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According to Carl Jung’s version of dream analysis, a house often symbolizes one’s psyche or self. The layout and condition of the house are analogue for the condition of one’s identity. What is the state of your house in your dream? It is a brand new, shiny, well-kept, modern house? Or is it or old and dilapidated? If your house represents you, how you see the house in your dream describes how you see yourself.

A house needs attention. It must be adequately maintained and kept in order for it to function well.  A house that falls into disrepair is usually one that doesn’t get the attention necessary or is abused by its inhabitants. There is a house in every town that has been abandoned.  Because of the lack of attention, it begins to disintegrate.  The life has left the house, so to speak. It is interesting, because other houses in the same area may have had not much more maintenance on them than the abandoned house.  But, because no one is living there or paying attention to it, it begins to break down very rapidly.  In our dreams, a house that is abandoned symbolizes that we feel lost and unimportant.

All manner of problems in a house indicate issues related to our feelings of well-being. The colors of the house tend to amplify or diminish this.  In theory, a house should be our solace, our safe place, the place where we feel at home. When the house is not welcoming or warm, this directly impacts our emotions.  A leaky roof would indicate depression.  Water running off the roof signifies tears or crying.  A house with holes in the walls would indicate a lack of self-esteem.  A house whose structure is unsound or damaged throughout could indicate exposure to abuse of some sort, either physical or emotional. Neglect is also a type of abuse. Depending on whether or not you dream of your childhood home or your current house, this would represent whether the mistreatment is in the past or present.

When you dream of a house, standing alone with nothing else around it, this indicates feelings of isolation. A house with no electricity or where the water has been turned off indicates of feelings of helplessness. A house where the pipes are clogged indicates difficulties in expressing feelings and emotions. A house on fire would indicate internal anger. A cold and drafty house would indicate loneliness or the feeling of not being accepted by others.

A small or cramped house indicates that you are uncomfortable in your current life.  A large spacious house means that you feel free and are satisfied emotionally. A messy or cluttered house represents that you have many unresolved issues that need to be dealt with or symbolically cleaned out. To dream you are cleaning means you are working on issues. To dream that you are making a mess tells that you are creating problems for yourself that will need your attention. A clean house indicates you face your problems head on and are well balanced emotionally.

The house in which we live depends on many things, proximity to a job, what we can afford, our likes and dislikes. The idea of a dream house speaks to our ideal state of being. To dream of finding your dream house means that you are happy with yourself and with your life. To dream that you are searching for your dream home means you are trying to build the life you want.

Hands in our dreams represent both the creative and destructive force.  Depending on what your hands are doing, it can also highlight an unspoken or unconscious desire.

Mythology and literature often represent the right hand as the hand of creation, and conversely the left as the destroyer. According to the Bible and many other religious texts, God created man with his right hand. With the left, he would smite his enemies. These two opposing forces create balance within the universe.

Your hands can work in tandem or apart.  Each hand can handle a different task.  Much like a piano player whose left hand plays rhythm and the baseline while his right hand at the same time plays the melody. The result is one song as heard by the listener.  If your hands stand out as a dream symbol, it is important to notice what each hand is doing. Is it your right hand, left hand or both hands?

The phrase “one hand doesn’t know what the other is doing” refers to miscommunication usually within an organization that leads to confusion or an ineffective company. By not working together the company in effect, unknowingly works against its best interest, usually to its own detriment.  To dream your hands are working in opposition to each other indicates you actually are undermining or sabotaging with your lack of commitment, preparedness or fear, that what you wish to create.

The condition and strength of your hands in a dream is important. This speaks to the quality of what you are able to create. Strong hands build strong creations. Frail, weak hands result in your creations being faulty and unstable.

If you dream you are using your hands to smash or break something this would indicate that you have the desire to rid your life of something, perhaps a situation or relationship.  Sometimes this can be the hidden wish or unspoken desire.  As an example, if you dream of your hands smashing against your desk at your place of employment, this would indicate a deep seeded dissatisfaction with your job or your employer. You may desire to leave your job. Maybe you didn’t’ truly understand how unfulfilled you felt. The action of your hands in the dream was motivated by an unconscious desire. The same would hold true for a relationship where you found your hands striking out against or destroying an object that belonged to another person.  This would mean that deep down inside you wanted to end the relationship with the person’s whose object you were destroying.  Conversely, hands can be symbols of nurturing and protection. Holding onto an object of someone you care about, means that you want your relationship to grow and are willing to pay attention necessary to insure your success. Holding on to an object obsessively means that you want to control another person or situation. This may also indicate, “being clingy” in a relationship.

When your hands ache or you feel pain in your hands, what you are attempting to build will be accompanied by difficulties or sacrifice. What is the intensity of the pain? Is it light or excruciating? Are your hands bleeding?  The opposite, interestingly, refers to that which is destroyed by your own hands. This can refer self-sabotage or  an undermining of your own efforts. Even though you thought you wanted to build something, you destroy it. This can again indicate an unconscious desire to be freed from a responsibility you no longer want.

Hair is vitally personal to children. They weep vigorously when it is cut for the first time; no matter how it grows, bushy, straight or curly, they feel they are being shorn of a part of their personality.” Charlie Chaplin

In dreams at least, the children are correct. Hair is related to an aspect of our personality.  It is connected to our self-confidence. If we feel good in our physical body, our outlook is positive.  We are ready to take on the world.  If we are not pleased with our appearance, some find it very difficult to face the day.  Think of the times when someone comes your door or invites you out before you are ready. “My hair isn’t done yet. I can’t go out now.” You may not even open the door and only peek your nose around, so as not to be seen.

In life, we spend a great deal of time and money on the maintenance and upkeep of our hair.  Why is this? Because, we know or more importantly, we believe that we are judged by our appearance. We put a lot of our value in outer beauty. Before others will see us for whom we truly we are on the inside, the outside is the what is seen first.  The hair, being placed on the top of the heads, would by hierarchical designation, make it the first thing we worry about when it comes to our how we look.

Think of the anguish and tears that come after an unfortunate trip to the hairdresser which  results in your hair being cut too short, a bad die job or even worse a failed perm. Once the damage is done, you simply have to live with the results.  Men sometimes become reluctantly resigned to the loss of their hair as they go bald. For many, it remains a sensitive topic. Like the children Chaplin describes, it may affect your confidence with lasting consequences.

When you dream your hair is dirty, this represents that you feel unworthy or feel that you are being judged. To dream of washing your hair means you feel in control of your life. To dream about getting a haircut means that you are confident about letting things go from your waking life. If you are not happy with the outcome, it means that you feel that you have lost some of your self worth or have had your personal power taken. In this case, it would be interesting to know who did the cutting. Like Samson, whose strength was in his long hair, it would be valuable to know the identity of your dream Delilah.

To dream that your hair is growing, means your confidence is growing. If your hair is growing uncontrollably or your hair is very long, you may be prideful and possibly arrogant. To dream that your hair is falling out means that you are losing confidence or feel defeated either personally or in a certain situation in life. To dream hair is growing in strange places means that you feel under attack in some way personally or that you have lost control of a situation.

Our own inner-judge is much harsher than the world will ever be. Ironically, we believe our hair matters, but even though you may anguish with a bad-hair day, most people never even notice. They are too busy dealing with their own hair issues.

Dreams are the games our subconscious plays in order to give us the tools we need to succeed in our waking life.  Games come in many shapes and sizes. There are video games, sports games, board games, word games, arcade games, games of this and games of that. In life there are political games, emotional games. Some are positive, some negative. The term “games” is synonymous with the word challenge. It also can imply paradoxically manipulation.

Games are usually played or participated in as an outlet for fun, to teach us skills, or as contest whose outcome has a victor. In other words, most games are played to be won. As they say, ‘you gotta be in it to win it” and you should “play hard or go home”.  However, people can be competitive to a fault. Some will stop at nothing to win. You have to ask yourself if something is really worth winning.

The games we play in life are the manner in which we approach at situation or relationship usually involving another human being. How we play these games, or, how we manipulate the situation to our favor says much about the nature of a person we are.  The higher the stakes, the more manipulative or competitive the games can become. Emotional games are looked down upon especially when played to the detriment of a love relationship. Some people are negatively termed “players”. This implies they play games with people emotions in order to get what they want, with little regard to who will be hurt in the process.  “She played games with his mind”, relates to this.  Or, the realization that comes after someone has been misled or lied to, “Everything was just a big game to you, wasn’t it!”

Animals and humans often play games as a way to learn and practice physical and mental skills that later can be used in a real world context. Animals rough house in order to learn fighting. A child may play spelling games in order to help reading skills. Any manner of games can teach us a wide variety of things. The fact that games are fun, makes learning new skills that much easier.

In dreams all of these aspects should be considered. What is the manner of the games you are playing? Are you winning or losing?  Are you playing fair or cheating? Do you want to win at all costs? Are you playing alone or with another person? Think of this in terms of your real life scenarios.

In the series Star Trek, the lead character James. T. Kirk was faced with playing a simulated computer game that was impossible to win. After losing the game twice, he reprogrammed the game and on the third attempt, he won. Some accused him of cheating. Kirk being Kirk stated that he simply didn’t believe in a no-win scenario. Instead of being punished, he was commended for having “original thinking”. The old saying goes, ‘it doesn’t matter if you win or lose, but how you play the game”. Kirk would say, “I don’t like to lose”.

Food in a dream represents an endeavor you are considering undertaking or one you have already begun. This can be a job, relationship or significant event.

Food is nourishment to our bodies. We must ingest food by eating it. Junk food, on the other hand, while enjoyable may not offer any nutritional value and may simply be empty calories. In dream terms, junk food could be a project done just for fun, without any strings. More negatively, it may prove not worth your time.  When you eat, you take the food into your body.  It becomes part of you. Food can make you happy or can make you sick. Think about food poisoning. This is the same when you embark on a new endeavor. You choose what you consume. “Choice” is the operative word here. It is your choice to take something “onto your plate”, so to speak.

Food has a cycle, from farm to table. It must first be grown, harvested, or bought. It is then prepared by cleaning, cutting, peeling and cooking.  Then of course, the food is eaten. This may seem an arduous explanation. But remember, food presents a project, idea or choice of some sort. The quality of the food refers to the level or potential benefit of success.  The attention to detail in the preparation represents the amount of work and care necessary to make the endeavor successful. If you are dreaming about different foods, it means there are different possibilities or different choices about what you may do. How appetizing is the food? This tells of your level of motivation while working on the project. How does it taste? This is how much pleasure you will derive from the work.

Cooking for someone else or sharing food at your proverbial table with other people means that others are involved with your project. The level of enjoyment during the meal, relates to the harmony of your relationship with the other person or people. This can be a colleague, friend or a lover. To dream you are being forced to eat food would represent someone overriding your free will, taking liberties or micro-managing you.

To dream of a huge banquet of food is to have many choices before you. Being in a restaurant would represent the same with the choices being shown in the menu.  What food appeals to you? Is the variety of food tempting, confusing or are you disinterested? Are you hungry or starving?  If you walk away from food or refuse it, it means you are saying no to an endeavor, at least for the time being.  Overeating food means you are taking on too much. It can indicate a tendency toward greed or gluttony. Indigestion will usually follow. Be warned.  Too much of a good thing is till too much.

Is the food in your banquet fresh or is it old and rotting? The quality of food relates to the quality of your idea. In the nightmarish version of a dream, if the food is rotten, stinks or covered with maggots best not to eat it. If you are at a party and everything is joyous and the food is prepared to perfection, then by all means, eat!  Bon Appétit.

The Examination dream is one of the 5 most common dreams of everyone on the planet. Suddenly you realize that you have to sit for a test of some sort. You are neither prepared nor do you have any idea about the subject. Panic is generally the emotion tied to this feeling.   The examination can be about anything. More than likely, you never saw it coming.  That is why you are shocked and a bit intimidated.  Why is this dream so common? And, what does it mean?

Most people have to produce or perform in some way. Their performance is also being measured and either rewarded or punished. This is true for the majority of people. Being judged on your ability to execute a task, or seeking the approval of others, does cause some stress. What if you fail? Or fall short?  If you do fail, you will more than likely feel some embarrassment or shame. This is not something anyone wishes to feel. Therein lies the pressure to succeed.  This can relate to any aspect of our lives. It can be relationships, jobs and even spirituality. Who does not have some sort of career goal or relationship? 99.9% of the population does. Who hasn’t gone to school? Again, practically everyone has. That is why this is so common.

Your mind will always work within the framework of symbols that you can recognize. After close to 20 years of sitting in classrooms, an examination is something you know well. When do you get a passing grade? When you have prepared and studied the material thoroughly. The examination dream is usually accompanied with feelings of not being prepared. That being the case, it is also highly unlikely that in the given dream situation, you will be able to pass the test. The dream can change depending on what you do for a living. For instance, an actor may dream he has to perform in a play he has not rehearsed. Or, a singer will dream she has to sing a song she has never heard.  All are examinations in one form or the other.

Ask yourself; in what aspect of your life are you afraid to fail? Are you taking the steps necessary to achieve your goals?  Do you feel that you are being scrutinized? By whom?  A friend, boss or a lover?  Try to remember who was giving the examination. The examiner is usually related to the situation and will give you a clear indication as to the meaning of the dream. Depending on the situation, you may be unconsciously identifying someone in your waking life that is sabotaging you in some way and setting you up to fail. Who is the untrustworthy person?

What is the subject of the examination? How different is the subject from something that you already know? For instance, if you are a secretary and are suddenly told to take a test on building a carburetor, generally this will be out of your skillset. But, perhaps you are a secretary asked to sit for an examination on office procedures. You may be unprepared but it is unlikely you will utterly fail. This is noteworthy because it will also indicate how overwhelmed or intimidated by a situation you are in your waking life.  Does the examination throw you into the deep end? Will you sink or swim? How do you feel about that?



Everyone always say that dreaming about death doesn’t necessarily really mean “Death”.
But it does.

Death is change. All change is death of a sort. That is the reason it is so scary. But take heart, an ending is also a beginning. When one door closes, another one opens, so to speak. The adage goes, “Only a few things in life are certain, death and taxes”. Death is a way of life. And, since no one makes it out of this life alive, there is no use worrying about the inevitability of death. It is best to focus on the message.

Death is defined as “the permanent cessation of all biological functions that sustain a living organism”. That means everything that keeps a living being alive, stops at the moment of death. Your heartbeat, breathing, blood flow, brain activity and metabolism all come to a halt. The physical body will also begin its disintegration until there is nothing left but dust.

The symbols of death are very familiar: skulls, tombstones, ravens and the color black. In literature and the Bible, Death is personified as one of the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse. The Hindu Goddess Kali is described as the Goddess of Death, but also the Goddess of Time and Change. The apparition of Death, whose “shadow has not end”, is known as the Grim Reaper, a skeleton in a long cloak. Death with his scythe symbolically represents a clearing away of the unwanted, outworn and unproductive. This is the harvest before rebirth, heralding a substantial change. A situation, which is beginning to resolve, must first be cleared, and the ground made fertile for the new.

To dream of death, you dream of change. It can be alteration, the end of an emotional relationship, ending of a phase or beginning of a new one. Death represents the inevitable transformation of all life, termination and liberation. It is the change in old patterns of thinking, in order to advance in and the development of consciousness.

Whether financially, physically or emotionally, change is not always pleasant and can be painful. Death can mean loss, illness, destruction, demolition and real physical death. To dream of an acquaintance or friend’s death means your relationship with that person is changing or possibly ending.

To dream, of your own death can mean two things: First, it can mean that you are going through a transformation.  Much as the caterpillar going into a cocoon, death is merely the catalyst before a beautiful butterfly emerges. Secondly, if you dream you die, what happens next? You see yourself as dead, but yet you are still you. You are witness to the everlasting life of your soul. This is your soul’s way to tell you that even after your body has died, you are still there. Your body died, you the soul did not. That is actually quite a wonderful thing to know.

Death is a natural part of the cycle of life. The seasons demonstrate this very well. Spring signals new life. Summer is when the nature is at it’s fullest. Autumn brings maturity. Winter is synonymous with old age, and then eventually death. Then, spring comes once again. While people mourn death, no one generally mourns the fallen leaves or the frozen ground. They know in a few months it will be renewed again, as always.

“Seasons don’t fear the reaper, nor do the wind, the sun or the rain.
We can be like they are.  Come on baby. Don’t fear the reaper.”

Lyrics from Blues Oyster Cult

Clothes both protect and adorn our bodies. Clothes keep us warm in the winter, and depending on the style, cool in the summer. They can cover us completely as is the case of a bulky winter coat. On the other hand, clothes may not leave much to the imagination as in a string bikini. Some clothes are simply practical and are chosen for comfort. Some are extremely fashion minded.

Clothes are fitted to the shapes our bodies. Some fit well, and others can be too large or too tight. Clothes can be flattering or not, conservative, businesslike, young or old and sexually flirtatious. The question that strikes fear into the hearts of many men is, “Do these clothes make me look fat?”

In so many ways, clothes define us. The brand, fabric, cost and design say much about what we can afford, our unique style, culture and even our age.  Clothes can be a symbol of our success, worldliness or religion. The clothes we wear can represent our jobs, such as a nurses or policeman’s uniform.

In the Judeo-Christian tradition, Chapter 1 of the Bible says that God created the heavens, the earth, the beasts and the waters. In Chapter 2, man and woman were created. Only a few short verses later, after eating the apple in the Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve noticed their nakedness. They hid, in their modesty, in the nearby bushes and sewed fig leaves together. These were, at least as the story tells it, the first clothes.

Clothes are the outer decoration of our physical body. The phrase “Clothes make the man” implies that exactly. The type of clothes you wear in a dream can be synonymous for your outward personality. This is the face you show to the world or wish the world to see. The intensity of color can amplify or diminish these aspects. How you feel while wearing the clothes also deserves consideration. Loud, colorful clothes can indicate a boisterous, outgoing, spontaneous or sexually charged person. For instance, a woman wearing seductive lingerie, who is happy in the dream can indicate healthy sexuality. But, if the clothes are accompanied with the feeling of being ashamed or objectified, then, the clothes demonstrate a deep seeded feeling of vulnerability or guilt.

Brazen and harsh colors may suggest that you feel that you are being judged and other people do not like you. Dark colors can be conservative or sophisticated as in the case of a high-buttoned shirt or a black tuxedo. Sullen colors can represent a withdrawn, sad or lonely person. Light colors would signify a light heart, carefree individual. White usually will mean innocence or naiveté.

Dreaming of buying or wearing new clothes means that one feels successful in their waking life. Dreaming of wearing old, ragged clothes can mean you fear being seen as failure or feel inferior in your outward appearance. If you are mending your clothes, it means you are working on your appearance; and making necessary changes to make the clothes fit better, or last longer. When your clothes become torn or soiled, it means that part of you feels unsatisfied or frustrated in your efforts. To dream of washing your clothes means you take care of your outward appearance. To wash your clothes obsessively, implies that you are too focused on what others think of you.

When dreaming about clothes, one is dreaming about the image they wish to paint for the outside world. A word of wisdom, the clothes you wear only highlight the outside. More importantly is what is within.

A baby in a dream symbolizes innocence, newness and potential. The birth of a baby can mean the origination of an new idea or new circumstance. Or, to paraphrase Freud, sometimes a baby is just a baby

A baby is small, helpless and needs love, nurturing and attention. The love a parent feels for a baby is the greatest of all loves. The parents from the moment of conception, and then later the birth, are transformed into protectors, nurturers, providers and teachers. These roles ignite the most basic of instincts within the mother and father. Their primarily goal is now to care for their baby.

How  do you perceive the baby, in your dream? This is essential. Is the baby peaceful and sleeping? Is he or she crying, and in need of feeding or changing? Are you able to care for and comfort the baby? Are you somehow unable to do so? This all relates your feelings about a situation. Does the baby belong to you or someone else?  If the baby is yours, the situation is related to your life. If the baby belongs to someone else, ask yourself, why do you need to care for this baby? Are you taking on board a problem or getting involved with a situation that doesn’t belong to you? Are you the baby? What needs do you have that are not being met?

To dream of the joyful birth of a baby, means a new situation that you have been anticipating, has now come to fruition and will be successful. If you dream of a difficult or complicated birth, or one with extended labor, it means that you will have to wait longer, and there may be some obstacles, before your new endeavor will succeed. To dream of losing a baby, means that even though you have gone through all or part of the pregnancy, in other words, done the preparation, you believe you will not be successful.

When you dream of your own baby, many times it is brought about by your own hopes and fears as a parent for the well-being of your child. Dreaming that the baby is doing well, means you have settled comfortably in the role of parent and you are happy with your efforts. Dreaming your baby is sick may be focusing on your fear about your competence as a parent. All parents from time to time fear they are inadequate or feel that they could do a better job. The dream is a way to address this fear in sleep time.

Dreams take place in the mystery of our subconscious. Within that realm, we do have predictive powers. If you dream your baby will become ill or will come to harm, don’t dismiss it readily.  If you have reason to believe that your baby may be sick, by all means go to the doctor. If you believe that your baby is in any danger, trust your instincts. The parent, baby bond is there for a reason.

Animals in a dream are symbolic of the lessons or situations we need to deal with or learn in our waking life. Native American culture calls this “animal medicine”. If you dream of an owl, it is called owl medicine.  A tiger would be tiger medicine, and so on.

If animals are the medicine, then the lessons and what they represent are the prescription treatment and cure. What we are to learn is particular to each animal; but generally, the nature and traits of these animals are the biggest clues.

Commonly dreams will feature animals that are familiar to us, such as our pets. For instance dogs, cats and hamsters are animals, which can represent different aspects of the dreamer. Dogs represent loyalty and protection. Cats personify independence and aloofness. How do you feel about the animals in your dream?  How are you interacting with them?  Are you playing or fighting? Are you happy or afraid? Are you dreaming of yourself with your pet at your current age or in childhood?  Seeing yourself as a child can mean the situation rooted in your past, and may be still be relevant to your life today.

To dream that you are an animal means that you are exploring your more natural instincts. What animal are you? Are you running, climbing or flying free as a bird? In all cases you should explore the feelings surrounding these actions. Are you running in fear? This means you are feel the need to run from or you are unwilling to face a situation. Climbing indicates the effort put forth to overcome obstacles. Flying can signify freedom. It can also mean you need to get a “birds eye” view, to gain perspective, and correctly analyze a problem.

Wild animals especially are either the hunters or the hunted. Animals in the wild have sharp instincts and are keenly aware of their surroundings.  If you dream you are the hunter, and you have spied your prey, it means you have searched for and found the solution. If you are poised and ready to attack it means you are ready to solve an issue in a swift, quick and possibly harsh manner. How do you feel about the prey you will attack? When feeding a lion doesn’t mourn the antelope it kills for food. The lion has to eat.

Are you the hunted? In which aspect of in your life do feel vulnerable? The innate instinct called “fight or flight” rules in the animal kingdom. It is inborn and is necessary to preserve a species. In this day and age, we are rarely are chased by wild animals. In our dreams, our problems take on this aspect to help us face our fears. When running or trying to avoid attack, do you succeed in getting away or do you feel yourself being pounced upon and near death?  This would indicate the level of stress you are feeling in a current situation and how likely you feel you will over come the obstacles.

Depending on which type of animals you dream about indicates the aspects of yourself that you need to develop. Hunting like a fox, means you need pay attention to your own cleverness. Hunting as a lion or bear is a wish to develop your sense of strength, or sense of control. If you understand the animals and their medicines, you will always find a cure.

At certain times in your life you may find yourself and your actions are being closely scrutinized.  If you are at all uncertain that you can successfully pass close scrutiny, you may find yourself dreaming that you’re taking a test and failing.  These types of dreams are considered mirror dreams, or dreams that mirror your feelings back to you.  They are not meant to provide you with information about anyone else, but instead to show you areas of your life that need attention.

This dream can take different forms.  You may be unable to find the testing center and as you quickly travel through corridors, you can’t find anyone who can tell you where you’re supposed to be to take the test.  Or perhaps you’ve arrived at the correct place, but you find that you had the time wrong, the test is over, and everyone has gone home.

Test dreamsAnxiety

It could be that you arrive for the test at the right place and time, but you don’t have the number 2 pencils the test giver demands, and you are not allowed to take the exam.  Maybe you do have the pencils but the exam you’ve been handed is completely blank and you aren’t able to let anyone know, or the pencils keep breaking when you try to answer.

Perhaps everything is fine until you see the test and realize you don’t know any of the answers.  You receive the test with a great big red failure mark covering the page.

You’ve failed and you won’t be able to reap the rewards that a successful passing grade would have afforded you.  Not only that, but others are now mocking you, pointing and laughing as they brandish their own tests marked with passing grades.

Fear of Failure

This is a nightmare that most people have endured in their lifetime.  The test is significant, but may be taken literally or symbolically.  Maybe you’re about to sit for your final exams and you’re unsure that you’re ready.  You may suffer this dream in the nights preceeding the exam date.

If the dream is meant symbolically, the exam could mean something quite different.  Something is likely causing you distress in your waking life and you’re not feeling up to the challenge.

Being scrutinized is uncomfortable for most people, so this dream is rather common.  Unless you have relatively healthy self-esteem, you may feel as if you’re not going to measure up, that you’re going to fail the test.

Perhaps you’re up for a promotion or a pay raise and you fear you aren’t going to be considered good enough to get it.  You may be one of two or more who are being considered for the promotion and you aren’t sure how you measure up against the competition.  This dream could be a manifestation of those fears and could help you to recognize that there’s something that needs attention.  Maybe there’s something you can do to put yourself ahead of your peers in the minds of your bosses.

The Need to Commit

Or it could be that you’re working on a project and you just haven’t put your all into it.  You’re aware that it isn’t your best work and now that it’s time to turn it in, you’re worried that you’re going to be found out.

This type of dream can alert you to subconscious thoughts that plague you, telling you that you should prepare better, work harder, and do more to create the project that your teacher or boss is looking for.

For some, this dream is a reflexion of their every day anxiety.  If you feel you don’t measure up, if you think that you’re in over your head; you may have a test dream.  If you are not confident that you are ready to move up to the next step in your life, the anxiety may overwhelm you and spill over into your dreams.

This anxiety is common in people who are working their way up the ladder, trying to make a name for themselves in their field of choice while trying to keep up with the Joneses next door.

It’s a very busy time of life when even finding enough time to sleep is hard.  Dreams that magnify your fears just increase your anxiety.

If these dreams are plaguing you, it may be time to step back, take stock of what’s important, and concentrate on those things while letting the others go.  You’ll find you’ll be happier by day and sleep better by night.

About 20% of people experience test dreams at some time in their lives, though it’s more common in teens and young adults whose lives are generally more stressful than those of young children and older adults.

They are often recurring dreams that continue until the problem is resolved.  They may not always take the same form, but the feeling of inadequacy will be central to the dream each time.

Causes of Test Dreams

Indulging in procrastination can cause you to have test dreams.  You know it needs to be done, you know there’s a deadline, but you convince yourself that you have plenty of time.  You put it off.  Deep inside you know that the deadline is approaching and you’re going to have to do some fancy footwork to find the time to get it done if you don’t attend to it now while you have the time.  You may ignore the building anxiety in favor of doing something else that’s much more fun, but it’s always there in the back of your head, waiting to plague your dreams.  A lack of motivation is difficult to overcome, but you’ll know the problem is coming to a head when it starts interfering with your sleep.  It’s time to start working on it while you’re awake.

If you fear being left behind while the rest of the world advances, if you feel alone and you worry that you don’t measure up, that the crowd is moving ahead while you’re unable to keep up, if you feel you just aren’t good enough, these feelings may manifest themselves in dreaded test dreams.

The dreams are your subconscious’ way of making you aware of feelings you may be trying to hide from yourself.  They are there to alert you to the need to take action.  You may need to work harder, or simply learn to believe in yourself and your worth to the people and world around you.

“I dreamed about losing my teeth!” Dreaming of teeth, and particularly of losing your teeth, is a common recurring dream.  In fact, dreaming that your teeth are falling out is one of the most common dreams reported to some dream researchers.  The dream could involve the dreamer’s own teeth falling out, or the teeth of someone they can see.

In the dream the teeth can fall out in different ways.  They can crumble into small pieces and fall into the dreamer’s hands, or they can fall out one by one while the dreamer is frozen in shock.  It may be that they don’t fall out at all, but rot or grow crooked.

There is no one accepted reason why someone may dream of losing all their teeth, but there are several common theories.  As with other such dreams, dreams of loss of teeth is merely symbolism.  The symbols may mean something entirely different for you than they do for your neighbor or friend.

Losing Your Teeth Has Different Meanings

“The Meaning of teeth dreams is relative to the dreamers own life experiences.

Teeth DreamsPresages of Death

In come cultures in places such as Greece, Hispaniola, and Bosnia, if you dream your teeth are falling out or that your watching someone else lose their teeth, you’re receiving a notice that someone in your family will die, usually within a week.  Some say that if there is no pain involved in the dream that the death will be someone outside the family; but if there is pain, it will be a family member.  There are many cultures that have passed down this belief for generations.

Thought this is a popular belief for quite a few cultures, it doesn’t hold true for everyone.  In fact, dream researchers report that thousands of people have had teeth dreams that didn’t foretell of death.


When you lose your teeth you’re losing your ability to survive without struggle.  Such a dream may be an indication of the presence of disease within yourself or someone you love.

Loss of Power

Teeth represent strength and force.  They allow us to rip and tear, bite and chew.  A loss of teeth can signalize a loss of power in your life.  This might be due to feeling powerless at work or if something is happening to you that you feel powerless to stop.  It may be as simple as feeling that no one understands what you’re trying to say.

Anxiety Over Appearance

Menopausal women frequently have dreams in which they are losing their teeth.  This can be an indication of a fear of becoming unattractive because of the changes brought by menopause.

These dreams have also tormented people who are feeling or seeing the affects of aging on their bodies.  A couple of grey hairs or a new wrinkle can signal the beginning of the deterioration of looks and physical ability, and bring on a nightmare in which the dreamer loses his teeth.

Fears of rejection can cause one to dream of losing their teeth.  Being unattractive to the opposite sex, being unable to perform sexually, or being perceived as unattractively old or weak might bring on a dream of teeth loss.


In Chinese lore, when someone loses their teeth in a dream they are being warned that lies are being spoken.

Spiritual Warnings

The Bible mentions teeth in Psalm 58:6 when King David prays for God to destroy his enemies.  He asks God to “Break their teeth in their mouth.”   Teeth are needed to chew food, they represent power.  To break someone’s teeth would be to reduce their power, reduce their ability to survive.  So losing your teeth in a dream could relate to a loss of power.

In Ezekiel 30:24 it says:  “And I will strengthen the arms of the king of Babylon, and put my sword in his hand:  but I will break Pharaoh’s arms, and he shall groan before him with the groanings of a deadly wounded [man].”  Teeth are bones and in this instance we see the breaking of bones as the weakening of power.

Some spiritual leaders counsel that dreams of the loss of teeth mean that there is a loss of faith.  The dreamer is being warned that they are placing their faith in someone or something other than God.

Another spiritual interpretation involves a dream with falling teeth and loss of blood.  This indicates a demonic attack on the dreamer’s soul, possibly brought on by a lack of faith in God.

Looking a Fool

Dreams of teeth loss can also be interpreted as fears of being seen as foolish.  Losing your teeth while in a crowd may indicate that you’re afraid of being embarrassed in front of others.  Perhaps you’ll be giving a talk in front of a crowd and you’re nervous about how you’ll be received.  You might dream that your teeth are falling out in front of a crowd as a manifestation of these fears.  When you’ve given that talk and your worries are behind you, the dream should fade.

If you’re in front of just one other person when you lose your teeth, take a look at the person in your dream.  They may be an accurate or symbolic representation of someone you want to impress but are afraid you’ll instead embarrass yourself and look the fool when you next meet.


Remember the Tooth Fairy?  That tale may have imprinted itself in your psyche and the loss of teeth in your dream may be related to money.


If your career is not satisfying for you and you’re feeling stuck doing something you really don’t enjoy, you may have dreams of losing your teeth.

Follow your gut feeling when interpreting your dreams.  These are popularly accepted meanings, but in the end, you should rely only on yourself and what your own subconscious is trying to tell you.

By paying close attention to your dreams and what they mean to you, personally, you are taking charge of your own life.  Your attention to matters your subconscious mind brings to your attention can help you to stop small fires before they become infernos.

There are several kinds of nightmares or “night terrors”.  One type of nightmare is an acting out of fears and anxieties being experienced in daily life.  A second type of nightmare is the result of a previous trauma, one that may have occurred recently, or years earlier.  A third type of nightmare, the precognitive nightmare, is more rare, but still common enough to discuss here.

Reflecting Anxieties

Some nightmares are considered mirror dreams in that they mirror your emotions back to you.  These dreams can be relatively mild, or they can be terrifying enough to ruin a good night’s sleep.  They are more common in childhood but anyone of any age can have a nightmare.

Humans are remarkably resilient.  We try not to let things get to us.  We can put on a brave face and go through our day without giving in to our fears and anxieties.  If we don’t want to acknowledge or deal with a problem, we are perfectly capable of pushing it to the back burners of our minds and letting it fester there, barely noticed.

The trouble with refusing to acknowledge and deal with our problems in our waking lives is that our minds will often force us to deal with them in our sleep.  What we’ve pushed to the confines of our subconscious mind will find a way out, often in the form of nightmares.

We do often get warnings before this happens.  Anxiety can wreck havoc on the human body.  Usually we just take a pill and go on about our lives.  Often it’s only when we have recurring nightmares that we begin to seek answers.

Past Traumas Come Back To Haunt Us

Childhood traumas can become adult nightmares.  This usually happens because something triggers a long ago memory and brings it to the forefront of the mind.  This is a symptom of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, an anxiety disorder caused by seeing or experiencing a traumatic event that involved the threat of injury or death.

The trigger can be most anything.  If a child was sexually abused, years later he could see a news story that mirrors his own, or he could see someone on the street who closely resembles his attacker.  The look in a frightened child’s eyes can bring memories of your own childhood roaring back and nightmares can plague you repeatedly until you deal with the memories and put the past behind you.

Precognitive Nightmares

Some people are blessed (or cursed) with precognitive nightmares.  Though these can’t easily be proven, there are some remarkable stories about people who’ve had precognitive dreams.  Abraham Lincoln was one.  He told his wife of the dream he had about two weeks prior to his death.  In the dream he saw a coffin in the living room and asked someone in the room who had died.  Their answer was “The President of the United States”.

One man dreamed that his son had fallen into a lake and drowned.  In his dream he’d taken his son to a lake and while his son sat on the ground by the lake tossing pebbles into the water, he’d run back to the car to grab something he’d forgotten.  When he returned, his son was floating face down in the water, dead.

This man didn’t think much of this dream because his son was with him, safe and sound.  Months later he and his son were invited to go on a camping trip with some friends.  The father took the son to the lake, saw him sit down and begin to toss pebbles into the lake, and told his son to stay put, he had to run back to the car.

At that moment, he remembered the dream.  He ran back and grabbed his son back from the water, realizing that the setting and their actions mirrored those in the dream.

Precognitive dreams, if real, can save lives.

In order to understand what your dreams are telling you, and to get the nightmares to stop, you have to try to remember exactly what happened in your dreams.

Dream Diary

If you want to understand what your dreams are telling you, the first thing you might want to do is get a dream diary.  This should be a blank journal, with or without lines.  You should keep it with you at all times.

The moment you wake from a dream, write down all that you remember about it, no matter how small.  Carry it with you because something might trigger a memory of a snippet of your dream during the day and you’ll want to write it down before you forget.

By keeping up with your diary you are making a conscious effort to remember your dreams and they’ll become easier to remember.  You’ll also have a recounting of the dreams you can examine for symbols and clues to their cause and purpose.

Change Your Bedtime Routine

Sometimes getting rid of nightmares can be as simple as changing your bedtime routine.  Skipping your midnight snack if you usually have one or having one if you don’t, reading if you normally watch TV or watch TV if you normally read, move your bedroom furniture around so it’s arranged in a way that makes you feel safer, wear less restrictive clothing, etc.  Just change your routine around so that you’re going to bed with a different mindset.  It really can help.

Talk it Out

Talk about your nightmares with family, friends, or a therapist.  Get to the root of their cause and talk about how it made you feel.  Get the nightmare out of the dark and into the light of day where it can be stripped of its power to make you afraid and banished from your life.

Pay Attention To Your Body

When you’re feeling anxious your body will let you know.  Pay attention and deal with your anxieties before they become the stuff of nightmares.

Although nightmares can be a difficult experience to live through, many people have found success with these strategies, banishing their night terrors once and for all.

A lucid dream is a vivid, realistic dream in which the dreamer is aware that he or she is dreaming.  Once aware, the dreamer can often change the dream and direct it to follow a path of his own choosing.

The term “lucid dream” was coined by Frederik (Willem) van Eeden (1860-1932), a Dutch psychiatrist and writer.  By “lucid”, he was referring to clarity of mind.

Lucid dreams vary in degree.  As long as the dreamer is even nominally aware that he is dreaming, the dream is considered to be a lucid dream.  However, the degree to which the dreamer is aware can vary.  It is possible to be aware that you are dreaming to an extent, but not really accept that knowledge as something you can use.  Conversely, you can be completely aware that you are dreaming and that you will awaken at will.  You can usually manipulate such dreams and make them into a private playground.

Lucid dreaming has been subjected to rigid scientific research and in 1975 it was scientifically proven in the laboratory by British parapsychologist Keith Hearne and again by Stephen LaBerge at Stanford University.

There are many benefits to being aware that you are dreaming, and being able to control your dreams.  When you are dreaming you are not restricted to the laws of physics.  You can do whatever you want, whereever you want.  This can have a tremendous impact on your life.

Ridding Yourself of Recurring Nightmares

One benefit of lucid dreaming is the ability to control your nightmares.  If you wake from a nightmare, you should wake yourself fully for at least a few minutes and think about the nightmare and how you can make it work to your advantage.  As you lay back down in bed, affirm to yourself that you will return to the nightmare.  This technique can bring you back to the nightmare but put you in charge by making it a lucid dream.  At this point you can conquer whatever it was that was conquering you, and turn the tables on the dream.

Once you’ve managed to take control of nightmare and turn it to your advantage, you’ve learned to face the fear head on, and it shouldn’t bother you again.

There are other ways to face your fears in a lucid dream.  It takes a some bravery, but repeating to yourself that you are dreaming and that you cannot be hurt can help.  As you are dreaming and become aware that it is a dream, force yourself to do the thing that scares you, such as facing down a snarling dog or standing on the edge of the roof of a tall building.  You can even jump, knowing you can float down calmly and not get hurt.

These techniques can help you get over these fears and stop the recurring nightmares.

Playing Out Your Fantasies

In a lucid dream, you cannot be found out.  No one in the waking world will know what you’ve been doing.  You are completely safe and free to do whatever you please.  If you choose to traipse around in a jungle hunting large game, you won’t hurt any real life animals but you’ll be able to live out your “great hunter” fantasies.  If you’ve always wanted to act out a sexual fantasy with willing partners, now is your chance.  You can’t get hurt and no one will get pregnant or ridicule your physique.

Practicing Your Craft

Whatever it is that you want to do, you can practice it in a lucid dream and learn to do it better.  Perhaps you’re a painter and want to paint the next Mona Lisa, or a carpenter with dreams of designing the most sought after furniture.  Many professionals and craftsmen have reported using lucid dreaming as a way of perfecting their skills.  Act out your hopes and dreams while dreaming and once awake, you only have to repeat what you did while lucid dreaming.  It will be easier because you’re already done it once.

Redirecting Your Life

It has been proven that what the mind believes can be duplicated in mental and physical health, and in all other areas of life.  The power of positive thinking is well documented and many people live their lives by the philosophy.  To work well, positive thinking has to be more than just a passing thought.  You have to truly experience the thought in as many of your senses as possible.  Nowhere is this more possible than in lucid dreams.

Imagine that you wish to accumulate wealth.  It isn’t hard to imagine, wealth would probably make life a lot easier for many of us, so we strive to find the means to create personal wealth.  In positive thinking, the key is to imagine that you already have what it is that you want, under the theory that by believing it to be true, you will attract it to yourself.

When you enter the lucid dream state, imagine yourself living life as you would if you were wealthy.  Live in your dream house, drive the car you’ve always wanted.  Smell the smells, taste the steaks, feel the silks and leathers.  As long as your lucid dream lasts, live the life you want to live in the fully waking world.  Believe that it is yours.  Own it.  If you can create this type of life in your dreams, you will attract it to you in your life.

Repairing Your Health

The same may be true for health.  When dreaming, imagine away any health issues you may suffer.  Live as if you are completely healthy.  When you wake, don’t counteract that belief by focusing on your suffering.  Instead, try to maintain the idea that you are healthy.  In many people, this has brought healing and pain relief.

Not everyone can drop themselves into a lucid dream whenever they choose.  For most of us, it takes time and practice.  There are many sites on the Internet that can show you proven methods to help you achieve this state.


“I’m Flying!” Dreaming of Flying can be empowering.  Flying dreams are one of a rare breed of dreams that most often have good meanings.  Understanding the meaning of your dreams will depend on the context of the dream. Often, the dreamer is fully aware that he or she is dreaming.  This type of dream is referred to as a “lucid dream.”  In these dreams you are usually fully in charge and able to fly anywhere you choose.

Often during a flying dream you’ll feel as if you’ve always known how to fly; that flying is a completely natural activity that is as much a part of your life as breathing.  You are enjoying the scenery, feeling like you’re flowing smoothly through the air, unbothered by opposing winds or obstacles in your path.  The freedom to fly without fear, without weights that hold you to a mundane life on the ground, can be the most exhilarating feeling you’ve ever experienced.

Understanding the Meaning of Your Dream

Meaning of flying in a dreamA lucid dream of flying without complications leaves you feeling strong, empowered, and on top of the world when you wake.  When you wake you may be able to connect this dream with a situation in which you’re currently involved.  The dream suggests that you’re feeling good about the situation and are in charge of it.  You feel as if you’re invincible, that nothing can stop you from achieving your goals.  These dreams suggest that you are currently at the top of your game and your future is looking bright.

Falling dreams are also very common among dreamers.

There are, however, flying dreams that include complications, and understanding those complications can help you to understand and resolve problems in your waking life.

Common Difficulties that Occur in Flying Dreams:

Being Held Back

Having trouble taking off means someone is holding you back, keeping you from moving forward to the next step in your life.  If the setting of your dream is your work, then perhaps you don’t feel motivated to take your career to the next level, at least not in the current setting.  Maybe it’s time for a change.  If the setting is home, it may be time for family discussions.  Maybe a family member’s own wishes are holding you back from where you’d really like to be.


If there are obstacles in your path as you fly and you can’t fly freely, consider that there might be obstacles in your waking life that are keeping you from moving ahead with your dreams.  Your mind may be alerting you to these obstacles in the hope that once identified, they can be resolved.

Fear of Success or Challenges

If you find you are afraid that you’re flying too high, it may be that something in you fears the changes brought on by success.

Spiritual Aspects of Flying

Dreams of flying have special meanings to those interested in their own spirituality.  For instance:  If you are flying upwards, it is believed you are growing spiritually and achieving a higher level.

Flying down toward the ground may mean that you are attempting to be more in tune with your unconscious mind.

If, in your dream, you are flying low and parallel to the ground, it is believed to mean that you are travelling effortlessly through your everyday life.

You may even find yourself flying backwards in a dream.  Spiritualists believe that this is a reflection of a desire to look back on your life and relive past joys and sorrows.  Then, with the understanding brought by clear hindsight, you wish to bring healing and resolution to anxieties and fears that have been plaguing you in your waking life.

Sexual Release

Sigmund Freud believed that flying dreams were a means of sexual release. Freud believed that most dreams are centered around sexual oppression that is suppressed by society morals. The dream of flying around is released your sexual tension and being free. Freud’s theories on dreams came about during the Victorian era. A period of time when everyone was sexually oppressed and help back. This is why most of his theories revolve around sex and sexual freedom.

Falling When Flying

A beautiful flying dream can morph into a nightmarish falling dream should we lose confidence in our ability to fly.  If you find yourself in this situation, your awareness of it means it is a lucid dream and you’ll be able to change it.  Throw out your arms and take charge of your flight once again.

If you find that you’re unable to discard the fear, then tell yourself to come awake.  You should be able to instantly come awake the moment you think that.  It may leave your heart racing, but at least you won’t have to experience hitting the ground.

Lucid Dreaming – How to Have a Flying Dream

If you want to have a flying dream, it is possible to initiate one by lucid dreaming.  There are tricks that you must master before you can fly unencumbered.

First, you must change your dream from something that’s happening to you, to something you’re in charge of.  If you think back to some of your more memorable dreams, you may find that there were times in which you were aware that you were dreaming.

Before sleeping, firmly remind yourself that the moment you recognize that you’re dreaming, you will take charge.  This is your dream, it is up to you whether you’re in charge of the events as they unfold.

Once you’ve gained control of the dream, you must let go of the belief that you are grounded by human limitations.  Remind yourself that this is a dream and absolutely anything is possible.  Bring in a friend, if you like.  Sometimes, that friend will even remember the dream the next day.

Imagine yourself in an open area and start hopping.  Higher and higher you’ll hop until you realize you can stretch out your arms and fly.  Once aloft, do not worry about obstacles, you are in charge and if obstacles appear, they are nothing to you.  Fly around them.  Soar higher.  Fly into space if that pleases you.  There are no limits when you are in charge in a lucid dream.

In fact, if you’re hoping to have an out-of-body experience, a lucid flying dream is a great start.  Once flying, imagine yourself visiting the destination of your choice.  You may be able to relate accurate details about the location when you wake.

Nightmares can be changed to flying dreams, as well.  Either decide to fly away, or back off and hover over the situation to get a better perspective.  It may help you solve something that’s been causing you stress in your life.

Practice this night after night and soon your waking life will be working in your favor as you begin to realize just how much power you really have over your life.

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Dreams are windows to our subconscious minds.  When we are able to recall our dreams and interpret them, we develop a deeper understanding of ourselves.  We can use our interpretation of our dreams to see what is troubling us and what it is we need to be at peace within ourselves.

Our dreams are our subconscious minds’ way of acting out our troubles, working through our fears, resolving problems from our pasts, and alerting us to things we should be aware of in our waking lives.  Many believe that dreams are used by those who’ve passed on, as ways to get messages to us or just visit with us.

The laws of physics do not govern dreams, so in dreams we are free to act out whatever needs attention without restriction.

Dreams are necessary to mental health.  Without them, we could suffer serious psychological effects.

If dreams are so important, can we find a way to make use of them in the waking world?  Is it possible to recall our dreams and examine them to help ourselves work through our issues more quickly?

Dream interpretation is an inexact science.  No two people share exactly the same brain or have had exactly the same experiences.  To interpret everyone’s dreams the same way would be a mistake.

Our dreams often contain symbols; or items, animals, scenes, even people that are not meant to be taken literally, but are symbolic representations of something else.

This might suggest that dream interpretation dictionaries, books, and websites would be useless; but perhaps not.  There do seem to be common themes in our dreams, especially among people with similar backgrounds.

The key is to examine your own dreams with an eye toward common meanings.  If you dream you’re driving a car and it suddenly careens out of control, you can probably conclude that you’re feeling as if something in your life is spinning out of control.  That basic interpretation would be common for many dreamers who live in a western society.

Beyond that, you should examine the symbols in your dream and consider what they mean to you.  If there is a snake on the seat next to you, decide what a snake means to you.  A snake is often considered a symbol of evil, or at least of something bad.

Consult dream interpretation materials to get an idea of common interpretations associated with your symbol, then decide what it’s trying to tell you.  With the snake, you may conclude that something “bad” or “evil” is affecting your life, sending it careening out of control.  With this knowledge, you can examine your life to see who or what you fear is affecting you this way and do something about it.

Your subconscious mind is able to see so much more than your busy waking mind can take in, and those things come out in your dreams.  Interpreting your dreams can help you to identify the people and events that are adversely affecting your life so you can work to neutralize their affect on you.

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Common dreams are dreams that are experienced by many different people at least once during their lifetime.  Often they are recurring dreams that attempt to alert us to something in our life that needs attention.  It is said that common dreams are proof that all of humanity is connected, because so many of us have similar dreams.

There are many dreams that occur with frequency among the general population.  We’ll discuss fourteen such dreams here:


Flying dreams are among the most common reported dreams.  If you are dreaming of flying free, not in danger of falling or running into obstacles, you are probably feeling on top of your game.  Your life is going well and you feel like you can do anything.  Take advantage of this feeling and start something new.  Take that risk you’ve been thinking about taking because if there’s any time in your life when you are most likely to succeed, this is it.

If your flying dream is fraught with danger, however, it can mean something very different.  If you’re in danger of running into obstacles, then you may be feeling as if you are unable to move forward in your waking life.  It may be that someone or something is blocking your way and the frustration is coming out in your dreams.

If your flying dream suddenly becomes a free falling dream, you are likely experiencing a feeling of free fall in your waking life.  You may feel that your life is out of control and that you can’t stop whatever is happening to you.


Dreaming of falling is something many of us do when in our waking lives we’re dealing with something we worry we’ll be unable to handle.  If you are dreaming that you’re falling off a tall building, or a cliff, or falling during flight either in an airplane or by yourself, there is likely something going on in your life that is threatening to overwhelm you, and you feel as if you are losing control.

Naked in Public

Dreaming of being naked in public can be terribly humiliating.  Often this dream occurs when you’re about to face a new experience with new people, such as going from Junior High School to High School.  You may feel exposed and vulnerable.  You may feel as if you’re on display and unprepared.  Everyone else remembered to get dressed that morning but you are there in public in your birthday suit and now you have to go through your day with everyone knowing that you don’t have your act together.  The dream may reoccur until you’ve actually lived through the event and have, hopefully, remembered to get dressed beforehand.

Alternately, if you’re dreaming that you’re naked in public but you’re showing yourself with pride, it may mean you are craving attention and recognition for your accomplishments.  It may also result from sexual urges.

Running Toward Someone or Some Thing

Another common recurring dream is when you are running toward someone or something and are unable to catch up.  You may feel as if you’re running through water or mud, or simply unable to run very fast and you don’t know why.

This dream is symbolic of your desire to reach a goal that you feel is consistently out of your reach.  Maybe it’s a promotion or maybe you’re trying to find the ideal mate.  Maybe one of your children seems to be out of control and you can’t reach them.  This dream acts out your desire to reach a goal that you currently believe to be unattainable.

Take notes on this dream when you wake.  Look for symbols and try to figure out which goal is bothering you enough to cause you to have this dream, then do something in your waking life that takes you a step closer to the goal.  By reducing the expectations in your mind to steps toward the goal instead of simply focusing on the goal itself, the dreams should end.

Being Chased

Alternately, dreaming that you are being chased is also quite common.  Sometimes it’s unclear who or what is chasing you because the focus is on getting as far away as you can as fast as you can.  It can be a monster, a predatory animal, or a human who means you ill.

As in dreams in which you are doing the chasing, you are often unable to run quickly, though this time the chaser is able to come ever closer.

This dream can be interpreted as time running out.  You may feel as if something in your waking life is dogging your every step, coming ever closer.  Maybe you feel as if old age is gaining on you and will soon overpower you.  Or perhaps a fellow employee is gaining respect in the bosses eye, and soon he’ll catch up and then pass you by.  It could be that you’ve been trying to keep up with the Joneses, but your neighbor’s expensive new car is beyond your means, and then they go and build a new sun porch   Maybe your colleges are better dressed than you, or slimmer, or have the newest electronic device while you’re still paying off the old one.

When you are being chased in a dream it can be an indication that you are simply unable to stay ahead of the pack and you fear you’re going to be left behind.

Car is Out of Control

Another common dream is when you are in a car either as a passenger or as the driver, and the car is out of control.  Your brakes have gone out, or you’re on snow or ice and you can’t stop the car from spinning and slamming into things.  Or you could be in an airplane that’s coming down fast and a crash is inevitable.

This is an indication that you fear that some area of your life is out of control.  You feel as if you are unable to contain the problem and that it’s going to cause a lot of damage in your life.

Try to find a way to contain this problem and take control of the situation or at least minimize the damage.  That should not only help you live a happier life, but give you some peace at night, as well.

“I kept on falling in my dream!” Falling dreams are a very common type of dream.  Nearly everyone has experienced a falling dream at some time in their life, and most of us have had them multiple times.  If you are experiencing falling dreams you may feel as if you’re falling for long minutes, experiencing terror the entire time.  Your blood pressure may rise, your heart rate may accelerate, and you may sweat through your night clothes.  An experience like that can ruin your night’s sleep and put you off your game for the rest of the day.  Though these dreams can happen at any time of the night, they most often happen just as you fall asleep, causing temporary insomnia in some people.  Figuring out what is causing these dreams can help you regain your equilibrium in both your waking and sleep states.

What causes falling dreams?

Falling DreamsOne theory for why we these dreams, is that we’re having a subconscious reaction to a physiological event.  We are “falling asleep”, and that means our bodies are going through a process that we act out in our dreams.

As we begin to fall asleep, our heart rate begins to slow and our blood pressure begins to drop.  As our nervous system begins to quiet, our body temperature also slightly drops.  This could cause us to dream as if we’re experiencing this as a literal free fall, as if we’ve fallen off a building or from an airplane without a parachute.  We often jerk back awake during this event, which has caused some to speculate that if we didn’t come awake, our bodies would die the moment our dream selves hit the ground.  Thankfully, that has been proven to be untrue.  Our physical bodies can’t die as a result of dying in our sleep.

A loss of control

Though the physiological event of drifting off into sleep may cause many falling dreams, it isn’t the only reason we dream we are caught in an out of control free fall.  More often, perhaps, we dream of free falling because some part of our lives is out of our immediate control.

No matter how much we may sit and plan out our lives, they rarely run as smoothly as we hope.  Our careful plans are often disrupted by events beyond our control.  Perhaps if we lived in a controlled environment, there would be no need for dreams of falling.  Unfortunately, someone or something is always throwing a monkey wrench into the works and we end up feeling vulnerable; we feel as if our lives are out of control.  We feel overwhelmed because we can’t predict the outcome and we aren’t sure we can plan for it.

“It is important for you to remember the details of the dream.”

If you’re having dreams in which you’re falling and have absolutely no control over your descent, and you wake from this dream panting, sweating, and feeling anxious, take a look at your life and see if there are any areas in which something else is controlling your future.

An instructive example

It can happen in any area of life.  Maybe you’re gunning for a promotion, one that’s an essential building block to your entire future.  You’ve got it all planned…the house, the car, the 2.5 kids…then the boss brings in someone from the outside and it looks like they’re being groomed for that position.  It throws everything off.  The future is suddenly far less certain.  You might feel anxious.  You may worry that you won’t be able to follow your original plan.  You may even have to consider changing companies or even careers, necessitating throwing your entire plan away and creating a new one, but you don’t yet know where the chips will fall.

Suddenly, you’re having falling dreams.

Of course, it needn’t be career plans that are throwing your life out of whack.  Changes in family, taking on a new large commitment, even feeling as if someone you depend on is letting you down can cause you to feel anxious enough to experience a free falling dream.

Dealing with these dreams means dealing with the issues that may be causing them.  Once you’ve determined the cause, you can deal with the feelings that they bring.

The key may be remembering

If you remember your dream well enough to know why you were falling, it can help you determine what area of your life is causing you the unconscious stress.  Knowing that can help you deal with it and overcome it.  Reducing that stress will have many more benefits than helping you to stop the dreams.

Where you fall can be significant.  If you fall from a building or onto a building, the building itself may tell you what your stressor is.  Is it your home, your office, or maybe a government building?  Try to remember what you fall onto or from to further examine where the stress comes from.

If you’re pushed off a high surface you may be pushing yourself too hard.  Consider the different projects you have going.  Is it too much?  Should you let some go?

If the person who pushed you is someone you know, that person may be the cause of your stress.  Once you know this consciously, you can concentrate on the relationship and work out how to reduce the pressure.

There are many ways in which a person can fall and each of those ways can say something about your situation.  Try to remember the exact circumstances of your fall so you can find the triggers that set off the anxiety in your life.

To help you with this, try an exercise before you fall asleep.  Decide that if you dream of falling again you are going be completely aware of the circumstances before and during the fall, and of the target onto which you’ll land.

Once you decide to be aware of this in your conscious mind, your unconscious mind may respond by helping you to be alert to all of the circumstances around your fall, and to remember them when you wake.

When you become successful at examining your dreams, you can use those dreams to alter your life change your life for the better.

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Recurring dreams are dreams that are experienced again and again over a period of time.  These dreams are messages from your subconscious to your conscious mind.  They are often an attempt to help you deal with something that is preventing you from being at peace.  In order to stop recurring dreams from returning, it may be necessary to examine the dream and find out what it’s trying to tell you.  Sometimes counseling is necessary, but often the solution can be found and resolved without professional help.

If you’re suffering from recurring dreams, the first thing you should do is acquire a dream journal.  This journal should be kept with you at all times.  The moment you wake, no matter what time of night, you should record as much or as little of your dreams as you remember.  During the day you may find something has triggered a memory of part of a dream.  Before it slips away, take out your journal and record the memory.  Examining this book and looking for symbols and patterns can help you deal with the cause of the dreams.  Once you are conscious of what the dream is trying to tell you, the recurring dreams may stop.

There are different reasons a person may be having recurring dreams.  They include:

  • Reliving past experiences, particularly nightmarish ones
  • Feelings of being unprepared for something
  • Facing a challenge you feel unequal to
  • Feelings of being unable to control a situation
  • Running away from problems
  • Precognition, or dreams that warn about some future event

Recurring Nightmares

People who suffer from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder often experience recurring dreams relating to the event or events that triggered the stress, but they aren’t limited to replaying past events.  Unresolved stress and medications are other reasons nightmares may plague someone.  When the dreams are replays of past events, they tend to diminish in frequency as time goes by.

They mostly affect children, but can occur at any age.

Recurring dreams are frequently nightmares, replaying and changing incidents in our lives or incidents that may come in an attempt to get us to notice and deal with the events and/or the feelings they provoke.  Though it is believed that many types of recurring nightmares exist to alert us to stressors and help us to isolate them and deal with them, the nightmares themselves cause plenty of stress on their own.  While most dreams occur during “Rapid Eye Movement” or “REM” sleep, nightmares occur during non-REM sleep, and usually soon after falling asleep.  With a traumatic interruption of sleep occurring so early in the night, many are reluctant to fall back asleep for fear the dream will return.  One sleepless night can cause a lot of trouble for some people by affecting areas of their lives such as their ability to drive safely, work efficiently, and maintain good health.  Maladies such as irregularity, diarrhea, and other gut issues can develop from even one stressful, sleepless night.   When the dream occurs again and again, it can have a rather large impact on the dreamer’s quality of life.

Night terrors typically last between 5 and 20 minutes and frequently wake the dreamer, sometimes screaming, often bathed in sweat.

Feelings of Unpreparedness

Most everyone has dreamed of showing up in public only to find they are naked or missing a large portion of their clothing at some point in their lives.  It is a common recurring dream that alerts you to your feelings of insecurity regarding an upcoming event.  By recognizing this and preparing more thoroughly for the event, these recurring dreams may fade.

Feeling Unequal to a Challenge

Have you ever had a dream in which you have an important test to take but for some reason you can’t take it?  Maybe you got lost on the way to the test or you arrived unprepared, but something kept you from taking or finishing the test.  Or maybe you forgot you were even taking the course and hadn’t shown up for any classes or taken any notes.

There are different theories about why we dream of being unsuccessful at taking an exam, but theories include the dreamer feeling they are unprepared for something, have forgotten to do something important, or perhaps didn’t follow a path that may have led to success.

Feeling out of Control

Falling dreams often mean that the dreamer is feeling out of control over some area of their lives.  They maybe be having this recurring dream because their subconscious wants to bring a situation to the forefront of their mind so it can be dealt with.

Running Away

Another common recurring dream is one in which the dreamer is running away from something.  Often they can’t move very fast because they are running through water, mud, or some other thick substance.  They wake in terror before the chaser reaches them, if they’re lucky.  This dream can occur when you’re running away from your problems instead of facing them head on.  The problems are always there, lurking behind you, ready to chase you down.  Until they catch up with you in real life, they may haunt your dream state.  When these problems are faced and dealt with, it is likely the dreams of being chased will stop.

Precognitive Dreams

Other recurring dreams may be prophetic, warning us to prepare for an event yet to come.  Research has shown that precognitive dreams do occur, and by paying attention to them, you can allow good things to happen in your life, or prevent bad things from happening.  A dream psychologist by the name of Dr.  Arthur Bernard reported a recurring dream that gave him a tip about an obscure stock.  He felt the dream was vivid enough and happened often enough that he should pay attention, so he bought a lot of shares.  He made 1.6 million dollars on the deal.  Such dreams have also saved lives by warning us of possible future tragedies.  If you feel your dreams may be precognitive, pay close attention to them.  It just might be the best thing you ever do.


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If we could remember our dreams we could gain important insights into our daily lives.  If you’ve ever experienced the sensation of waking and knowing just what you dreamed, then feeling it slip from your conscious mind even as you try to grasp it, then you know that trying to remember your dreams is a tricky business.

Get a Decent Night’s Sleep

The first tip to remembering your dreams is to get a good night’s sleep.  Waking while still tired takes your focus off your dreams as you stumble through your morning preparations for the day.  This means scheduling your life so you can get to bed earlier and wake well rested.

Set Your Intent

The night before you sleep, strongly intend to remember your dreams in detail.  Make sure this is set strongly in your conscious mind so that as you sleep, your subconscious acts on the intent and makes your dreams clearer and more detailed.

Make a Dream Journal

Get yourself a nice notebook or journal.  It can be a simple as a spiral-bound notebook, or as fancy as something you can only find at a specialty store.  The pages should be blank without pictures or sayings or any distractions.  It should be of a size that can be tucked in your purse, briefcase, or bag to be taken with you throughout the day.

At night, whenever you wake, spend a moment recording whatever you remember of your dreams.  Make sure you bring the thought from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind immediately upon waking so it doesn’t slip away.  Don’t do anything else, just think about the dream and record it.  Even a stray thought will chase the dream from your mind.

Make sure your alarm clock is set on “buzz” so there are no real distractions and keep it close enough to your bed that you can reach over and slap it without conscious thought.  Then record everything you remember from your dreams immediately.

Throughout the day you may encounter something that suddenly triggers a memory of a dream.  Quickly cement it in your conscious mind and write it down.

As you are journaling your dreams, remember to write down anything you remember from the smallest detail to the most elaborate dream.  Perhaps you only remember a setting, maybe or a person.  That’s okay, write it down, whatever it is.  Later in the day more of it may come to you or you may dream of it again another night.

Direct your Dreams

If there is a particular problem area in your life that you believe can be helped through dreaming but isn’t emotionally disabling enough to keep you awake all night, focus on the situation before you fall asleep and resolve to dream about it.  You can follow the exercises above to remember the related dreams.  You may see and feel things that you hadn’t been aware of before, things that can help you resolve the problem and reduce stress in your life.

Resolve to Wake at Intervals

Sleep research shows that we dream at approximately 90 minute intervals.  If you’re completely dedicated to remembering your dreams, it may help to set your alarm to wake you 90 minutes from when you fall asleep, and every 90 minutes thereafter.  If it doesn’t work for you or if you’re too sleepy during the day, this practice is probably not a good idea for you.

Remembering dreams can help you not only with your daily life, but they can also be prophetic, and help you to prepare for what may come.

“I had a dream I was running away!” Running, in a dream state can have several different interpretations depending on if you are running from someone or something, towards someone or something, whether you are alone or in a group, and so on.  When, in your dream, you are running towards someone or something it also depends on if it is a positive or negative target.  If positive then you are on the right track towards a particular goal or you are willing to assume certain responsibilities.

It can also mean you are ambitious and have a positive attitude; you are meeting and confronting certain situations head on.  If your target you are running to is negative it can signify addictive and/or codependent situations or activities, as though you are continually drawn back to them.  This could be related to a recent break up or having someone leave or run out on you.

Distance Matters in Running Dreams

If, in your dream you are running away from something or someone that usually means that you are avoiding or putting distance between something you fear or makes you uncomfortable.   It could mean that you are skirting your responsibilities or you feel guilty A female road runner runs down a road at dusk at Independence Pass.about something.  If you are running from some sort of danger or attacker of some sort it suggests that you are not confronting and thus avoiding your fears.  By successfully eluding your attacker or pursuer than it may mean that you are able to change that which had you ‘on the run’ before.

When in a dream state you are trying to run but can’t get your feet to move it may mean that you lack self-confidence or self-esteem.  Inability to run can also be linked to feelings of helplessness or feeling run down.  There may be a connection to negative feelings in relation to a certain situation or goal.  It can also allude to you desiring to accomplish something but not having the perseverance to start or follow through on something.  By trying to stick to your goals and put the effort in during your waking hours it might help you to overcome this inability to run.  Another link could be to the actual state of REM sleep where your body is in a certain state of paralysis.

Are you Running Alone or in a Group?

Running alone in a dream can mean that you are motivated and determined to reach a certain goal.  You are finding success in the pursuit of your goal and rising above those you know around you.  It may also mean that you will attain far greater success in life, whether from wealth, health or social status, than your friends.  When running together with others, however, it may signify that you will all participate in some sort of festivity together and that your affairs will be mingled.

When trying to determine what running in your dreams means you need to consider if you are running away or towards someone or something to see if you are avoiding or confronting certain situations.  You must also consider if you are alone or with others to determine if you are motivated or intertwined with others for the future.  Running by itself can also mean that you are on the right track and should continue down the road you are on.


When dreaming of travelling it is important to consider the details involved, ranging from the mode of transportation (whether it is via planes, trains or automobiles, walking or biking), your destination and whether you are alone or with others.  The general interpretation of travelling in dreams usually refers to your own personal life journey, including all the unexpected twists and turns.  In your dream you may be able to decipher how your life journey may play out, or perhaps just come to understand your life situation a little bit better.

If you are travelling in a car it usually refers to your work or business life.  If you are alone there might be a difficult situation on the horizon.  But, if instead you have other people with you then it means that you will make new friends in your work place.  Should a train be present in your dreams and you are alone it may mean that legal issues may be resolved in your favor.  There are additional advantages if there are others with you, especially if they are family or friends.  Flying is another way to travel, and depending how you are flying and the conditions for flying, it will mean different things.  If you are flying while the sun is shining then you have nothing to worry about and are carefree in life.  Though, if you are flying over dark or dirty places than you should be careful of your private matters.  To be flying in a plane is to gain recognition and to anticipate success in the near future.  Travelling via ship or boat may indication unforeseen success.  Though if the waters in which your boat is travelling it may mean that you need to be wary of certain business relations and potential disappointment.  But if the waters are smooth, than so will your dealings and good luck may find you.  Riding a bike, as a form of travelling means a decision must be made.  Riding uphill may mean positive outcomes, while riding downhill you should make sure to be on the lookout for potential adversity.

The nature of your travelling may also hold information and answers.  If your journey is fraught with natural disasters and difficulty, expect this to be reflected in your personal life, there will be actual difficulties.  But, should your dream journey be fun and successful than potential accomplishment of a certain goal may be right around the corner.  Travelling through unknown or dangerous areas may indicate the return of an enemy or sickness.  Should the landscape be green and full of life, than you shall be happy and peaceful.  If you are having persistent travel dreams it suggests that you yearn for a change in your life, whether that is to take up new projects or make a drastic change to the way you live your life.  Focusing on the details of such dreams should show you in what ways you subconsciously want to change your lifestyle.

“I had dream within a dream last night!” Having a dream within a dream is an interesting way for your subconscious or unconscious mind to relay certain information to you, or represent something to you the dreamer.  If you go to sleep in your dream and have a dream it might be a way for your subconscious to change the time-frame or context of the original dream.  It may harken back to a previous situation or a glimpse of a later situation within the original dream.

Another explanation could be to bring added detail to a certain aspect of the original dream, that your subconscious mind wants attention to be brought too.  It should be noted what you dream about within your dream, since it could be your inner mind trying to show you something important.

“Well, dreams, they feel real while we’re in them right? Its only when we wake up then we realize that something was actually strange.” – Inception

Besides that, a dream within a dream could be a way for your mind to show you different scenarios or ‘what if’ situations that you would not otherwise think of.  It is a way to expand on ideas that the dreamer would normally consider outside of rational thought.  The dream within a dream might also be an actual diversion from what was happening in the original dream, this may relate directly with the dreamer’s real life, as representing a real life diversion tactic.

A Dream Within a Dream Can Feel Real

By bringing attention to it in this way you should act on it and resolve it.  Yet another explanation might be that when you start to dream within your original dream you are separating yourself from something from before.  This can also have a real life reflection in that it may indicate that you tend to compartmentalize your life, seeing things as separate when perhaps you should not.

Dream Within a DreamBy having a dream within a dream it might also be a mechanism for your subconscious or unconscious mind to protect you from waking up and showing you a hidden but vital issue that you need to confront and recognize.  A dream within a dream can also be considered a false awakening, in that you ‘wake up’ from your dream and proceed to have a semi-lucid dream.  You may not know that you are still dreaming until you wake up for real and the semi-lucid dream may seem so real that you may not even recognize that it was a dream and instead believe it to have actually happened.  It may not be until later that you realize that it was in fact a dream.

Some believe that false awakenings are metaphors for the human condition, that what you dream about in your dream within a dream represents that which makes humans, human.  Since it is your subconscious or unconscious mind running the show it delves deeper in human understanding and reasoning.

To have a dream within a dream is to undergo a shift in perception and in some cases reality.  An interesting cinematic example would be the movie Inception, which deals directly with dreaming and actually explores the ideas of dreaming with a dream.


Since ancient times the sun has been seen as a great body of energy around which life revolves.  The sun was seen as a god in many cultures and was worshiped as that which drove the dangers of night away.  These views can be reflected in dream interpretation.   How the sun is in the sky and the circumstances of it, in your dream, can represent different things.  In general though, the sun is seen as a joyous and exuberant entity that brings happiness to people.

A sunrise can foretell a new beginning of joyousness, prosperity and good times to come.  If, in your dream you see the sun directly overhead, as in midday or noon, represents satisfaction and accomplishment, goals coming to fruition.  It could also be the fulfillment of a promise.  But, for the sunset it could mean the end of a certain stage in life.  That certain joys and accomplishments have reached their zenith and will start to wane.  You should be careful to watch out for your interests and be sure to be wary.  Should the sun be shining through clouds then it means that your current troubles will soon pass, that there is the proverbial ‘light at the end of the tunnel’.  Good times are around the corner.  If instead of the sun shining through the clouds it is covered by clouds then that means you are in grief and you may need to change something in your life to overcome the grief.  A sun in eclipse indicates that tough times are ahead but will eventually pass.  A rising blood red sun could indicate that an upcoming fight will be difficulty and that you will need to fight hard to win.  If the blood red sun is simply sitting in the sky then it means that a heavy time is on the horizon.  A sun reflected in water can suggest empty promises, or deceptive luck or fraudulent success.  You should be wary of seemingly too good to be true scenarios.

Since the sun can be seen as one’s intelligence separate from one’s instinct, if your sun is scorching then it might mean that your intellect and brain are overpowering your emotions and heart.  You must find the equilibrium between your heart and your head in order to live a balanced life.  If in your dream the sun and the moon appear at the same time in the sky it could mean an impending war or fight, mostly likely with a loved one (marriage partner).   If considering the spiritual side of dream interpretation, the sun can be seen as a symbol of achieving spiritual enlightenment.  It could be representing the warmth that is life and recognizing the divinity and immortality of the sun, and thus the spiritual enlightenment.

Dreams that involve travel abroad can have a number of different meanings.  If you are dreaming of a place that you have not visited, then it can suggest that you have a desire for changes to occur in your life.  It can also mean that changes are about to occur, some of which you may already know about.  For example, a recent or upcoming marriage can often cause people to dream of a different country, since the situation is new and “foreign”, even though it is something that has been planned and you will have known about for a long time.

If you are dreaming of a country that you have not been to and know nothing about, then this could suggest that there is an element of your life that you need to escape.  Think about any negative aspects of your life and how you might be able to change these for the better.  If you are aware of stress being a defining factor in your life, then your dream could simply be telling you that a holiday would be a good idea.

In the dream, if your experiences abroad were enjoyable, then there are likely to be positive changes occurring in your life soon.  If you were in a hot climate and you were in control of your own destiny within the dream, then this meaning is further reinforced, and something good is soon to happen, but it will most likely involve a change in your life.

However, if you were afraid at any point during your dream, or there were any negative experiences, then it suggests that a new beginning may be what you require, even if the thought fills you with trepidation.

Any dream featuring a foreign country suggests that changes are occurring within your life, or that they need to take place in order for you to move forward.  Think about which country you were dreaming of; if it was a place you knew, then this suggests that whatever you need to move forward and make those necessary changes is something that you already possess.  You may just need to present yourself in a different light to enable the people around you to recognise this.

Dreaming of going abroad normally means that you have been working too hard, and your mind is trying to tell you that it is time to stop and take a break.  It can also mean that you are stuck in a mundane routine and need to make some changes, particularly regarding your working environment.  Maybe it is time to consider looking for a new job, or perhaps this is something you have been considering, but have not yet made that leap and sent in an application form.  Now is the time to move forward and work towards something better.

If you are dreaming of a country that you have previously visited, particularly if you have lived or worked there, then you need to think about how you felt during that time, and what you especially enjoyed of the country.  The dream suggests that you need to rediscover these feelings.


“I had a dream about a girlfriend!” Dreaming of a girlfriend is probably one of the most straightforward dreams to interpret.  If you already have a girlfriend and you are dreaming of her, then take note of what your feelings towards her are in the dream.  It may represent anxieties that you are experiencing in your current relationship; perhaps you are uncertain about whether you want to stay in a relationship with her, for example.

If your feelings towards your girlfriend in the dream are positive and the two of you seem to have a good relationship, then this suggests that the two of you are happy and committed in real life too.  Girlfriend DreamsPerhaps it is a suggestion that you may want to take the relationship a step further, and perhaps consider asking her to marry you.

If you don’t have a girlfriend but are dreaming of having that special someone in your life, this is usually a sign that you are looking for more affection and intimacy than you are currently receiving.  Perhaps there is someone about to enter your life, or who you have just met, that might be interested in a relationship, or a friend who might be looking for more.

Girlfriend Dreams Suggest a Desire For Commitment Without Marriage

Dreaming of a girlfriend usually suggests a desire for commitment, but without the associations and expectations that go along with being married.  Think carefully about how you are treating her in your dream, particularly if you are not dreaming of your real-life girlfriend, because sometimes a girlfriend in a dream can be a representation of yourself.  Treating her badly can actually be suggesting that you need to take better care of yourself.

If you find yourself dreaming of a girl whom you know in real life but who is dating someone else, then this can indicate a lack of passion in your life.  It does not represent a deeply hidden desire for this particular woman, so don’t worry.  You may want to think about your current relationship and whether you are truly happy, or perhaps consider taking up a new activity that fills you with enthusiasm.  Regardless of whether it is your relationship, social life or work, you need to find a new passion because your life would seem as though it is becoming routine and boring.

Girlfriend and Cheating Symbols

If you are dreaming of your girlfriend cheating on you, then rest assured that this is not actually the case, and she is highly unlikely to be doing so.  What this means is that you are feeling some insecurities, perhaps about your relationship, though it could just as easily be any other aspect of your life.  It could be anxiety about the future, even though your relationship seems to be stable and secure at the moment.

If, in the dream, you find yourself cheating on your girlfriend, again it does not mean that this is going to happen.  It does suggest, however, that there are feelings of guilt going through your mind that you need to work through, regardless of whether these are caused by your relationship or not.


“I was smoking in my dream!” Dreams that involve you smoking can have several potential meanings.  If you are a smoker in your everyday life, then dreaming of smoking often suggests that you are looking to suppress your emotions, protecting either yourself or those around you from what you really feel and what your true reactions to a situation would be.  It suggests that you are most likely a very private person who has difficulty letting others into your life and you often try to hide who you really are from those around you.  Your dreams may be trying to tell you that you need to be more open and welcoming to people – and perhaps let them into your life a little more by sharing a few more details about yourself.

Smoking Dreams Have Different Meanings

Dreaming of smoking can also indicate that there is some kind of disagreement occurring in your waking life at the moment.  It is possible that your actions are being determined by someone else, rather than yourself, and that there is something you need to do in order to change this.

dreams about smokingAnxiety is often a reason for dreaming of smoking, especially if you are a smoker, but this is not always necessarily the case.  Your subconscious will have picked up on the fact that smoking is often used to reduce anxiety, so this suggests to you that you need to stop worrying so much.

If the dream involves both you and a friend smoking together, or perhaps a small group of people, then this can represent the kind of society where the atmosphere is very much like a clique, rather than a true friendship.  If your dream involves you being part of the smoking group, then you feel as though you are included.  This can perhaps represent a work situation, so think about how you feel around your colleagues; are you part of the group within the workplace or are you more of a loner?

It can indicate going back to an old habit or bad influence

If you have managed to successfully quit smoking, but still find yourself dreaming of partaking in your old habit, then this is often called a compensatory dream.  You are likely to still miss the smoking that used to occur during the day, so your mind compensates by showing you images of you smoking while you are asleep.  This type of dream is extremely common after giving up an addictive habit such as smoking, and many ex-smokers find that this will occur, at least for a while.

If you are specifically dreaming of smoking cigarettes or offering them to another person, then this is a strong suggestion that you need to take some time for yourself and start to relax a little more.  This is particularly important if you are not a smoker and are against the idea of smoking, because it suggests there are negative influences in your life that are leading to stress.  Whether this is a behaviour or a situation, you need to work out what it is and how you can reduce its impact on your life.

“I dreamt about the beach last night!” Beaches in dreams, whatever their appearance or your actions during the dream, tend to be a very positive sign regarding your life.  Beaches suggest that there are going to be some extremely enjoyable times approaching.

Pay Attention to Your Surroundings

However, don’t forget to pay attention to the rest of your surroundings as well.  Dreaming of beaches often represents your emotions at the present time, so look around and see what else your dream is showing you.  If the beach is deserted, then this means you probably need to take some time to consider what is important to you, and to decide which aspects of your life you do not need to worry about so much.  See what stressful influences are in your life that you are able to reduce or remove entirely, as this will help you to feel much more relaxed.

“Most beach dreams are connected with our emotions”

If, in your dream, you are sitting on the beach watching the waves, then this suggests that you probably need to take some time off.  Particularly if you feel relaxed in your dream, it is important that you consider booking a holiday.  Watching the ocean can also Dream about the beachindicate that changes are occurring in your life at the moment, which are likely to be major.  The state of the water represents how you feel about these changes – the more turbulent the water is, the more uncertain you are.

If you are dreaming about a beach that is near to dense forests or other natural obstacles, then you are most likely to be working towards an achievable goal, but you will encounter difficulties before you reach your target.  However, it is something that you are able to do, so don’t be tempted to give up before you get there.

Where is your Location on the Beach?

Next, look at what your location is in relation to the rest of your surroundings.  Are you standing at the edge of the water, perhaps with the waves around your feet?  This means that you are wasting too much time on various tasks and need to stop procrastinating.  This can often represent a situation at work, so consider what is going on in your job at the moment, especially if you are going to be looking for a promotion soon.

If, instead, you are walking along the sand but are finding it difficult to move, then it is extremely likely that you are facing difficulties somewhere within your life.  This could be due to work, a relationship, or any number of other things, but it means that there is a situation you need to face up to and rectify before you can confidently move on to where you want to be.  Some of these decisions and actions may be difficult, particularly if the problem is concerning a relationship that may not be working.  The best thing for you to do might be to end the relationship, but your dream represents the uncertainty you are feeling about this.

Beaches in dreams are normally connected to emotions, so think about what is in your life that might have a strong impact on your feelings.

Note: If you have had a dream related to this dream symbol or would like to add something that is related to this topic please leave comment below. Comments are a great way to interact with others who are dreaming about similar topics.

“I had a dream I was on an adventure!” Dreaming of adventure suggests that you are soon to encounter changes in your life.  The adventure in the dream could take any number of forms, and this does not represent what you will actually find yourself doing.  For example, dreaming of making a parachute jump does not in any way suggest that you will be doing this in the near future.

Instead, think about how the adventure in the dream made you feel.  Does it frighten you, or are you excited by the idea?  The feelings you experienced in the dream can reveal how you are likely to react when the changes in your life do occur, and suggest how you are going to feel about what is soon to happen around you.

Adventure DreamsIf the adventure in your dream was something that you found difficult or frightening, then it suggests there are issues in your life that you need to sort out before you can move forwards.  These may be small problems, or they may be much bigger issues; think about your life and what these things might be.  They are likely to be things that you would prefer to avoid dealing with, or that might be emotionally painful to confront, perhaps relating to a relationship that is no longer working.  It may be the case that change in your life frightens you, but this is something you need to be able to face.

An adventure that made you feel excited, however, suggests that you look forward to the new challenges that a change in your life could bring.  This may mean that new opportunities are about to presented to you, and that you should take advantage of this.  Perhaps you are about to be offered that new job you have been hoping for, or you will soon have the chance to develop some new skills.

Another possible meaning of a dream about being adventurous is that you are lacking adventure and excitement in your everyday life.  You may not be consciously aware of this, but if you think about your day-to-day life and it seems very routine, with the same things happening all of the time, then it is extremely likely that you need some variety.  This does not have to result in major changes, but something small such as trying a new hobby can make a difference, enable you to meet some different people, and perhaps be presented with opportunities that you would not otherwise have.

One final meaning of dreams where you are undertaking an adventure is to remind you that the people who have helped you along the way should always be acknowledged.  Your ambition, perhaps at work, is of course important to you, but you should always remember that you have not achieved your success alone; other people have supported you as you have worked towards your goals.  Remember this, and don’t forget to say thank you to the people who have helped.  This means they will be more likely to support you in your future adventures and efforts.

Adventure Scenarios

Being Chased

If you dream that you are being chased in your dream it can have a number of meanings associated with it. These dreams usually involve you trying to evade your purser without getting caught. Chase dreams are often the subconscious minds way to deal with fears and situations that you are trying to avoid in your waking life. Instead of choosing to stand up and confront the situation you are running away and trying to avoid it.

Sometimes the person chasing you in a dream can represent an aspect of yourself. This aspect could be the emotion of hate, fear, anger or any other powerful feeling that can assume the appearance of the chaser. Some chase dreams are a representation of a real life fear that people have about being attacked by someone. Given the amount of media hype and attention regarding random attacks, some people have these dreams because their subconscious is worried about these fears.

Escaping Danger

Dreaming about escaping danger can often represent something in your waking life that you are trying to avoid. If you get caught in your dream then your subconscious mind is trying to tell you that you can’t run away anymore and need to face up to some of your fears. Ask yourself what you have been avoiding and try and face it. Dreaming about breaking out of jail or being freed from handcuffs can indicate there is something holding you back that you need to get away from. You might be stuck at a dead end job or be in an unhealthy relationship that you need to get out of.

If you dream that you have rescued someone in a dream or you are rescued then it means that you need to work on creating more creative energy in your waking life. You need to consider doing things that are beneficial to your wellbeing instead of only making decisions financially.

Falling Dreams

Falling dreams often occur in the first stage of sleep. These dreams are usually accompanied by muscle spasms of your arms and legs as you brace yourself from a feeling of vertigo. It is quite common for someone to experience falling down in a dream which is accompanied by a sudden jerk of their entire body, pulling them out of the dream and into reality.
Usually the act of falling down in a dream will suggest the loss of control and underlying anxieties that you have in your life. This can be related to your job or it can be sexual anxiety that you might have. Using the Freudian interpretation, a falling dream will indicate that you want to give into a sexual urge or desire that you have.


Dreams about Jail can indicate that you have certain thoughts and beliefs that are preventing you from moving forward in some aspects of your life. You might need to free yourself from certain ideas and beliefs in order to escape a current situation that you find yourself in. Dreaming about being entrapped in a cage can also represent the feeling of confinement that you have in your waking life. You may feel inferior to others and have an internal desire to set yourself free that the restrictions you’ve placed upon yourself.

Lock and Key

The lock and key is a common symbol in Freudian interpretations of dreams as they are representations of the male and female sexual organs. If you are opening up a lock it can indicate sexual liberation or a feeling of comfort with your sexuality. However, if you are unable to open a lock then it can indicate that you might feel sexually frustrated or currently be unsatisfied with the sexual aspects of in your relationship.  The dream can also mean that you have hidden feelings and desires that are being locked away that you are trying to open up.

Kidnapped or Taken Hostage

Dreams about kidnapping can often indicate the desire to dominate or be dominated by someone else.  If you find yourself the victim in the dream it can have a sexual element that may indicate you are looking for someone to take charge in your life. If you find yourself being held hostage in the dream then it can also mean that someone has control over your life that you need to break free from. This could relate to a relationship that you are currently, a work situation or even a personal problem you are trying to solve. Someone who is demanding something in a dream can represent the real life demands that people have in your waking life.


Dreaming that you are in pursuit of someone or something can suggest that you are struggling to attain your goals that have been slightly out of reach in your waking life. It can also suggest that the people around you aren’t given you enough credit for certain things that you are trying to accomplish in your life. Sometimes those things we are chasing in a dream can be a certain aspect of ourselves that we are trying to purse with little or no success. It is important to identify what you are pursuing or what is pursing you to understand the true meaning of your dream.

“I had a dream I was riding an old bike!” A bike in a dream is symbolic of the self. A bike is used as a method of transportation that requires skill and balance to operate. It can be old or new, broken down or operating perfectly. This is the same for a person. The bike is a dream symbol of the body, or the perception of the self in a given situation.

Do you feel the exhilaration or freedom, with the wind behind you as cycle down the road? This indicates that you are happy with your circumstance. You are following your highest bliss and are moving confidently towards the future. If you find yourself riding forward but are looking back, you are caught up in the past. If you don’t pay attention for too long you will usually wreck. The message here is: Focus on where you are going and not where you have been.

The Condition of the Bike is Important

Riding a bike in a dreamWhat is the condition of your bike? Is this the bike you always wanted or one you have had for a long time? A new bike indicates a new circumstance. If it shines in the sun or is pleasing to the eye, the opportunity is a hopeful and a positive one. If you climb onto the  bike with confidence you are certain of your success in your new venture.

An old bike can be your aging body or a longstanding situation. Perhaps you need to take care of your health and start exercising. Do you still enjoy a ride on your old bike or do you look at it with disdain? How well do you ride? A nice enjoyable ride on an older, reliable bike means you are doing well physically and you are happy with yourself.  Age is only a number. A broken down bike can indicate several things. Maybe, it’s time to get a new one. Are the bikes’ tires flat or has the chain has come off? This can be for whatever situation, whether it is a relationship, work or your physical health. Is the old bike is serving you well? Great. If not, fix it.

Are you Struggling with the Bike Ride?

Feeling the strenuous exertion of riding uphill or against the wind can indicate that you have to work hard either at a job or in a current situation such as a relationship. Is the hilltop in sight? This would mean your struggle is almost over.  Or are you simply pedaling with no vision of the top of the hill?  This indicates that the struggle you are experiencing has no sign of letting up in the near future. Speeding down the hill at top speed indicates an acceleration of a situation and an increase in freedom or money. If you feel out of control, watch your spending, you don’t want to crash.

To dream that you want to take a bike ride, means you want to have some time for yourself. Consider your daily life. How can you give yourself a little bit of solace?

To dream your bike is stolen, can be a premonition of someone stealing your bike! It can also mean part of your enjoyment in life has been taken or wasted either by you or someone else. What do you feel you have lost?  How do you get it back? The message: Always take care of your bike.