. Either the agony is experienced…”


Agoraphobia – “Wikipedia defines agoraphobia as an anxiety disorder characterized by anxiety…”


AIDS – “AIDS for most people represents an irrational fear of the unknown and almost certain…”


Aim – “Dreaming about aiming is representative of reaching a goal. If you dream about aiming…”


Air – “Air is one of the four sacred elements of nature. The other three are water, fire, and earth. To dream…”


Air Conditioner – “Air Conditioners are a symbol of wealth and status. In a world where most first…”


Airport – “Airports are symbolic of travel and distant destinations. To dream about being inside of an…”


Airplane – “Dreaming about flying in an airplane, while being a symbol of travel, is much more than…”