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This website is designed to give you the tools and resources to help understand the meaning of the symbols you are dreaming about and interpret those symbols. The good news about dream interpretation is that there is more than one way to interpret a dream. The bad news about dream interpretation is that there is more than one way to interpret a dream. The interpretations used in this website are inspired from a number of different background and philosophies.

If you can use the tools provided by our website and combine them with your own intuition, you will be able to discover the secrets to your dreams. This website should be used to assist you in the interpretation of your dreams, but not be solely looked at. If you feel the meaning of the dream symbols defined in our dictionary does not represent your dream accurately, follow your own instincts. Remember that you are the best person to interpret your dream and should always listen to your own intuition and hunches that you may have.

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  • LunätikCancerian

    I have to warn you in advance, my dream is kinda explicit. In my dream, I was in the car with my dad , we had an argument,( we don’t get along), I got out of the car and walked a few blocks until I saw a car. I looked in the car and saw my science teacher(who I have a crush on). I asked if he could drive me home he did. On our way, I looked out the window and saw a car behind us, I thought we were being followed. I reached for teacher to let him know but my hand ended up on his right thigh. We looked at each other, it got really awkward but I didn’t move my hand. After a few minutes I realized that he had an erection. I began to rub his erection through his pants. He unzipped his pants and took out his penis. I bent over and gave my teacher a blowjob.

  • Katherine

    This is a dream a friend of mine had, she lost her husband recently>>I dreamed I was clawing my way up this steep snowy mountain trying to reach heaven last night. It was so steep. It was absolutely vertical and I kept sliding back down and I was so frustrated.

    The mountin represents her challenge as a single mom…but the fact she was climbing it would indicate she is ready for the challenge…the steepness of the challenge..The sliding back down would possibly indicate her uncertainy of her ability? and the snow??

  • andrew

    I could feel these small strange vibrant colored alien looking bugs, like something out of Avatar, clenching to my skin and crawling on my hand.They didn’t bite, but it took a little effort to get them off. There was one crawling on the floor but as soon As I pointed at it, to show my friends in my dream, it had jumped straight to the back of my hand. I had let it Sit there for a bit to try to see what it was. The surronding scene was a bit dark and inside an apt but the bug Was like slightly glowing white with bluish outling, with a bluish purple spot and pinkish red spot in it. The front legs angled towards the back legs and vise versa… there was 12 legs. \\\ /// left and right side. (I hadn’t seen avatar in over a year)

  • http://dreamstop angelica

    dream stop p
    s i hate my sister

  • http://dreamstop angelica

    i had a dream w my sistes new baby? at her new place.and the baby was walking she was cleaning his nose.my mom was with me.the dream was dark.

  • http://- Reem

    Yesterday, I went to sleep i was dreaming of something can’t remember what it was. And then suddenly I was awake, but my eyes wouldn’t open.. I saw myself opening the wardrobe and getting some of my clothes out and then suddenly, my soul was , literally, getting out of my body that I even saw it.. I could really feel it! I even felt this was going to be it..that I was really dying. My soul flew above my body, I shouted out loud, I said some prayers in my head, as I knew this was going to be it. I wanted to hold my soul and bring it back to my body but I couldn’t. Then I opened my eyes, I knew I wasn’t dreaming, but I am not exactly sure what was that.. And I can’t tell anyone because they wont believe, or probably think I am crazy. I also can’t go out with my friends and have long talks about ‘normal’ things, I can’t do anything..

  • De’Anna

    I really don’t know why I had this dream and don’t remember much of it.
    I was in a very big school with my sister, and a brunette tall boy I don’t know. In reality my sister usually dates or has dated all of my/our/her friends. So I’m guessing if I ever met him he would have gone out with her.
    Anyway we were walking on a bridge dividing the school hallways. When he began to fall I felt like I became him and quickly grabbed onto a rope hanging from the ceiling that was tied to the bridge. I looked down and it was a black hole then I closed my eyes and thought I had to be brave. My heels were still on the bridge and I swung up landing on my knees then I looked up and saw an old woman that was blue and floating. I immediately became myself again and I saw him talking to the air. I asked who he was talking to and he said it was a ghost in front of him. My and my sister still couldn’t see it, but we didn’t disagree. He got up and walked the bridge together. We suddenly were in a giant empty library with the ghost.
    Then he told me the ghost didn’t like me or my sister.
    Me: because if someone fell I only helped then up on their knees, not to their feet. And I assume I am very kind in doing it. (which is not really true)
    I don’t remember why she hated my sister, but it was something totally different.
    I remember looking at the brunette and feeling like I was blushing and thinking he was cute (which is weird since I don’t really care for romance other than in tv shows, anime, or movies)
    Afterwards I was rudely awaken by my brother. And we started fighting and I was really mad, but I don’t know why. That’s all I know

  • Brianne

    I had a friend’>boyfriend and his name was Jeff. He had odd friends, but a good kind of odd. Their name’s were Peter Pan and Jack. A flood came into town. I was in downtown and was looking for Jeff; he was with me before the flood happened! I looked everywhere in the area and I couldn’t find him. I did however see a very hadsome boy walk out of a nearby building across the road. We made eye contact and he tilted his head, as if he was confused. Then suddenly I was with my friend Alelie and Peter found us. Alelie guessed it was him and he gave us a note/letter. It had terrible news. It said that Jeff was declared killed in action. Suddenly I was also best friends with my male idol/celebrity in real life Adam Gontier. For some reason I had to move out of town with my mum. I also started slowly getting over Jeff and starting to fall in love with Adam. He wanted to hang out with us. He didn’t know I was going to be leaving town within the week, only Alelie did because i told her while we were walking to meet Adam. I said to her Alelie…can you please tell him for me. I’m going to end up crying. At that moment I was pushing back tears. We finally got to Adam and Alelie asked Adam, would you like it if Brianne had to move? No He replied imediately. It made me smile slightly. Alelie told him that I was indeed moving out of town. I noticed that he was crying. He came over to me and pulled me into a big hug. He pulled back and kissed me on the cheek. Then he got in his car and just drove away. I think this was the last time that I’ll ever see him again..It dsoesn’t look like he’s coming back I said. Alelie nodded and we went over to her house. We were in her room playing video games. Our characters were fighting in a weird room. Suddenly my character was just dodging all her attacks. Backflip after backflip.

  • Kwesi15

    I dreamt I was in a relationship and later was chewing broken bottle, but after some time I was able to remove all the pieces from my mouth.

  • samantha

    I had a dream last night that i was at a gathering and my ex-boyfriend and his family was there. I see in the corner that his mom is crying. So i go over to her and i ask her whats wrong. She tells me how she got in a fight with her husband and then she stops crying looks at me and says at least one relationship is going strong. I ask her whos and she says “yours silly, you and my son are great.” I was confused. I guess she didnt know. I said thank you but he broke up with me. Her face dropped and she started crying again. After a while she said that she was done with crying and she got up and grabbed her son. She told us that we had to go into the other room and talk about it. So we both sat there and we didnt speak. He just looked at me and then i turn away and when i go to look back at him, he disappeared.

  • http://Dreamstop Judy Parker

    Dream stop

    • I, God of Snakes

      Dream go!

  • http://Dreamstop Judy Parker

    Where is old old website fir drew stop I have a huge journal in it and I cannot locate it it goes back for years

    • http://Www.dreamstop.com Mauita

      I dont know but i hope someone posts where you can get your old journal of dreams.

      • admin

        Unfortunately the previous database has been lost for a few years. If we are able to recover the database we will let you know when we do.